Pandora Charms Lloydminster search turns up d

Lloydminster search turns up dead baby

After sifting through g Pandora Charms arbage at the Lloydminster landfill for five days, RCMP have found what they were looking for the remains of an infant.

Mounties became involved in the investigation following a 911 call on Nov. 19 when a woman suffered medical difficulties af Pandora Charms ter childbirth. Pandora Charms The child was not accounted for at that time, and a subsequent investigation led to the Lloydminster landfill site.

“Imagine going through your own garbage in your own garbage can, dumping it out and checking every detail about it,” said Webb. “When it’s (what you are looking for) found, you both have Pandora Charms some satisfaction in being successful, but some disappointment as well disappointment in that you have confirmed what you suspected all along has occurred.”

Close to 30 RCMP investigators from across the province have been at the Lloydminster landfill since Thursday night and were seen sifting through garbage in a barricaded area.

Tactical police were also picking through piles of debris, along with emptying garbage bags and cardboard boxes. A police dog was on scene assisting with the investigation.