Pandora Charms Little Orphan StitchI fina

Little Orphan Stitch

I finally gave in and decided to check out Pinterest. Yes, I caved! While I saw a ton of duplicate I did manage to get some great ideas for around the house. Plus started a board for pinning crochet related items (I tried to double check that each pin I made did link back to a source). saw the bag she said birthday is next month. I would love that bag. Hint hint. We laughed, she said what colors, and I decided to find the patter Pandora Charms n when I got home. While the name on the pin was different, when I followed the link all the way back to th Pandora Charms e source ( Pandora Charms it linked to one blog, which had gotten it from another blog, which etc. you get the point). Finally though, I came to Artemis Adornments and her Masa Bag. And the directions. The super easy, yet confusing for a moment on the folding, directions.

Make a rectangle. Fold it. Sew. Add handle. Done. That the basics of it. She does go into mor Pandora Charms e detail, but the basics are right there. bag. I going to start a test one now (she needs to pick up the yarn in the colors she wants) so I can figure out what adjustments I need to make to get the bag to her required purse size.