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Pandora Bracelets London UnderThe first and

London Under

The first and most important part of the character generation process is the concept. Who is the character? What are they called? What do they do? Who do they support? How did they end up in London Under in the first place? PC characters may not be genuine historical characters, or characters taken from known works of fiction. However, characters may be regular Undersiders who have delusions that they are these people. Once you’ve got this part all worked out then you can progress to character generation.

The Masters will work closely with you to determine your stats, and there are a number of things which will influence them. Your choice of gang, for example, will lead to certain strong recommendations. More importantly, however, is your choice of costume and status. The higher ranked and more unusual looking have greater power in London Under, thanks to their reputation. This means their stats are higher but it also bars them from any interaction with London Above. Alternatively, those that can blend in with ‘normal’ society will have lower stats but access to certain plots and resources which are beyond those stuck in the Underside.

All characters have two principal Traits Hit Points and Willpower. Hits Points determine how much damage you can take in combat, and usually ranges from 1 3. Willpower is used to activate or resist Quirks, and for trading favours. The number of points you have to spend is determined by your rank and will be set by the Masters. If your rank changes, your traits may change to reflect this. Your stats and appearance certainly will.

1. Character TypeIf you want something done, or want to get hold of something, odds are that a is the person you want to be speaking to. They’re the fixers of the Underside, obtaining items, information or favours for people who can’t obtain them themselves. A will always have his price. Though many are considered to be somewhat unscrupulous, they have a reputation to maintain so their promises are zealously adhered to.

s have the Advantage of “Favours”. Unlike most denizens, a can trade or transfer favours. If two characters want to make a deal with a favour as payment, they must bring in a to enable the transaction. The will usually charge a small fee for this service. They may also start the game with three Rare items, rather than the usual one.

The Underside is lacking in finesse, not by choice but by poverty. However in the halls of London Under there are a multitude of craftsmen and artisans who have adapted their skills to fit the materials available, crafting fine jewellery from tin cans and glass. Some even combine the magic of London Under into their creations.

Craftsmen have the Advantage of “Artefacture”. This is the skill of making items which behave in ways that don’t follow the standard rules of physics or any other science. Whilst they are normally considered wondrous works of manufacture, they also almost certainly contain a little bit of magic in them. Examples might be a chain, thin as cotton thread but which cannot be broken, or a musical box which enraptures those who listen to it. All Craftsmen characters will provided with a list of “effects” which they can combine to create an Artefact, along with their required components and some known designs. An Artefact cannot be created without all the necessary components. Craftsmen can identify any Artefact with a minute of study. The item should have an attached card of small envelope which will give all the details of the Artefact. Only Craftsmen can identify Artefacts.

The rules for Artefacts are contained in the Crafting section of the rules.

Whilst the majority of the denizens of London Under are mortal, there are other entities living in the Underside who cannot claim an earthly heritage. Fragments are creatures such as displaced petty gods, fallen angels, demons, nightmares which have been given form and lost thoughts. They are all alike, however, in being trapped in the Underside, stripped of their former power and glory, and in many cases unaware of what they were before. Fragments are rare and will be agreed on a strictly limited basis. If you select the Fragment character type then you must present the concept to the Masters prior to the game. They will determine whether you are permitted to play a Fragment and what your Advantage will be. Fragments are strictly limited in number and are offered on a first come first served basis to players with good concepts.

Fragments have an Advantage which is chosen by the Masters. Their advantages will be as individual as the Fragment itself, the details of which will be determined based upon the character concept.

London Under is a strange place that does not behave in ways that one would expect. Time, space and the science of “cause and effect” do not always follow the rules that are considered to be the norm in the World Above. The main culprit for that is magic. Whilst the time when magic was commonplace is no longer remembered Above, it is still very much a part of the Underside and there are those who have learned to utilise it to their own ends. This is by no means an easy task and often involves the performance of ancient rites requiring important (and often difficult to locate) ingredients.

Mystics have the Advantage of Weaving. The harnessing of magic is not an immediate effect there are no magic words to summon a fireball from mid air and send it flying at your opponent. Weaving involves rites using specialist ingredients to create subtle effects. A list of known rites, along with the required ingredients, is provided to characters who have the Weaving Advantage. For more details please see the Magic section of the rules.

NB: Recommended for the Gap and White gangs.

London Under is a warehouse stacked to the rafters with all kinds of unimaginable and fantastically astounding junk. There are those that consider it to be part of the ambience, and then there are the Scavengers who actively go out to make it into something useful. Whilst no Pandora Bracelets t as delicate as the Craftsmen, the Scavengers have the ability to find pretty much anything from their amassed collections of rubbish, and if they don’t have it then they can probably find something that’s almost as goo Pandora Bracelets d. The Scavengers spend most of their time draining the sewers for useful items or wading through rubbish tips and landfill sites looking for useful trinkets and information. As such they generally smell pretty awful.

Scavengers have the Advantage of Jury Rig. They can get pretty much everything (except Artefacts) to work if they’re broken, after 5 minutes of uninterrupted concentration. The jury rigged item will only last for one use but it might just get you out of a scrape. A Scavenger can also strip items (including Artefacts) down into their component parts. Furthermore, they can Pandora Bracelets take six rumour slips at the start of the game rather than the usual three. It’s amazing what personal information people throw away.

NB: Recommended for the Tideways gang.

2. Fealty

If you so choose, you can swear fealty to a gang and/or gentle. Each have their own rites which bind the character to the gang. Some are dangerous, some humiliating, some a test and a very few are easy. The rite of fealty requires the presence of a Mystic and a member of the gang. They can still assist other gangs if they believe it is in the best in Pandora Bracelets terests of their own. This could even involve passing on secrets if they felt their own gang’s actions may jeopardise its long term existence. Finally, and importantly, their loyalty is to the gang rather than the individual gentle currently running it.

The rite can be broken, but it requires either a more powerful rite or a very strong and expensive capping from the Whites. If they do choose to leave the gang, and survive the experience, they can never swear another. The rite of fealty can only be taken once in a lifetime.

Some gangs are choosy on their membership. The Ghillie Dhu will only accept dryads, for example, and the Whites aren’t interested if you can’t cast magic through paint. Being a gang member confers no stats advantage, although from time to time the gang might offer gifts or favours to its members. On the downside, it might also make requests of them.

3. sketching, painting, wood sculpture, woodcarving, stone sculpture etc. Many rituals will require the use of a carefully drawn / carved / painted sigil. Characters must possess Basic Art in order to create a Sigil as it must be drawn precisely, or must trade for them at the Floating Market. If a character notes that they have an Education Skill or Basic Art skill in a specific area in which the forgery is, then it should be noted that the item is a forgery. Sculptures created using Art are not sentient, and cannot converse with Speakers.

Advanced The character as well as being a skilled artist, is an accomplished forger. Whilst forgeries created using the Basic Skill level would be noticed under close examination, items created using the Advanced level of the Skill will pass as the original. The Skill will also cover documents and signatures. Some Artefact and rite components will require the Advanced Art skill to create.

Basic The character is an experienced fighter, and knows a few tricks. The character can use fists, feet, head etc to inflict Stun damage on others. See the Combat section of the rules for more details.

Advanced The character’s skill at healing is greater than most and can add an additional 2 White Beads to their bead bag, and can attempt to treat characters who have failed treatment by characters with Basic Chirurgy. Furthermore, the character can analyse another character can see if they are under the influence of a Brew or other intoxicant, or a just get a general assessment of their health.

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