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Little Black Bag

“The Little Black Bag,” Cyril M. Kornbluth, 1950 A black bag full of user friendly medical devices from a future in whic Pandora Jewelry h humanity is divided into a small number of geniuses and a la Pando Pandora Jewelry ra Jewelry rge number of morons, is discovered by an alcoholic quack. After several miraculous successes, he quickly investigated by a local reporter. However, the ability to truly heal others inspires him to clean up his act. Meanwhile, his greedy assistant, Angie, discovers the true origin and abilities of the instruments and blackmails him into performing cosmetic surgeries. When he indicates that he pla Pandora Jewelry ns to turn the devices over to the medical community, she kills him. Angie plans to perform the lucrative cosmetic surgeries herself, but during her first demonstration for a client, demonstrates the safety of the cutting device by running it along her throat. Unfortunately, it is at that moment that the devices are turned off by their rightful owners from the future.

Comments: A satire of medical ethics, vanity (cosmetic surgery), and greed. Read in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One.