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London Shipping Gazette

London Shipping Gazette (Newspaper) December 31, 1836, London, Middlesex THE SHIPPING GAZETTE. DECEMBER 31. PORT OF LONDON. 30. “Tyne, Mwler, from Ostend. Ann Johenns, Bemgie, from Bemen. Cater, Merilles, from Dun Wrk. Delos, Harvey, from Smyrna. Oder, Wooller, from Stettin. Llsbe, Bonnhold, from Waverot Marla, Schaffer, from Elsfleth. Mercurlo, Lohse, from Brork. Hercules, Meyer, from Stettin. 30. “The Don Giovanni, Wilson, for Tobago. Frima Donna, Buehannaii, for Malta. Queen of the Isles, Lewis, for St Helena. “Wind N. niou uorn’s aooKs this mobkikc. DEAL, Dee. BS. ” A heavy gale iast night and to day, from N. E. 27 “The gale has subsided, and the wind is now fresh from the eastward. SO ” The wind is blotring strong from the east, with snow. Sailed, the Scourfleld, Evans, for Bombay. PLYMODTH, Dec. Off port the Die Brant Gregorios, from Daiuie for New York. Sailed, the Lady Iislgh, Pearse, for Ostend. Comet Walker, for London. CUSTOM HOUSE. CraoH ouaowN coausroimBNT.} SHIPS ENTERED AT THE CDSTOM HODSE, WITH THE BROKERS TM NAMES ATTACHED. InwARns, Dee. 30. “The Eclipse, Simons, from Bruges, Cooper. Orion, Stehr, from Altona, Leese. Neptune, fieters, from Brussels, Schenk. Woodmansteme, Hastie, from Adra, Tetnan, and Gibraltar. Blaksley. Stratton, ^ndey, from Standg^ Creek, Hobbs. Ourn Aans, Dec. 30, “The Demcrara Planter, Willis, for Demerara, Pirie. Factor, Price, for Cape Coast Cdstle, Price. Mina, Mason, for Bio Janeiro and Valparaiso, WiUcox. CiEABEn, Dec. 30. “The Tropic, Anderson, for Jamaica, Thomson. Regent Packet. Houghton, for the Cape of Good Hope, Arnold. Mary, Gunton, for Genoa and Leghorn, BTak sley. Osprey, Young, for St Sebastian, Polden. Endeavour, Johns, for Marseilles, Cooper. Commercial Packet Hart for Rotterdam, Ball. Georgetown, Simpson, for Demerara, Stovell. London, Lamb, for the Cape of Good Hope, Luckie. 30. “The Orwell, Hall, for Harlingen, De Bie. Fanny, Bartlett for Sierra Leone, Sauerbrey. COASTERS. Inwards, Dee. 30 “The Clyde, Smith, from Hull. Zephyr, Speers, from Exeter. OirrwARDs, Dec. 30 “The Marsden, Cooper, for Newcastle. Aid, Charlton, for Scarborough. Clyde, Smith, for Hull. Bee, Reynolds, for Boston and Lincoln. Enterprise, Wilson for Yarmouth. Mary Ann. Chittleburgh, for Sonthwold TM Sarah Ann, Brightwell, for Woodbridge. Zephyr, Speers, fo. Exeter. Lewis, Stevent for Newhaven. r HIGH WATER AT LONDON BRIDGE, Morning. 24 min. past 7 Evening. 46 min. past 7. TO MORROW. Morning. 2Smin. pasts Evening. DOCK REPORTS. (from our own correspondxnt. ) East iNnu Docxs, December 30 “Hauled in, none. Hauled out none. West India DocKs December30 “Hauled in, none. Hauled out none. London Docks, December 30 “Hauled in, the Louisa Marla, Gamble, from Antwerp. Reliance, Sbeader, from Hamburgh. Anna Johanna, Brnge, from Bremen. Hauled out the Deme rara planter, Willis, light to return. Margaret Vincent for Bristol. Rcgent packet Houghton, light Vessels in dock, 146. ” St. Katherine Docks, December 30 “Hauled in, the Go ede vc’wagteing, Vestock, to load for Rotterdam. Hauled out, none. A TMcssels in dock, 60. THE OUT PORTS. 29 “Margaret Bruce; Margarets, Steven; and Plough, Raitt; from Newcastle. Margaret Christie; and Defiance, Wallace; from Grangemouth. Despatch, Hoseason, from Leith. 22 “Panmute, Cramond ; and 23 “Adelaide, Shield; from Newcastle. Sailed, December 19 “The Thomas, Milne, for Perth. Janets and Margarets, Anderson, for Leith. James and Thomas, Wallace, for Inverkelthlng. Elisabeth and Margaret, Gardyn, for Glasgow. Amity, Strachan, for Newcastle. Aries, Dorward, for Dundee. 