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Little Plastic Bags

As the monsoon returns to Bombay for another year, one of her favour Pandora Charms ite sons has had his return put off in perpetuity. Husain, the most famous and prolific artist of his generation has passed away in London. Living in exile, because of the misplaced prudishness of others, he has joined a great but melancholy list of names that were forced away from their homelands, never to return, because of the temporal politics o Pandora Charms f their time. Husain has often been likened to Picasso and is often called the Picasso of India. He was, however, much more than an Indian version of the great Spanish painter. Much like Picasso, Husain had his own signature style that could not be mistaken for anyone other than him. While the structure of his work may seem to be derivative of Picasso it was actually a synthesis of western modernism with Indian flavor or rasa (nectar) as Indian art historians are known to call Indianess in art. In fact in the modern world only one other artist has been Pandora Charms able to formulate his own style, though in the more traditional Bengal School frame, that derived from Indianess Jamini Roy.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata the TIFR Mural

Finally back to the topic of his exile. Husain held the idea of India dear. He had the privilege to paint the mural that overlooked the lobby of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), a pillar of Nehru’s Modern Indian vision. Sadly it was a painting of Bharatmata that led him to his exile from her. Today Pandora Charms I choose to remember him by reproducing below the very painting that led him to come in conflict with right wing Hindu Fundamentalists.