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London Public Ledger And Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) March 6, 1820, London, Middlesex TRADE. ====53]grr==== COMMERCE. f }he benevoeiTt Clergyman . soon learned that lie had been imposed upon ; and upon returning to the , workhouse to reproach the beggar, was informed that th patient ., upon hearing that his henefector had gone to make some provision for him, was so powerfully operated upon by a feeling of gratitude, that he actually ran out of the house in spite of his sufferings. ” ‘On the 1st of March, as Mr. Kinnaird was walkinS ‘ through Throgmorton street, he observed his old acquaintance, who refused to carry coals, trembling flora head to foot. A crowfi of persons were looking with compassion upon the struggles of the poor seaman with’ come disorder, which seemed to threaten almost instant dissolution. He was supported by a Beadle and an old eeataan. . Some Gentlemen gave him money, which he pocketed without much pain. Mr. Kinnaird soon proved that he was in the secret ; upon which Byrne made a trip and c push at those who held him ; but his supporters held him more firmly, under the impression that tie was in a strong JU. The imposition having been loudly declared, Byrne made more desperate efforts to get away, kicked and cuffed the Beadle, and appealed to the crowd to protect a poor fellow, who had bled for Ms country. Many persons then interfered, and but for the interference of some f the Police, the imposter would have got away. The Alderman observed,. that Byrne was certainly a finished beggar, and asked iahn what he had to say in his defence ? “Byrne. Your Honour. I have fought hard and bled for my country, apd here I am, after all, without a farthing. God visits . me with fits; and his creatures pity me. Look here, your Honour. “He then stripped up Ids leg r which jiad suffered much from a wound, and then lo Pandora Bracelets oked at the Alderman in the most imploring manner. “The Alderman. cc Where is your parish ? “Byrne, Parish I have none ; but I was bora in Ireland/’ “The . Alderman. ec I can TMt think of punishing this fellow. Pass him to his place of birth. MARLBOROUGH STREKT. T. Arthon, a journeyman baker, was fined 20s. at the instance of one Hailstone, also a baker, for winning of him at the game of loo a considerable sum of money . atidjbis watch, at the King TMs Arms in Moor street, and the landlord was severely reprimanded by the Magistrate for suffering gaming in his house. ” ” “. Catley, a baker, in Cross street, St. for selling bread defective in weight. QUEEN SQUARE. Saturday a horse and chaise, belonging to a CofFee liouse keeper in the Strand, together with 99 pieces of Bandanno handkerchiefs found therein, were brought to the office, and the whole condemned. R. Thomas, in the employ of Mr. Vid 1er, coach maker, of Milbank, was remanded, charged with stabbing a boy with a fed hot iron. Offences__The neighbourhood of Norwood, Briston, EJul wich, See. Several persons have each lost between 50 and 60 sheep within the last year. Wednesday night last, some thieves broke open the premises of Mr. Glover, of Norwood, and carried off con Ederable property ; they also broke open the fowl house, and took 10 fowls, five ducks, one peacock, and a peahen. The park Lord Thttrlow, at Dulwich, was entered by some robbers on Sunday night week, who killed and flayed four sheep, carried off the carcases, and left the skins and entrails behind. Extensive ForgeTrv bv a Man of Rank “A Sunday Paper suys “We understand a forgery to a very considerable sicoupt has been detected within these few days. The person accused is a man of rank and family. The amount of the bills forged is said to be 18,000/. in three separate bills of 6000 each. The party has been apprehended, and a private examination entered into, which, we are told wi l not be proceeded in until Wednesday week. It is supposed that gambling transactions to a great extent has ben the cause or the temporary distress of the party ‘accused, who is the brother of a Nobleman. “On Thursday last, in the afternoon, as the Duke of Argyle was. leaving town in his travelling carriage, behind which his servante had carefully fastened a trunk, containing valuable property, some villain or villains contrived to cut the etraps, by which means they endeavoured to carry away the trunk, with the whole of its contents. The