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Lloyds Weekly Newspaper (Newspaper) September 9, 1866, London, Middlesex SEPTEMBER 1866 LLOYDS WEEKLY LONDON NEWSPAPER THE ELECTION The Inquiry into the Keigate election was m when a number of witnesses were They nearly all admitted receiving bribes All the doubtful voters seem to have been put on the with the understanding that they were to be paid for Thomas Jordan t aaid At the last election I voted for Mr Our canvassers were paid a was employed about eight I took a bill in for 20L for expenses to and accepted 15 Ihe bill was for services I attende leveral committee and paid five scores for The first money I received to pay the men was three weeks before the The first mm I received was That was about five weeki before the I received and paid away I paid for I only had the to play pith for beer I have a list of the persons to whom I paid the money list handed There ITS twenty names on the Whitmore receive Pandora Charms c a week for two and voted against us Westbrook received the same and also votee against us The others received each They were to receive a week One half was paid before the and the other half after the That was to secure The persons who were on the committee canvassed one and were paid for doing so I keep the Garibaldi The Garibaldi received aboul out of the I had to play Tuesday the Inquiry was One witness stated thai the majority of the persons employed on the railway voted for He believed they were alj Witness received for attending one committee Edward a said he lor an old His vote was to eo with the pf Another witness wanted for a which he admitted was il it the The court then The Totnes commissioners Pandora Charms sat on when John an gave a long account of the systematic bribery which was carried He laid I had a conversation with Edmonds as to what would be required for I said if the others spent we could win with Smith did not tell me any one would come down from but Edmonds He If we fight the there must be somebody to do the dirty Mum came on the 7th He was the man who said he came from the and when he said so I supposed at once who he I first gave Mum a bag on the 8th I did oot give Mum a list of had a Smith frequently consulted me as to what was the amount that would be required to fight the elec I said and he told me that Colonel Dawkins would not mind giving to the extent of When Mum had spent all his if Iwas at he would send a note to The that was given to Mum on the Sth July was all gone on the Saturday He then sent me down a note asking for I communicated with on the following Monday I took Mum another parcel of money from who told me it contained He This is for I dont remember whether Mum gave a receipt for the first handed to He sent a note to me mentioning that tnd I gave it to That was a memorandum of It in a On the Tuesday morning after the had been riven to Mum he told me that the money was running I told Edwards of leeing some voters standing is very soon That was on the Monday man named Allery came to me and told he was to have Mum paid him I think he handed him a little bag in the open John Chappel was also Thomas Gilham came on the Satur day and asked for and Itookhimto who gave him a John Godfrey was employed u a and he had a These men had their prices chalked out and the money was ready in were handed to I did not know the amounts they George Griffiss wife came for her husbands and I handed it to her in a Thomas Lombardinis wife came to aegociate for her husband and her said they would not vote unless they had She had two William Mitchell came to Tie for He said he had been offered some by the other He received and we got urn a as he said he was to be turned out by the other side if he voted for Several other voters also had The total amount I gave to Mum was I dont think there was any money spent in It was said of Dent in 1859 We dont bring you a needy man heres a gentleman with millions at his At all the Sections there was There never was a petition threatened on the ground of I think if the land belonging to the conservative in terest were laid out and divided into holdings we might have seventy or eighty more I think it would be for the benefit of the borough if it were dis unless the boundary were extended and Dawkins wasnext He said In the beginning of I had negotiations with Spofforth about standing first for Kidderminster and then for I said I wished tofbe Pandora Charms in parliament to expose the very gross misrepre sentations made in the House of Commons by Lord Hartington with regard to my He told me would be wanted for I fully under stood the money would most probably be spent in I came down and canvassed a fortnight before the The evening after my arrival we held a at which I explained my political princi after I understood from Smith that there was some difficulty about He told me I must go beyond I but did not ipedfy any particular I knew that if was a good deal of it must be used for the Eurpose of was He said he had in