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LO has purple

So LO has been purple on and off under her eyes for the past 2 weeks. First they diagonsed her with croup and then 2 days later I brought her back in because she was still wheezing and they said she didn’t have croup she has allergies so they put her on allergy Pandor Pandora Charms a Charms meds. Well she is still wheezing and has these awful purple “bags” under her eyes and she just looks miserable. It almost as if her eyes are sinking into her h Pandora Charms ead. But it’s not always, only sometimes. Lastnight she threw up 4 times in her crib and it didn’t phase her in the least bit. She is holding down everything during the day and acting fine but at night she is having a hard time sleeping and turns purple just under her eyes. Any ideas as to what is going on????

Those are also sometimes referred to as “allergic shiners.” Google it but here is some info:

A purple discoloration underneath the eyes not associated with a rash, dryness or crusting may be due to Shiners Children with Asthma, Allergies or a Sinus infection can develop Shiner or dark purple circles under the eyes. These dark circles occur due to capillary congestion in the area and have nothing to do with the amount of oxygen that a child is getting. Shiners are considered an early warning sign for children with diagnosed Asthma. It is a sign that a child Asthmatic condition is worsening. Allergic Shiners are frequently found before a child develops an acute exacerbation of symptoms or an Asthma attack. Parents with Asthmatic children interpret Allergic Shiners as a signal that their child Asthma is out of control Pandora Charms and that initiation of an Asthma Action Plan is necessary.(2)