evening of the same day, Lord Aylesford was leaving town in ids trav Pandora Bracelets elling carriage in Park lunc, near Hyde park, when (although the servants were sitting beiiind the carriage) some villain had the audacity to tun after the vehicle and cut the straps which fastened a trunk, containing the butler TM,? books of accounts, and various valuable articles. The coronets of the above Noblemen ere on the different articles ; and Plank, the officer of Marlbo rough street, on Friday received information of the robbery, and h decryption of the property. Accidents. “On Tuesday evening a fire broke out in the house of Mrs. An unfortunate accident happened lately to J. Manwaring, Esq. of b’yth, j/hile huatidg with Lord Scarborough TMs hounds. having crossed the river near Bawtry, Mr. M. got off $t lead his mare over, a small wooden bridge, when she was frightened at the noise, sprang forward against him, broke the railing at the side, and bosh were precipitated into the water, ft was with the greatest difficulty Mr. M. was extricated from his perilous situation, with His leg fractured in two places. Death through the Severity of tue Weather. The Dorchester Journal, of March 2, says, An Inquest was bdd at Diilvertop., on the body of J. Brewer, aged Si, found dead. It appeared that the deceased, who v/as a thatcher, had _ been employed at Middle Broford Farm, at the latter end of December. la$t, and left that place t go to his home at Exton, TM which is ftbont two miles ; it was then snowing very thick, and bad been’ so for several hours. In consequence of his not returning to his wife and family, it was soon euspected he had fcdlen a victim to the severity of the weather, and several persons have at various, times gone to look far him, but to no purpose. He was at length discovered in a field on the before mentioned farsi, where there is no foot’path, and i; is conjectured that he took diat direction towards his home, it being less exposed to the wind. He was lying flat on his face, with both hands extended . on te ground, and it is supposed he had been covered at least sf /pet deep in snots for six weeks “This is the third hale man who has perished in the snow within a few miles of that place, t^eklict “Died fay the Visitation of God. ‘ StmDpfc Death. “At half 12 o’clock on Fridays man, ap : ‘pifntly of the lowest working class, dropped down as he was ?GS siuingt without any previous illness, and immediately . fpjeAi . I ; JLkui?e “Friday an inquest was field at, the Three 1 Crowns, Upper East Smithfield,:on the hotly of Tfigget, aged 0, The deceased was a shoemaker, in’ Brown ‘Beiar alley. y TMWednesday last, he went home, with a pair of shoes to a eus tamer in the East India Desk?yard, when li feet 4, tons register 374. . Now lying at Ratcliff CFOss. Estreme breadth, 21 feet 8 in. Birth, 15 fest 4 in, For fur therParticulars apply to Messrs. W. SMITH and Co. Newcastle on Tyne; or to T. GILLESPY and SON, (One Property.) 35, Crutched friars. ,TH finSnov? FRANCES ANN,foreign built _ and free, burthen, per register, 242 tons, lately coppered, and supposed entirely copper fastened, had large repairs, and was nearly rebuilt about two years, since j sails well, shifts without ballast, carrier a large cargo at an easy draft of water, and is perfectly adapted for any trade her size may suit. Nov/ lying at the first Buoy, London Docks. Cummins, Commander. For Inventories and further Particulars, apply to WILLIAM BARRY, Snom Broker, Vine street, America square ; or, on th Spanish and Portugal Walksj at TMChange time. PRIVATE CONTRACTS. THE nev/ Ship ANDROMEDA, 400 46 94 tons register admeasurement, rbuilt of the best English timber and plank, copper fastened, and deck copper nailed, has a poop, top gallant forecastle, and middle deck, a bust bead, and quarter badges, fitted with new materials of the best quality. will carry and sail well, adapted for the East or West India Trade. Having been near two years on the stocks, is well seasoned; now lying in the London Dock. For Particulars apply to Mr. ROB. REAY, Hyltor place, Durham ; or to ALLATSON HODGSON, Lloyd s or Batson TMs Coffee houses. Jggp THE new Snow TING, 112 45 (J4 tons ad measurement, copper fastened and deck copper nailed, has a bust head, and adapted for the Fish or Fiuit Trades, or general purposes; built and fitted with new materials. Nov/ lying in the London Dock. For particulars apply to ALLATSON