23 “Friends. Nicol, for Glasgow. Mary, Adams, for Leith. BEAUMARIS “Arrived, December 26 “The Jean and Alice, Hughes; and Swift Kean ; from Liverpool. 27 “None. 28 “John and Ann, Owen, from Flint Henry, Williams; Union, Howlan; Susan and Ellen, Roberts; Ann and Elisabeth, Evans ; and Dart, Peters ; from Liverpool. May flower, Evans, from Flint Sailed, December 25,26, and 27 “None. 28 “Marvel, Jones, from Liverpool ; United friends, Lewis, from Bangor ; and WUliam and Ann, Phillips, from Flint “all for Dublin. Trader, Lingbam, from Chester for London. BOSTON “Arrived, December 26 “The Good Intent Drummond, from Stockton. Daisy, Lister ; and Elisabeth, Turner; from Goole. 28 “None. 29 “Hopewell, Carlisle; and William and Mary, Ward ; from Ooole. Sailed, December 26, 27, and 28 “None. 29 “The Liberty, Rhodes, for Goole. Cleared, December 29 “The Commerce, Mapann, for Newcastle. 28 ” N.; weather more modeiate. 29 “N. ; thick and still. (s), Agars, from London. Anna, Behrmann, from Worden. N^adis, Johansen, from Calleburg. Sailed, Dec. 28 The Jane, Higgins, for Wisbeach. 29 “None. JERSEY Sailed, to December 27 The Lady de Saumarex, and Atalaata, for Southampton. Fanny, for Newcastle. mer, for Weymouth, L’Eugene, for Granville. Egton, nr London. Mary and Joseph, for Liverpool. Two brothers, for Dartmouth. Mary and Ann, for Guernsey. Ellen, for St Malo. Mary and Elizabeth, for GranviUe. Jane, for London. Watersprlte, for Weymouth. Three friends, for Granville. Adventure, for London. Jersey maid, for Fortrieux. Siren, for Pernambuco. Atalanta; and Lady de Saumarex; for Southampton. Vol au vent for Bordeaux. Celina, for Regneville. Commerce, for Pernambuco. Ivanhoe, for Weymouth. Swift, for Liverpool. LITTLEHAMPTON “Arrived, December 21 “The Elua beth, Biven, from Portsmouth. 22 “Pleasant hill. Redden, from Newcastle. 23 “Russell, Lawson, from Newcastle. 24 “Oak, Williams ; and Ecouomy, Isemongen from Newcastle. Liberty, Pope, from Swanagc. Sailed, December 21 “The Ceres, Grant for Goole. 22 George, Tier, for Portsmouth. Minerva, Redden, for Sunderland. LEITH “Arrived, December 25 “The Frankfort packet Lyall, from Hamburgh. Esgle, Menzics; and Monarch (s)i Bain; from Hamburgh. Sailed, December26 “The Clarence (s), Turder; and Sir William Wallace, Tulloch; for London. Pegasus (s), Cook: and St George (s), Moffat; for Hull. 26 “None. BELFAST “Arrived, December 21 “The Betsey, Haslop, from Bangor. Favourite, Murray ; and Isabella, Miller; from Quebec. Rapid, Russell, from Glasgow. William Raines, from Bangor. 22 “Hibernia, Williams, from Dublin. Aid, Shaw, from Strangford. Margaret M’Alister, from Shetland. Toward castle, Duncan, from Pandora Bracelets Glasgow. Harmony, Taylor, from Wick. Eliza, Williams, fronl St Petersburgh. Corsair, Gowan, from Liverpool. Sailed, Dec. 21. “The Reliance, Wood, for Liverpool. Hlbemis, Williams, for DqbUn. Toward castle, Duncan, for Glasgow, William Fawcett, Brooks, for London. Ruby, Nicholson, for Larne. 23^ohn and Robert, for New Orleans. Lady Mary Fox, Sowerby, for Demerara. Rapid, Russell, for Glasgow. 24 “Athione, Williams, for LirerpooL 23 “Coln brook, Bristol, for New Orleans. CARMARTHEN “Arrived, December 23 “Earl of Kingston, Griffiths; and Hero, Jones; from Bristol. Friends, Bra byn, from Cardiff. 29^BristoI packet Bevan, from Bristol. Nautilus, Johnson, from Swansea. Industry, Thomas, from Aberavon. Sailed, December 24 “The Acorn, Prolhero; and Neptune, Morgan ; for Bristol. Speedwell, Gravel, for Newport Earl of Kingston, Griffiths, for Bristol. 