structions from Colonel Dawkins to go as far as but he knew nothing of He did not consider that he was bribing when he handed over Buoh large sums of the agent of Colonel was then He said he received the money from and handed it to without making any inquiry as to how it was clerk to a solicitor retained by was next He offered 5 man named Penny for his A voter named Cole was offered for a pig on the election John Ilford was offered between and The object of those offers was to make the liberals pay dearer for their inquiry was The commissioners resumed their sittingon Monday In the Great The witnesses examined were James relieving officer in the Gorlestondistrict general manager of the Imperial bank and Cornelius Satter the Jones of the liberals at the last This lastnamed who is a che and of in Lanca narrated his experiences in bribery on this par ticular and described the ticket as he had found it efficacious in other and in connection with municipal he intro duced at Yarmouth when was summoned to assist In the operations This witness described that there were five captains engaged with him in the One of these told him that he had always before been on the conservative but tn when there was a they sent him out of the road to I and then afterwards would not pay his When the voters came tnto the appointed place for said the were individuals in a respectable posi tion of who ought to have been above taking and I gave them each a little sermon on the aiu of The ticket system and some contention arose as to the desirability of ready I wished that the voters should have and then be paid after the but I was obliged to give and pay them We began The voters occupying a good position in the town who received were snore difficult to deal with than some of the The witness then read a long list of the voters whom be had The list comprised 236 and they cost about On Tuesday a number of these voters were and admitted receiving various Several had received money from both One said he promised no but if money was offered to him he took RgSv At en WUson Sfegentle Ban who could not be found when the petition was before parliament was It Is said that his re treat was recesses of a On being he declined in the first instance to take the but the chief commissioner insisted upon its He then said that at the last elec tion he did his best for Vie liberal and was one of those employed to distribute the On the day of the election he paid several voters sums ranging from to On Tuesday the first witness examined was areporter He bribed a number of They asked each but he got them for He was told that they wen offering on the conservative Edwarc Johnson assisted the last witness in He said On the day of polling I met a grocer namec who promised to vote for Schneider and Fen wick for and I agreed to give it to I fol lowed him into the and heard him vote for Schneider and whereupon declined to pay over to him the bu after the election was and seeing tha at a veiy critical period of the day he practi cally nullified his own I gave him I paic a young man named Benjamin who is the person who delivered one of the packages of gold to Wright altogether Seven and sixpence of that sum was for Chie Commissioner For eggs On the day o nomination the tories opened fire upon us with eggs from the Royal We and Wright spent in Anthony had and besides that he had his house papered and his wife had a new Six of them go1 Surely Mr Clarke hasnt got six wives laughter dear Six ladies got caps anc and altogether I spent in that way The wife of Thomas a told me her husband should vote for us if we woulo give her a chest of I promised to do considering the demand very reasonable but the husband voted against I saw the wife and she told me she had got the price of two or three chests of drawers from the other We had no regular price forany particular class of I heard that the received from the other in addition to the sum he got from After bearing some further evidence the inquiry was MOEMON COHFEBENCB AT The Latter Day Saints of Worcester and held their semiannual con erence on in the Odd Temple Services were held at halfpast and six Shortly after the hour appointed for the first of these services about 200 and children assembled in the he major portion of whom were Occu pying the chair was Brigham and m his right was Orson one of the original we of the Amongst others on the platform were John brother f the chairman and a number of presidents of Hormon districts or In the gallery was i choir composedchiefly of young After sing ng and of the Birmingham was called upon to The main substance of the speech was that he felt and ihat all the saints were He concluded by invoking the blessing of God upon the to vhich all the saints responded and a similar onn was adopted by every succeeding of the Warwickshire was next called He observed that ho had nothing special on hand to say all the saints were moving president of the Staffordshire con erence gave some statistics about his He jaid there were