HODGSON, Lloyd TMs or Batson TMs Coffee houses. THE new Snow CARNATION, 232 tons register admeasurement, built in the River Tyne, of the best materials, copper fastened, and deck copper nailed ; is a useful Vessel, of great capacity, and well adap Pandora Bracelets ted for the West India Trade, having liberal heights; now lying at Nev/ Crane, Wapping. For Particulars apply to ALLATSON HODGSON, Lloyd TMs or Batson TMs Coffee houses. Apply to Mr. LYALL, 7, over the Royal Exchange. For SALE or CHARTER THE fme Ship MARQUIS OF ANGLE SEA, 352 tons register measurement, four years old, built of the best seasoned materials, for private use; has a poop, bust head, and quarter badges, stows a very large cargo, and iails fast; is copper fastened below the wales, dock copper nailed, and extremely well adapted for the East India Trade in which she has made two voyages, or for the West indies; her stores are good and abundant. Lying in Prince TMs Stairs Tier. For further particulars apply to EDWARD RULE, 24, Lime street. SALES BY T] IE CANDLE TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, At LLOYD TMS COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, TO MORROW, March 7, at Half past Two, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, THE good Ship KAN NY, River built,. ad measures per register 314′ tons, copper fastened and coppered; a firm, substantial built vessel, has undergone large repairs in the river, and now in high order and condition ; well adapted for the West India trade, in which she has been employed, or any other where her tonnage may be required ; sails fast, and particularly well found in stores. Now lying in the West India Export Dock. For Inventories and further Particulars apply to URQUHART and HOPE, Brokers, 7, St. Michael TMs alley, Con hill. tcTbeperemptorily SOLD, At LLOYD TMS COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, On FRIDAY, the 10th Instant, at Two precisely, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, THE Ship CHRISTOPHER, burthen, per register, 455 tons, built at Quebec, under particular inspection, for private use, of the best materials; flush deck, fitted with iron hanging knees and staple standards, coppered last year to the bends, and the decks copper nailed ; sails remarkably fast, and carries a fair cargo for her tonnage ; is extremely well adapted for the East India or South Sea Trade, having just delivered a cargo from Calcutta, in most excellent order ; has a good inventory of stores, and might be fitted out for sea at a very moderate expence. No v lying in the East India Dock Basin. “For Inventories and further Particulars, apply to E. and E. T. Bunn, Baldwin’s court, Cloak lane; or 10 JACKSON and MAUDE, Brokers, TI, Water lane, Tower street. At LLOYD TMS COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, On FRIDAY, March 10, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, By Order of the Executors of the late Mr. Short, fHE Ship SPEKE, built at Calcutta, of teak, burthen, per register, 473 tons, sheathed ed with wood and copper, and principally copper fastened, has a poop deck, and, excellent accommodations for the East India Trade, in which she. is well known, carries a large cargo, and is abundantly found in stores. Now lying in the East India Export Dock “F’or Inventories and furiher Particulars, apply to SHORT and BRINLEY, 14, Birchin lane, Cornhill. Now lying in the West India Dock. For fur. thcr particulars apply to M’GHIE and PAGE, 21, Excharige buildings, Threadneedle street. At LLOYD TMS COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, On TUESDAY, the 14th Instant, at Half past Two, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, THE Brit; SUSAN and ANN, 183 tons; was built in the River Tyne by the present owners, for private use; stands the first character at Lloyd TMs, carries 14 keels of coals, and has delivered from St. Petersburgh 1450 quarters of wheat; she is well adapted for general purposes, is copper fastened, and the hull and stores are in excellent order; she is most faithfully built, and well worthy the attention of any person wanting a Vessel of her description. Nov/ lying in Stone Stairs. For further particulars apply to M GHIi and PAGE, 21, Exchange buildinga, Threadneedle street. At JACK TMS COFFEE HOUSE, MARK LANE, On MONDAY, March 13, at Half past Two precisely, by order of the Executors of the late Reuben