Pandora Charms Little steps to make a big dif

Little steps to make a big difference

not even into a dustbin but straight onto a road or wherever we might bemunicipality that has failed in keeping it clean; we certainly have notstreets, choke our drains , float in our rivers and often wind up in ourGlobal estimates say that between 500 million and 1 trillion plastic bags are discarded every year. something we might use for anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours will take over a thousand years to disintergrate.

The worst part; when they get eaten by cows, fish, turtles and other living creatures, it can kill them. When we eat those creatures or consume milk, all that plastic comes right back into us causing various health problems in a process called bioaccumalation, so what we throw away as garbage often actually finds its way into our bodies.

Even a plastic water bottle when left out in the sun for too long or kept for a few d Pandora Charms ays, the water might either have bacteria or toxins.

The big question is can we live without plastic bags and bottles? The answer is yes

We can carry cloth, jute or paper bags for our vegetable or any other shopping and we can certainly ask for glass bottles whenever we b Pandora Charms uy drinks. Yes I know that water is a problem because we only get them in those plastic bottles and not in glass bottles but as citizens with voting power we can ask for this to change. In the mean time we can carry glass water bottles decant the water from the plastic bottles and return them to the shop for recycling. Sure glass might cost more but we can keep the bottle for a long time or when we return the bottle for recycling we can get our money back for the extra cost.

It may take ten minutes of our day to organise ourselves to do this. It does not solve all the problems but will certainly go a lon Pandora Charms g way in reducing the burden on this planet. Surely its not a badly spent ten minutes i Pandora Charms f it means our health and the health of this planet, our only home.