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Pandora Bracelets London gets a spring cleaning

London gets a spring cleaning

A few snow flurries notwithstanding, London’s looking much cleaner and greener than it did just a few days ago.

Nearly 3,000 bags of litter were picked up during Saturday’s 16th annual London Clean Green event that drew Londoners to roadsides and other public spaces across the city.

“What’s equally positive is we’ve already got e mails from people saying ‘We didn’t get o Pandora Bracelets ut (Saturday), when can we get out?’ The answer is, any time.”

The city works with several groups Pandora Bracelets to run the annual post winter clean up: Joe Kool’s, Amway, Try Recycling, London police, Pillar Nonprofit Network and the London Middlesex Housing Corp.

Groups need to tell the city where their bagged litter is being left, and it will be picked up.

Stanford said Saturday’s 3,000 bags filled with 18,000 kilograms of trash were collected from 150 sites.

A key focus for the event is Veterans Memorial Parkway, a highly visible gateway into London that takes a beating over the winter months.

That’s where Coun. Bud Polhill, along with his son, Steve, and several volunteers spent Saturday morning picking up pop cans, bottles and other trash.

“(The parkway) is probably the one that attracts the most attention and the one that needs the clean up the most,” Polhill said.

“People were just getting fed up with the mess, especially the veterans. This (parkway) is to honour them let’s not disgrace them.”

The green focused weekend continued on Sunday, when volunteers braved chilly weather to plant an expected 1,500 trees and wildlife shrubs along the Thames River.

The Earth Day Lo Pandora Bracelets ndon event was held at Watson Street Park on the east side of Wellington Rd. just south of the river for the third straight year.

“One of the best things you can do for a river’s health is creating a natural buffer for fil Pandora Bracelets tration and a wonderful wildlife corridor,” he said. “We love this spot. It makes a perfect location for our mandate of a healthy watershed.”

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