Pressman, deceased, Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, THE three undermentioned good SAILING BARGES, now lying in the City Canal: ” , The TWO FRIENDS, a new Barge, 59 tons register, built under particular inspection, and burthens neur 80 tons. The INDUSTRY, a very good Barge, 51 tons register, burthens well, and also built under the particular inspection of and for the late Proprietor. Tlie MARY, a good Barge, 50 torn register, faithfully built, and carries a large cargo. For Inventories and Particulars please apply at the Gun Tavern, Blackwall; or to JOHN NORMAN, Broker, 1, Water lane, Tower street. = At No. 30, PUDDlNG LANEj TM THIS DAY, March 6, at Four, HE FOLLOWING GOODS, Vi7. 284 Boxes Oranges, just landed from the Jane and Elizabeth, a St. Michael TMs 10 Chests Malaga Lemons j 40 Barrels Walnuts T j 67 Hhds. i:es, in bond, for ho consumption nr rxporUtbn 40 Ditto Q’jibee l.)irio Ditto 70 Ditto Ditto Pot Ditto 10 Tons Kelp Sundry Parcels of Barilla, Whalebone, and other Goods Catalogues or’ which will be timel} delivered by J. B. RAYNER, Broker, No. 1, Leadenhall stree ne At the BAXii COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, On FRIDAY, the !nt. at Half past Six, Bv Ortier c: the importers, 1HE F O L I.;.) \V I N G GOODS, VIZ. rough sa^n Yellow Stockholm Deals 1400 3 20 ft. fine sawn Ditto Ditto Particulars and Catalogues nuv be timely had of EDWARD BATTEN, Broker. I. gs Spanish Olives I I Casks Canella Alba 211 Bundles Sarsaparilla, Bond And other Goods Further Particulars will be tim dy given by PRICE and GIFFORD, Brokers, Suffolk lane. At No. At EWART, MYERS, and Co. TMs OFFICE, Jn EXCHANGE AELEY, LIVERPOOL, On THURSDAY’, the 16th Instant, at Twelve, (postponed from the 10th), ill HE FOLLOWING GOODS, VIZ, i 190 Chests East India Indigo, of superior quality 6500 Bundles and 300 Bales Munjeet Nov/ landing from the Ship Calcutta, from Calcutta. Samples may be seen 111 due time at Messrs. Ewart, Taylor, and Co. TMs Office, 105, Fenchurch btreet, London. For further particulars apply to Messrs. J. and R. GLADSTONE and Co. Merchants; or EWART, MYERS, and Co. Brokers, Liverpool. At GARRAWAY TMs COFFEE HOUSE, CORNHILL, In about Fourteen Days, 1HE FOLLOW! X G GOO D S, VI Z, 57 Turkey Carpets, of small sizes, just arrived, per Nev; Bragatua, Corneby, a Smyrna Further Particulars and Catalogues in time bj 1′ RODWELL and WARD, Brokers 8, Geor^e street, Mansion house. Domus et piacens uxor. Thy home and pleasing icifc. COCRA 1 ES, by his Di course on Hon. M arriare, so en= w .y O raptured his auditors with the subject, that the married men flew to their wives, and the bachelors hastened to be wedded ; and The Spectator ha aiiirmed, that the word Wife, is the most agreeable and deligluiul name in nature. The sacred institution, theb, ot marriage, compasses the desideratum of our enjoyment., teeming not only with happiness on earth, but disposing the soul itself to harmonize with bliss hereafter. Previous, however, to entering into this hallowed obligation, it becomes an imperative duty, nnt only to regulate the passions, but to cleanse the grosser nature from those impurities which the freedom of unrestricted pleasure may have entailed 011 it. To the neglect of such attention are attributable many of those hapless instances, v/hich, while they excite the commiseration of the beholder, should also impress him with the fear of self reproach. To\all such, then, we address ourselves, offering hope “energy “muscular strength “felicity ; nor will our advances appear questionable, sanctioned as they are by tho multiplied proofs of twenty years TM successful experience. The easy cares of married life are sometimes disturbed bv the suspension of those blessings which concentrate tho nuptial wreath “for the female habit is often constitutionally weak_yet it can be strengthened, arid deficient energy improved into functional power. In every case of syplflitrc intrusion,’as well as in cv?ry relaxation oi the generative economy, we pledge our ability to cure speedily, and with effect. GOSS and Co. M R C. Surgeons? 13, Bouverie street, Fleec street, London. Just published (Tenth Edition), The iEGIS of LIFE ; a familiar Comu iitary cn the above Diseases. By GOSS and Co. Addressed to the Youth and Maturity of both Sexes. May be bail at Paternoster row 66, Pall mall; 24, Gerrard s Pandora Bracelets treet; 174, ^ TMleet street; aad of all Booksellers. Price 5s.