Pandora Jewelry Little Granny Envelope bag

Little Granny Envelope bag

A new bag for spring, Ive called this the little granny envelope bag because its simply a large granny sq Pandora Jewelry uare with the corners folded in and fixed with a button to close. Cute and easy, just right for a few bits and pieces.

I lined it and sewed a piece of light webbing to the strap because I have another granny bag which really digs into my shoulder when I load it up. The strap is made in the same way as the crochet belt for you and me too pattern starting with a double crochet row, before working around with single crochet and the picot edging.

I am currently making eight of these as little thank you gifts for the young ladies who are takin sg my knitting class through 4 H. The girls vary from seven to ten years old and this was the perfect gift to make that covered that variation. Each one is done in different colors so although they are alike they, too, are different. I just have the straps to finish and then they will get them the last week of school. I have made them out of rug yarn because a friend of mine gave me a 13 gallon black trash bag packed full of the stuff.

I love the bag (without strap) and I tell you why. I have been searching everywhere for an envelope bag made from 4 granny squares to put in a pair of matching slippers made from 4 granny squares each. We want to make these for our local Hospice to give to patients. One of our ladies makes these but she cannot give us a pattern because she has Pandora Jewelry none and writing it down is not he Pandora Jewelry r thing. So, I Pandora Jewelry am trying to find an envelope pattern (like yours) and try to re create these slippers in a pouch. No one on line does anything like what I am looking for. I do not see a pattern for your envelope purse on this site, did you post one? Many thanks.