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London Free Press

Canada’s Opposition politicians are again expressing their shock and fury at Prime Minister Stephen Harper again proroguing Parliament but that’s not why we’re unhappy with his move.

Here’s a holiday wish: That next year, all our relationships including our politics, which is just relationship writ large can become more positive, constructive, fruitful and respectful.

Nortel bonuses epitomize a baffling trend in business (Nov. 30, 2009)

There may be good reasons why Nortel Networks Corp. is handing out salary hikes and bonuses (yet again) this year, but it will be hard pressed to justify it to former employees fighting for severance .

Now not the right time for cuts to army reserves (Nov. 27, 2009)

It’s disturbing news that the army is cutting staff, training and recruitment in reserve units across the country.

We learned this week that Southwestern Ontario’s 31 Canadian Brigade Group has sla .

With all of these drownings this summer, it is only a matter of time until the McGuinty government will come out with a swimming licence.

We can file it away with our boater’s licence, fishing lice .

As global population surges toward 9.1 billion people by 2050, western diets rich in meat and dairy products will become unsustainable, according to a United Nations Environment Program’s report re .

Faith groups out of line (May. 8, 2910)

This article McGuinty scraps sex ed (April 23) notes that the revisions to the curriculum were released in January, and that the changes went “mainly unnoticed until . . . the president of Canada .

Earth Day cleanup a crappy experience (Apr. 24, 2910)

For Earth Day, my project was to clean up Trafalgar Woods on Railton Ave. Ninety per cent of the pickup was Pandora Bracelets either plastic bottles or doggie droppings thrown indiscriminately into this beautiful area. .

Regarding the article by Islamic apologist Tarek Loubani in last Saturday’s paper, need I remind him that Muslims are the only ones who have members of their group attempting to harm and destabilized .

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Join the Annual Shoebox Campaign!

Would you like to bring some joy to a child in the third world? The Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Campaign does just that! Canada is one of eleven donor coun Pandora Bracelets tr .

This is a submission for the “Reader to reader” column The Volunteer Committee of Orchestra London would like to thank everyone who so generously supported our recent Fall Rummage Sale fundr .

New Members welcome for t Pandor Pandora Bracelets a Bracelets he Ailsa Craig and Area Community Choir. Choir practice is every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm. with a short break for refreshments. Under the direction of Sharon DeVree, .

Here is an announcement re the upcoming Anniversary Service at our church Oct 23 is the only date that it is relevant we are most grateful if you can fit it in that day thank you The congregation o .

Cudos to Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital. What a Peasure to deal with this hospital during a recent surgery . Doctors and Staff acted in the most curteous, professional and expediant manner. This .

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Londoner to play for Canada at the World Cup 6v6 (Jun. 23, 2010)

Are you aware of this article in the Ottawa Citizen? My son Shawn is a player on the CUFC men’s 6V6 team going to South Africa to play and represent Canada during the World Cup. He is from London Onta .

Recently while driving around the city I have noticed a number of (not all) London police cruisers with a slogan written on the rear fender in Arabic. If the slogan has to be in another language shoul .

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