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if anyone has anything to add to this list feel free. i personally find frozen bags of veggies very filling. yes i have been known to eat a half a bag for an entire meal! but at 25 calories a serving, how can you pass up such a deal? also egg whites are very filling for me. i actually cooked 6 large eggs once and made th Pandora Jewelry e mistake of eating all the egg whites (17 calories x 6) and then of course felt very ill. but i was hungry and very full for several hours on only 102 calories. so obviously your not going to have 6, but a snack of 2 or 3 large egg whites should do you just fine!

I have a wee trick in regards to that, I was told the very same thing by someone else not long ago. Now what I do is drain the w Pandora Jewelry ater into a seperate cup and make gravy with it using some gravy granuals. Not sure if you know what I mean but we get them to thicken home made sauces etc (and make gravy obviously). Anyway they come to about 40cal per 100ml serving so say you used about 50ml that’s and extra 20cal but it means you don’t loose any nutrients from the veggies and you get a sauce of sorts to go with them.

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