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Goodies Bag is an important menu that will only appear in the Create Mode. Goodies permit you to create the landscape of your level and to add different objects to it. Goodies Bag in combination with Tools bag will let you to also create your own functional objects and save them for posterior use.

To select Goodies Bag menu press to open the Popit Menu, then move your cursor to the Tools Bag menu and press for accessing to it. Most of the content in this menu will have to be unblocked by and completing Create Tutorials. are used to create all other objects and there are different materials with different properties each. Additionally, most of the basic materials have a variety of textures and colors for you to choose; most of these textures and colors have to be found first in bubbles in Stor Pandora Charms y Mode.

Whenever you select the desired material with then you’ll be asked to select a brush shape. Brush shapes determine the shape the material will have whenever you press just once. Similar to te Pandora Charms xtures, to have more shapes you have to unlock them; you do it by completing some Create Tutorials.

After selecting with the shape you want then you will be free to paint it into your world:

Left Stick: move material horizontally or vertically.

R1 R2: Increase or decrease material thickness (there are 4 thicknesses to choose).

: Place material. Hold it to make a continuous line Pandora Charms while you move material.

: Use as eraser. Each material can erase any other material.

: Return.

Placed materials have some properties depending on their type: Lighter materials can be pushed easier or crushed if it is applied enough pressure. Some materials can be exploded or grabbed, and some hold special properties. With Capture Object it is possible to select and save an object you have created for then use it in all the levels you want or share it with others!

To use it select Capture Object, then use the Left and Right Sticks to adjust the selection area to surround the object you want to save (the object will be highlighted to let you know when it’s ready), then press to save the object. You will be taken to the My page, where you can press if your object wasn’t saved as expected, or to assign it a name.


Basic materials are materials that hold different properties among themselves. Some of these materials have their own sections where you can choose more colors or textures, if not, you may add color to them with the help of stickers.

is Pandora Charms a light material but cannot be grabbed, it is often used to make thin objects or to paste stickers to it. As cardboard is weak, it can be easily blown up with explosives. has more textures and colors for you to choose.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a special material with a very unique property: it’s unmovable. It also cannot be grabbed nor exploded. You don’t even have more colors for it! Dark Matter becomes handy when you want to have some floaty platforms, you just have to attach something to it and it will stay where you place it. Note that dark matter has round edges/verticies so if you were to cut into another object with dark matter, it will create as many edges as it will take for the object to form the shape of the dark matter, costing you some thermometer juice. is another special material, when triggered it disappears. That property makes very useful for traps and switches, maybe a must have for your level. It has the same physical properties of and doesn’t have extra textures so you will have to paint it to remove that green color. is a medium weighted material on which objects (and Sackpersons) slip easily, but not as easy as on ice. cannot be grabbed nor exploded, and it has some colors to choose from. As supposed, glass is transparent so it is often used as a thin wall.