seven twentytwo hirteen three two deacons of their members two were two thirty emi rated nine had been baptised since January total number of The following statistics were given in regard to t wen bynine twelve three four one priest ten were our were four twentythree nine baptized 163 members in alL In he course of the Hatch described a our he had had on the particularly in Switzerland and In the latter country he ound fortyfive The saints were exhorted 10 fast that and the morning proceedings closed with oifered by In the afternoon and evening devotional services were The major portion of the speakers were from Daily THE BISHOP OP LONDON AND THE CHOLERA Drs the Bishop of London and Mt visited one of the poorest listricts in the east of where the cholera las been very prevalent and His lordship was eceived at the parsonage by the incumbent and the members of the local relief and pro eeded to the which was crowded with poor very many of whom had suffered from either personally or in their Litany was said by the the after which the bishop preached a very impressive He then the large schoolroom which was full of some of them con valescents scarcely able to and nearly all in want of The bishop having addressed them in words of kindness and pronounced he after which Tait super ntended the distribution of loaves to the His lordship then visited the Mission vhere sisters from Peters Bromp and from the Georges have been taying since the outbreak of The bishop vinced great interest in their and offered up irayer for its Some clothes were afterwards dven to the children of the ragged who par ially cheered those who had cared for The ielp so promptly given by the bishop and the Man ionhouse committee has powerfully aided in check ng the progress of cholera but the local nd others who are best acquainted with the wants f the fear as the cholera is still mongst it will break out again if further help hould be The incumbent is so convinced f the value of the services rendered by the hat he is anxious to establish a permanent Mission Lome in his PKOPOSED TESTIMONIAL TO Op londay evening a preliminary meeting was held at for the purpose of making he necessary arrangements for raising a testimonial o on the occasion of his dis missal from an office he has adorned through the rime of pleading too manfully and too untiringly he cause of the unenfranchised millions of his coun Colonel who was called to the said there was no necessity for him to speak of he character of or of the services he had to the Cunnington moved the first resolution That this meeting desires to ex iress its highest appreciation of the noble and disin ierested conduct of Edmond Beales in so cou ageously advocating the political rights of the great jody of his and has learned with ndignation and regret that he has been removed rom an office in which his admitted impartiality has endered him eminently This was unani nously agreed to as was also a resolution pledging he meeting to adopt measures for raising a testimo lial to A committee was then nd the proceedings manhood suffrage liberals tf Leeds are about to hold a public and their hairman Robert Meek Carter has received the ollowing letter from in reply to an in vitation to the member to attend the projected can lot come to your intended I am obliged to zeep away from almost all the meetings to which I am I suppose the West Riding working men will take some steps to hold a great meeting like that which has been held in Itwillnotdo or the West Riding to content itself with past ex iressions of opinion on the great subject of thank your committee for the although J am not able to accept very JOSH FATAL fatal accident occurred on Tuesday to a workman employed at Woolwich dock named Philip It appeared that the deceased was at with other uponthesteam troopship now in the harbour preparing for when he fell into the and was although every effort was made for his The body has not vet been ARMY 1st Hie New Brunswick Chat pars ham 2nd Mauritius Cha ham 2nd Hydepark EL Horse Aldershot 1st Dragoon Bengal Walmer Canterbury 2nd Canada Walme Curragh 2nd Bangoon She field Canada Unilinear 2nd Presto Bombay Preston Bengal Shorncliff Aldershot Edinburgh Malta Chatham Sth Bengal Canada Chatham bury Dublin Cth Bombay Gibraltar Colchester Canterbury Bombay Sheffield 7th Bengal Chatham bury Bengal Colchester Bengal Pembroke dk Calcutta Preston Bengal Parkhurst Manchester N Zealand Portsmth Bengal Colchester Bengal Aberdeen Bombay Canterbury Cork Dublin Dublin Bengal Canterbury 1st Manchester Newbridge 3rd Aldershot Aldershot 9th Curragh 10th Dundalk Bombay Canterbury 12th Cahir 13th York 14th Hounslow 15th Aldershot Portsmouth Kith Madras Dover terbury Alderahot ISth Madras Can terbury Bengal Canterbury Bengal Canterbury Bengal Canterbury Military Train Bombay Parkhurst Bengal Pembroke Canada Pembroke Aldershot Bombay Colchester New Zealand Chat ham Bengal Sheffield Troops Aldershot Fermoy Shornclifl Gosport and Bengal Sheffield Portland 19 Coleheste 0 