Pandora Jewelry Litterless lunches on the menu

Litterless lunches on the menu for Waterloo business

The origins of the business go back to 2005 when Campbell left her job at Dare Foods in Kitchener to raise her son Pandora Jewelry who is a hemophiliac.Bored at home, Campbell started a website, called KW Kids, that was a guide to parents about local children related events and informatio Pandora Jewelry n. Earlier this year, she sold the site to KW Counselling Services.In December 2007, Campbell launched a website to sell stainless steel water bottles, which were in demand because of concerns about a chemical called bisphenol A that was found in plastic bottles.was such an awesome product, she says. was so hot because it wasn available anywhere.But stainless steel water bottles soon became widely available and Campbell was stuck with thousands of the bottles in the basement of her Kitchener home.had to figure out a way to sell these bottles, she says. the idea of litterless lunches just kind of came to me. I started bringing in products that fit that niche.Today, her product lineup includes stainless steel water bottles, food storage containers, lunch boxes and bags, cloth napkins, bamboo cutlery and portable food carriers called tiffins.Most of her sales come through her online business, with pe Pandora Jewelry Pandora Jewelry strong>destrian traffic picking up at her new store, located next to the Len Mill Stores outlet at Moore Avenue and Union great, says Campbell, adding that sales are doubling each year. is fashionable to be green.Campbell ships orders across Canada for a flat fee of $7.77.Sara Wahl of Waterloo, who visited the store to look for a lunch box for her son, likes the environmental focus of the business.encourages you not to use plastic bags, she says. is important to reduce our footprint and it is important to raise our children that these products are the norm.