27 “George the Fourth, Felix, for Cardiff. Friends, Brabyc, for Newport SHIPPING IN LONDON DOCKS, Dae. 31. For Valparaiso LOADING. For Sydney. For Launceston . For Ceylon. F’or Cape of Good Hope For Coast of Africa . ForOrenaibi . For Legboiii . For Messina. Tor Swan River. F’or Oporto . For Cadiz. For Odessa . For South Seas . 5 For Hamburgh . For Carthagena . For Lisbon . For Gibraltar . For Corfu. For Malaga. F’or Rio Janeiro. F’or South Australia. For St Thomas’s . F TMor Demerara. F’or Antwerp . For Constantinople. Far Ostend. For St Vincent TMs . For Bahia . F TMor Naples. For Barbadoes. For Coastwise. F TMor Mauritius . For Smyrna. For W TMest Indies. For Trinidad . For Calcutta . For Antigua . For Havannah. For Venice For Rotterdam. Total. ,67 DISCMABCINC. From Petersburgh. s From Montreal . 2 From Danzig. 2 From Berbice From New York. From Leghorn . From Trieste . From Gottenburgh. From Odessa . From Gibraltar . From Antwerp. From Hamburgh. F TMrom Bremen. Total. 23 ABSTRAIT. Loading. Discharging . Unemployed . 67 23 56 Total in Docks. 146 SHIPPING IN ST. KATHAHINE DOCKS, Dec. 31. LUAnmo. For Sydney . For Batavia . For the Cape of Good Hope For Corfu . Eor Trieste. For Malta . . For Ostend. DISCHARGING. For New York For Jersey . For Naples. For Bermuda . For Rotterdam Total 26 4 From St Petersburgh . 1 From New York. . 1 4 From Leghorn. 2 From Marseilles. 2 From Slam. I From Calais . I From Messina . . . . 1 2 3 Toul . . 10 1 abstract. 1 Loading . . 26 1 Discharging . . 10 1 Unemployed. 1 _ 1 Total in Docks . 60 26 COVE OF CORK Arrived, December 24 “The Economy, Sullivan; Shannon, Veale ; Thomas and Mary, Hurst; Alert Evansen ; Pallas, Tappen; George, Davies ; Brothers, Tims ; Jessy, Nichols; Elizabeth, Newman ; Elizabeth, Cummins ; and Jessy, Lewis ; from Newport. Martha, Start from Liverpool. Superior. Royal, from Carlisle. Swan, Merredith, from Liverpool. Victory (s), from Bristol. Apollo, Mason, from Neath. Ebenezcr. Dawson, from Swansea. Friends, Fring, from Neath. Samuel and Mary, Dempsey, from Gloucester. Voador, Musquito. Herald (s I, for Bristol. Erin (s), for Dublin. Triumphanto, Antonio, for Lisbon. 25 and 26 “None. Mpgnet (s). Sailed, December 29 “The Britaunia (s), Bushell, for London, with mails and four messengers, the roads by land being impassable, or entirely stopped. packet Estafette (s). ; cloudy, with every appearance of a dirty night. The mails leave in the morning for London and foreign by the Magnet D.4RTMOUTH “ARRivEn, Dec. 28 “Tlie Weser, Hohorit from Philadelphia. Margaret (s), Gosson, from Waterford. Sailed, Dec. 28 “The Ocean, for Liverpool. Marg^ ret (s), Gossod, for London. DUBLIN “Arkived, December 26 “The William Huskis son (t): and Leven, Brown ; from Liverpool. Albion (s), from Bristol. Jupiter (s), from Glasgow. 27 “Comet Pttinger, from Shetland. Cassiopea,Winram, from Petersburgh. Marquis Elie, Murphy, from Liverpool. 28 “Mansfield, Phil lips, from Peterhead. Sailed, December 28 “The Arab (s), and Jupiter (s), for Glasgow. Royal tar (s), and Britannia (s), for Belfast Mersey (s), Birmingham (s), and Hibernia (s), for Liverpool. moderate. FALMOUTH “Arrived, Dee. 28 “The William Fawcett (s). Brooks, from Dublin. Diligence, Finch ; and Maria, Lewis ; from Portsmouth. Mina, Farrett from Newport. Atalanta, Sbapiey, from Yarmouth. Swallow, Jones, from Newport Josep Pandora Bracelets h and Thomas, Kemble, from Plymouth. Johanne Christophe, Scbiel, from Bordeaux. Anna Bella, Anstruther, from the Mauritius. Put back “The Aurore, Briard, bound to London. Sailed, Dec. 28 “The Marquis of Chandos, Hayes, for Ancona. William Fawcett (s). Brooks, for London. Thermometer 46, baro Pandora Bracelets meter 29 30. GOOLE “Arrived, Dec. 26 “The Elizabeth, Stevenson from Lynn. Sailed, Dec. 26 “The Two brothers, Brier, for Yarmouth. Sympathy, Cawthorne, for Wisbeach. William Sef ton, Austwich; and Industry, Dey; for Lynn. 28 “Brothers, Byford ; and Jane, Dickenson ; for Boston. Freedom, WHARFS. (from our own COaaESFONDENI.) EVENING REPORT. No arrivals or sailings since morning. “The steam ship City of Aberdeen, Pearson, from Aberdeen. Is still nnarrived. Beal TMs Wharf, 7 The steam pocket Dartford, Gibson, from Yarmouth, has not yet arrived. No departures. Cotton TMs Wharf. “No arrivals or departures. Advice “The Celerity, Hughes, from this wharf, arrived at Cardiff on the 27th instant. Griffin TMs Wharf. “No a Pandora Bracelets rrivals or departures. The Liberty, Dyer, from this wharf, arrived at Shoreham on the 25tb instant; and Criterion, Bellamy, sailed from Cardiff, for this wharf, on the 27tb instant. Hoax’s Wharf. “No arrivals or departures. Advice “The Union, Joiner, from Banff, for this wharf, was driven on shore at Grimsby daring the gale, on the 26th inst, having previously lost two anchors and cables and rudder unshipped; crew saved, and the vessel expected to be got off without much damage. “The steam ship Royal Victoria, Mill, which was to sail from Leith on Saturday, 24th inst for this wharf, has not yet arrived. No advices at the other wharfs. MORNING REPORT, Dee. 31. “The steam ship City of Aberdeen, Pearson, from Aberdeen, hae not yet arrived. Beale’s Wuaef. “Arrived, the steam packet Dartford, Gibson, from Tarmonfti.” Sailed, the steam packet Clyde, Smith, for Bull. Chahbeblain TMs Wharf “Arrived, the London, Beck, from Chatham. No departures. Cotton TMs Whabf. “Arrived, the Chatham, Weaver, from Chatham. No departures. Sarah, Whiting, and Tamar, Angel, from this wharffor Gloucester, put into Plymouth on the 27th instant Brothers, Mortimore; and Bristol packet, Sannders; from this wb^, arrived at Dartmouth on the 24th inst Trader, Lingbam, from Chester for this wharf, put into Beaumaris on the 27th inst Daviw TMs Wharf “Arrived, the steam packet Mermaid, Ream, from Dublin and Plymouth. No departures. Advice “The City of Limerick, Moffatt sailed from Dublin for Plymouth and this wharf on tiie 28tb inst Brunswick Steam Whabf, Blacrwall “No arrivals or departures. Advice “The Monarch, Bain, from this wharf, arrived at Leith on the 25tb inst. Downe’s Wharf No arrivals. Sailed, the Hawk, Murray, for Montrose. Dublin Steaji Wharf No arrivals or departures. Advices “The steam packet William Fawcelt, Brooks, from Dublin for this wharf, arrived at Plymouth on the 28tb. Sailed, the Adnr, Tanner, for Shoreham. Dc.\nEE and St. Andbew TMs Wharf. “No arrivals. Sailed, the Brothers, Rae, for Dunbar. Advice “The Hope, Ballan tine, from this wharf, arrived at Grangemouth on the 24th instant Hibernia Steam Wharf “No arrivals or departures. Advice “The steam packet Margaret, Goszon, from Waterford for this wharf, arrived at Dartmouth on the 28th inst Hakrison TMs Whabf “No arrivals. Sailed, the Lewes, Stevens, for Newhaven. Kobe TMs Steam Wharf “Arrived, the Perth, Spink, from Dundee. No departures. Leith and Berwick Wharf. “No arrivals. Sailed, the Ann, Hildreth, for Berwick. Advice “The Sir William Wal lace, Tulloch, sailed from Leith for this wharf on the 25th inst Leith and Glasgow Wharf. No departures. Advice “The Eagle, Menzies, from this wharf, arrived at Leith on the 25th Inst St. GEoaoa Steam Whabf. “No arrivals. Sailed, the iteam packet Zephyr, Speirt, for Exeter. Nq rival 9T