and Bengal Pembroke Athlone and Malta Winchester 2nd Curragh and 3rd Madras Winchestr 4th Canada Grenadier Guards 1st Chester Chelsea Ourragh 2nd Wellington brrks Cork 3rd Tower Aldershot Coldstrenm 1st Kilkenny Dublin Devonport 2nd Wellington brrks Aldershot Scots Fusilier Gds 1st Cape Mullingat Georges barracks Portsmouth 2nd Windsor Jersey 1st Madras Chatham Dover 2nd Cork Chatham Aldcrshol Bombay Kdinburgh Bermuda Cliathm Limerick Calcutta Shornclifl 2nd Dublin Bombay ParkhurBt 2nd Nova Scotia Parkhurst Curragh Shorncliff 2nd Cape Shornclifl Fermoy 2nd Jamaica Chester Bengal Walmer Dover Dublin Madras Shorncllft Bengal Goaport Gibraltar Stirling Bengal Aberdeen Devonport Aldershot Bengal Colchester Enniskillen Malta Colchester 2nd Canada Walmer Dublin Chatham Gibraltar Gosport 2nd Malta Chatham Gibraltar Shornclifl Cape Pembroke Bengal Parkhurst 2nd Japan Pembroke Aldershot Cape Chatham Bengal Preston 2nd Madras Chatham Bengal Stirling Bengal Parkliurst Dublin 2nd Cape Farkmirst Bengal Aberdeen New Zealand Gosport Bengal Colchester 2nd Gosport Bombay Pembroke Devonport Bombay Colchester 2nd Mauritius Bengal Gosport cliff Bengal Colchester Sheffield Cape Preston 2nd New Zealand Malta Colchester Chatham Bengal Walmer New Brunswick Madras Shornclifl ham Bombay Shornclifl 2nd Gibraltar Bengal Walmer ham Bengal Parkhurst Canada Colchester Bombay Chatham 2nd Barbadoes Bengal Preston Chester Madras Gosport Aldershot Bombay Chatham 2nd Chatham Canada Win Shornclifl Chester 2nd New Zealand 2nd Bengal Winchstr Colchester 3rd Bengal Winchstr Bengal Sheffield Canada Winchstr 2nd Sheffield 1st India Bahamas Bengal Shorncliff Barbadoes 2nd Hong Kong Jamaica clifl Sierra Leone Glasgow Ceylon Hide Ceylon 2nd Madras Preston Cape Mounted Cape NAVY Jamaica Princess Channel Hong Kong Shanghai Princess Sunderland Brazils China Chatham China China Queenstwn Sheerness and West Indies Bermuda of Africa China Channel Pacific Devonport of China Indies town China for of China China Medit China Portsmouth China America and West Indies and West Indies and West Indies China De China Malta vonport China Sheerness biuue and West Indies Royal Hack Ports DevonRoyal M ampton port Royal Dundee De Portsmouth Australia vonport Aus Devonport tralia Portsmth China Pembroke and West Indies Coast Pacific China of Africa China China and West Indies ampton Devonport Sierra Leone of and West Indies Scotch Africa Fisheries China of Good Hope of Africa Devonport Pacific Shields West Gibraltar of Africa China Pacific of Africa Pacific Pa Medit dered home ciflc China China Pacific Coast of China Scotland America L and West Indies Brazils America and West Indies Greenock for Brazil China of land China Lord for Australia mouth of Africa America Australia Ascenand West Indies sion Woolwich and West Indies Portsmth Bristol China Pacific China fc Sheerness Japan Elver Humber store Sheerness Atlantic Liverpool Pacific Telegraph Callao Bermuda Brazils Pacific par ser Woolwieh of Africa Dukeof Wellington Valparaiso Queens Portsmouth West Indies Har and West Indies tlepool Liverpool Devonport Channel Australia Indies Brazils de troop neiro Portsmouth Chin Pandora Charms a Cape of Victoria Australia Portsmouth of At Japan Djdies Portsmouth Harwch and Gape Australia Indies Fer and Cape nando Po America China Woolwich and West Indies Southampn about to pay off China Downs Sheerness China London Aber Prince deen Pacific Woolwich of Syria Prince North Frederick Channel Queenstwn Princess Fadmouth vonport HORRIBLE MURDER IN On Timothy aged twentynim an Irish was charged at the Thames police court with the wilful murder of his Thomas a Inspector of the H said the wif of the deceased was the chief and he under stood shs was and unable to give an He saw her two hours and sh was decidedly the worse for Partridge We must do the best we can without if she canno give her evidence in a proper John a 44 stated that o Saturday soon after ten he was calle to the house Royal better know as and there saw th body of the deceased lying on the floor in a back bee room on the first and with his clothes on Several women were in charge of the H looked for the who he was told had mur dered the and could notfind Atlast h heard he was in a room above that in which the de ceased was The prisoners wife opened th lock of the door with a and he saw the prisone in the He told him he was charged with stab bing a The prisoner He called me a He conveyed the prisoner to the station and when he was charged with the murder hi I was and can recollect nothing The prisoner was and had two black There was a good deal of blood on the floor o the deceaseds and on the landing outside thi He could not find the knife with which thi deceased was stabbed but that morning Sulli the widow of the brought the point o a knife to the and she said she founc it on the landing near the door of her He saw Sullivan that morning at ten She was then a little the worse for Mary Ann the widow of the iere entered the She was tolerably bu1 somewhat Havi