Pandora Jewelry little boy in red shirtShe

little boy in red shirt

She told the court he was “waving a stick around” with one hand and trying to wave down the bus with the other.”He was standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus,” she said.Ms Theuerkauf said she saw the bus driver make a motion with his thumb back over his shoulder to let the boy know they were passing but there would be another bus on the way.She said she then turned her attention back to the boy.”I had seen a m Pandora Jewelry ale standing some distance behind him,” she said.”I know he had long hair, a goatee, indented cheeks, he was wearing faded jeans, maybe a shirt and singlet, had a tattoo on his (upper left) arm a black one.”I know he had a bag on the ground on the bag next to him. Dark sunglasses.”He was sort of (lean Pandora Jewelry ing) back, left leg lifted and bent, arm straight down by side. (Foot) against the back wall.”Ms Theuerkauf sa Pandora Jewelry id she did not see any other people or vehicles nearby.Girl recalls seeing Daniel at bus stop with a man nearbyA GIRL the same age as Daniel Morcombe has described seeing him playing with a stick a few metres from a “gaunt” man with “prominent eyebrows”.Abby Lee North, from Bli Bli, said she was on a bus from Nambour to Maroochydore but it had broken down just before the Kiel Mountain Road overpass where Daniel was waiting at an unofficial bus stop on December 7, 2003.Ms North, then aged 13, said she remembered waiting “ages”, probably an hour for another bus to Pandora Jewelry come along which they transferred onto.”I saw a little boy and a man up against the wall,” she said when asked about passing under Kiel Mountain Road.”I just remember him playing with a stick.”Ms North said the boy had a red shirt, dark hair and was her age or younger.She said she saw the bus driver make a hand gesture and mouth words to the boy but she could not remember the movement now.Ms North said there was a man standing up against a “dirt wall”, pointing a distance estimated to be about 6m in the courtroom.