Pandora Jewelry Little home comforts at annual

Little home comforts at annual show

Pandora Jewelry IN the Home Industries section of this year’s Strathardle Show, the Jubilee Rosebowl special prize for iced carrot cake was won by Kate Imlay, Romadie.

Other trophy winners: Cookery (Sinagoca Cup) Morag Houstoun, Glenkilrie, Blacklunans; runner up Anne Simpson, Mains of Creuchies.

Special hobby prize, photograph of a Scottish castle Lisa Hector, Mill of Fyall; painting in any medium, any theme Kate Imlay, with an oil painting of a Jack Russell terrier.

Judges were: Cookery Mrs Lynn Smith, Blairgowrie; handcrafts Mrs M. MacGillivray, St Fink; garden produce Ian Mollison, Blairgowrie; children’s Pandora Jewelry section all judges.

BAKING: Three wholemeal scones 1 Morag Houstoun; 2 Anne Simpson; 3 Susan Michie, Momchulan Farm, Enochdhu.

A focaccia bread 1 Giles Hemmings, Balnald; 2 Fiona Calvin, Lower Whitehouse; 3 Anne Simpson.

Gingerbread loaf 1 Morag Houstoun; 2 Fiona Cochrane, Sillerburn; 2 Hilary Broadfoot, 3 Rowanhill, Kirkmichael.

Three peppermint slices 1 Fiona Cochrane; 2 Mary van der Veldt, Curran House; 3 Morag Houstoun.

Three lemon biscuits 1 Fioan Calvin; 2 Sue Smith, Dalnoid; 3 Karen Philpott, The Chauffeurs Cottage, Drumfork.

PRESERVES: Jar of raspberry jam 1 Lisa Hector; 2 Sue Smith; 3 Anne Simpson. Jar of orange marmalade 1 Lisa Hector; 2 Cece Hemmings, Balnald; 3 Sue Smith.

Bottle of homemade ginger beer 1 Susan Michie, Tomchulan; 2 Anne Simpson; 3 Morag Houstoun.

DESSERTS: Small Border tart, shortcrust pastry 1 Karen Philpott; 2 Kathleen Fraser; 3 Anne Simpson.

Christmas pudding 1 Morag Houstoun; 2 Cece Hemmings; 3 Anne Simpson.

One honeypot, recipe given 1 Mary van der Veldt; 2 Anne Simpson; 3 Pam Cameron.

SAVOURIES: Flask of cream of tomato soup 1 Morag Houstoun; 2 Pam Cameron, Cray; 3 Fiona Cochrane.

Two sausage rolls, any pas Pandora Jewelry try 1 Morag Houstoun; 2 Fiona Cochrane; 3 Anne Simpson.

Small dish of ratatouille 1 Claire Houstoun, Glenkilrie; 2 Morag Houstoun; 3 Susan Michie, Tomchulan.

Smoked mackerel pt 1 Cece Hemmings, Balnald; 2 Kate Imlay; 3 Morag Houstoun.

SWEETS: Treacle toffee 1 Morag H Pandora Jewelry oustoun; 2 Anne Simpson; 3 Mary van der Veldt.

Bounty bars 1 Anne Simpson; 2 Morag Houstoun; 3 equal Mrs K. Fraser, Old Spittal, and Claire Houstoun.