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Little Scoops

If you live close enough to Bergen County, have your party at the Closter location. The staff servicing the party at Orangeburg was amazing. However, the manager was rude and difficult. I was told to call a week before the party to finalize the total count of favors (as stated in the brochure). The manager then gave me a hard time, indicating that I should have called weeks ago, as the favor bags had already been put together. Nonetheless, she said she would see what she could do and would call me if there were any problems. I also told her that I wanted to add items to the favor bags (princess stickers and lollipops). She said to come in Friday or on the day of party. I went Friday so I could just relax and enjoy myself at the party. A staff member helped me fill the bags Pandora Charms , which were clearly marked for my daughter’s party. However, when I arrived at the party, I noticed that all my items were missing. A staff member called the manager who wanted to speak to me. (I was confused because she was the one who told me to come in that Friday). The staff and I then spent about 15 minutes looking for the items. We were able to find the stickers and 4 of the 14 lollipops. I complained that I had now missed the first 20 minutes of my daughter’s party. She said there’s nothing she could do, as I should have had a manager’s written permission to add items. She eventually put in Blow Pops. I mentioned that 3 and 4 year olds do not chew gum. She said she would switch them, but she left and left the bags as they were. So, i Pandora Charms f you decide to have a party here (because the rest of it was great), just make sure you get everything in writing because phone conversations are apparently not honored. But if at all possible, I would recommend you choose the ot Pandora Charms her location.

Birthday Parties, Sundaes, Ice CreamJust had the best party at Little Scoops in Orangeburg. We had our son’s birthday party here and it was wonderful. The owner Michelle went all out to help us set up the event just as we wanted. The pricing of the event and her customer service were beyond phenomenal. The day of th Pandora Charms e party her staff was amazing too. And I was just amazed how clean the place is, really even cleaner than my own home. Games were engaging and they even got the parents involved for the “Car Wash”.

Everyone had a fabulous time and Michelle and her staff were so courteous and helpful. Book here you won’t be disappointed. Oh and we have been back for just ice cream because you can go to Little Scoops for sundaes and cones all the time. Awesome!