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London South Gazette Which Is Incorporated Camberwell News

London South Gazette Which Is Incorporated Camberwell News (Newspaper) June 19, 1880, London, Middlesex THE SOUTH LOiSDON GAZETTE AND CAMBERWELL NEWS “SATURDAY, JUNE 19 1880 LAMBETH VESTRY. A meetinjy of the above was held at the Vestry Hall, Kennini^ton Gross, on Thursday evening, Mr. Churchwarden Burrup in the chair. There were also present, Messrs. Davis, J. Hill, G. Hill, Schmidt, Barnard, Doubleday, Lowson, Della Roccn, Sharp, Hosking, Sansotn, Kemshead, 0. White, Price, Wildish, Maun, Hall, Bennett, H. White, Forman, Waite, Moore, Hayward, Bygrave, Sharpley, Arnold, France, Oakley, Harding, Andrew, J. Davis, Gross, Marsh, Sarney, Hickman, J. J. Smith, Cobledick, Stemp, Fenton, Wiseman, Cordwell, Wood, R. P. Taylor, Pount ney, Dann, J. Taylor, Adams, Smaliman, Field, Callingham, Pike, Funnell, Estull, Morgan, Reid, Hubbard, J. White, H. Smith, Thomas, Squire, OoUins, Braham, Akerman, Bysh, G. King, Honey, Martin, Schofield, and Dormer. THE VESTRY AND THE BURIALS BILL. A letter was read from the Home Secretary in reply to a communication from the Vestry, regretting that he is unable to receive a deputation on the subject of the Burials Bill; hut that if a memorial was sent him it would receive careful consideration “Mr. Symons moved that a memorial be sent. “Mr. i>ressioti of Spirits, Losb of Appetite, Acidity, Flawilency, Distension and Pain after Eating, Heartburn, In Boxes 1/li and 2/9 each, of all Chemists SM Uedioiae Vendors, or post free to any address from winniAK Enntr, chemist, 16. DENMAUK HILh. T. BAILET TMS Complete Furnishing ESTABLISHMENT, a, 3, 4, Blackheatk Road, Greenwich Arrangements can be made for Furnishing ON THE HIRE SYSTEM. All goods, marked in plain figures. Five per cent, advance for accomodation; A PROCLAMATION OF IMPORTANCE. If Yoo Wakt Youb Fowls To be Healthy, Very Fleshy, and Lay Plenty of Eggs give them OCEANIC ^NDIMENT. \ OCEANIC CONDIMENT is a pure substance, which con. taona a large quantity of Lime, Chalk, and Salt, and gives 1 them a wonderful Zest and Relish for their Pood. It gives them Health, and as a consequence causes them to make flesh fast, and also improves their Plumage. The Carbon in the Oceanic Condiment will give them that which they cannot get in a confined state, viz, ‘The properties for forming the shell of the egg. You will have no more Thin Porous Sheila or Solt Shell less Eggs. For Fowls, Pigeons, and all Cage Birds. In Strong Bags 6d., Ud., Is. 3.1., and 2s. 8d. Ask the Corn Ciiandler or Seedsman in the neighbourhood for it. If you cannot procure it from them, write to the Sole ManulHcturer. “Messrs. and they will send it to any address in or out of London P. O. O. payable at 227, Walworth Road. RICHARD SMITH (From 24 25, Raker St., Portman Sq., W.) ENGLISH. Ladies’ Needlework tastefully Mounted. Curtains, Loose Cases, Bed Furniture, cut and made up. Carpets Planned, Beat, Altered and Pandora Bracelets Eelaid. Furniture carefully removed to all Parts. All Orders, Town or Conutiy, promptly attended to. Aoknt to the Codnit Fibb and Life Insdbak A PERFECT BOON TO MOTHERS! f\ogef^ TM Oiie application is guaranteed to de stroy all Nits :md Parasites in Children TMs Heads, and immediately allay the Itching . I , and Irritation. _ I I IBs PREPARED ONLY BY WILLIAM ROGERS, CHEMKT, BEN JtWSON ROM, STEPNEV, E. Sample bottle, yd. So/d by all Chemists, Hair Dresscrs, Perfumers. OBSERVE! BENUINE ONLY IN YELIOW WRAPPER WHITE lABEL LOTION BIRD, (Late T, Blacklon), Carver, Gilder, Looking Glass, and Picture Frame Manufacturer 10, HIGH STREET, PECKHAM. PICTURE FRAMES of every description made to order. Looking Glasses re silvered. Regilding in all its branches. A large assortment of readymade Frame s Looking Glasaes, and elegantly framed Prints, Drarvings, and Chromo Lithographs always on gale, at the lowest possible prices, consistent with good workmanship. Estioiates for re gilding free. First Surrey Rifles. Head Quarters, Floddeu road, Camberwell, 16th June, 1880. REGIMENTAL ORDERS. No. 1, “Annual Inspection. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. “The Officers and Sergeants of No. 1 Company will be for duty for the week ending Wednesday, 23rd inst. No. 6. No. 6, “^The following promotions wiU take place in No. 1 Company “Corporal Pilgrim to be Sergeant; Pr. vate Archbut to be Corporal, and Private Kelley to be Lance Corporal. No. 7. “Recruits proposed by members and duly elected can obtain their uniform free of expense on payment of the usual annual subscription of 1 Is., and entering into an agreement to earn the Government Capitation Grant for three years certain, or failing this to pay to the funds of the Corps the equivalent of the same. Further particulars may he obtained of the Hon. Secretary, at Head Quarters. By Order, (Signed) B. ILAUNSELL, Major and Adjutant E. CULLING, (Late J. WILLIS,) Dyer, Cleaner, Bleactier, Scourer, AND FEATHER DRESSER TO THE TRADE, 60, HIGH STEEET, Peokham^ (Three Doors from Rye lane). GLOVES CLEANED, IJd. pee PAIR Thomas Moores, o^AL MERCHANT, CAMBERWELL STATION, L. C. D. RAILWAY. T. M. begs to return his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Camberwell and the Vicinity for the patronage he has received for the last three years, and hopes by strict attention to business to retain their favours. T. M. respectfully solicits yoni kind recommendation. The following List will vary according to the markets ^ ( Best Orrell Coals. Is. ) Selected Blackshale (recommended) . 24s. Best Tibshelf Silksione . . . 23s. Beet Bright . Best Hard. . . . 22a. Main Steam . 20s. Steam Hard . . . 2la. Furnace (all large) . . . 19 s. Nuts . 18s. Best Screened Cobbles . . . 19a. Coke at advertised prices. “Orders received at the above Depot, or by the Station Master and 43, Northway road, Loughborough Junction. NOTICE. B H. CRANE EGS to call the attentioH of the Public, I having purchased the business of Mr. Stacky, late Mr. and Mrs. Waud, 287, Walworth Road, which has been carried on for the last twenty years, and having tlie Negatives of the past time, which amount to over Four Thousand, will enable the customers to have fresh copies from the same, if required. Weekly payments taken on any description of pictures. Portraits taken when half the amount is paid. LOVEJOY BROTHER^ J Undertakers! MOUNT PLACE PECKHAM EY, Funerals Conducted on ModertTnai^ eSTABUtHtp ati LDUHNp FnerxiCrrixge liopmnoas. 4t eoNN’S NtW rUNMM. FUNEEALS Conducted in proper Form, and with appropriate Fitting (approved of by the Ecclesiological Society, and patronised and recommended by the Clergy of S. Paul and S. Barnabas, and other Churches, by THOMAS VIGERS, (Undertaker to the Guild of S. Alban). Maker cf the Combined Hand and “Wheeled Bier, 162, BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD, PIMLICO, and 22, CLAPHAM ROAD, KENNINGTON. Estimates given for General Pandora Bracelets Be^airt, UNDERTAKER, ETC. VALUATIONS FOh PROBATK Monu and Tomba erected to any dedcn. S M B A T O N TMS New Patent Machine Made Oast Lead Eclipse Trap. Ithasa 4in. Diji Pipe, with lin. Perfect Seal, cast in one piece, with both Inlet and Outlet, and is acknowledged by Architects, Sanitary Engineers, Plumbers, and Builders to he the most Perfect, Simple, and Ingenious Trap ever invented. The price is 9s. retail, and can he had wholesale dealers in Plumbers TM Materials in the United Emeaton TMs Eddystone Closet. It cann Pandora Bracelets ot choke it cannot syphon, it cannot corrode, and absolutely imper vious to Sewage Gas, and will supplan all Traps of the present day, or that have hitherto been brought before the public. 17s. 6d. of G. R. GLENIE, “Walbrook House; or retail of all Kingdpm. Send trade card for Illustrated Lists to G. R. GLENIE es. A large Discount to the Trade and Shippers, Estimates Given for aU kinds of nmher TMs “Works. RYE LANE FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT. W. D. CROWHURST, UNDERTAKER, 46, RYE Pandora Bracelets LANE, PECKHAM FUNERALS CONDUCTED ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS. “Saturday, June 19, 1880,