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London Morning Post

London Morning Post (Newspaper) March 22, 1844, London, Middlesex 8 tei post, tezmt, mauce 22, niight be eotac cseuce for eeadcnt’c bccginc oc. tfec prc Ecnt occsEioa. . ^ Msurc you I chonlc’not co much mind., i ne xTcrc hen; both togfcBGr.”” K”. Burrell said, that it thef had bses trac to ecea other l ‘iirough ‘/tfe. taonth,” cc fouod thi wpry agreeabk ohenge, caic, ” Ob, Shtt I trill, and I Wc’t beg any more if I can help it. The magistrate g her the haif croBn, cad chc C2 preastd her gratitude in long speech. CLERKENWELL. “Yesterdsy, George Cumirfcffd, aho ttm atured in the garb of butcher, was fiaaily esamtcec, charged with haung comtniUed numerous robbericE. It appeared from the evidence that in oooseqaenes of information receiTed bj the police, that a man angwering ihe de criptioa of the prisimer wae in the hsbit of sailing at fentlemen’E houses, and representing that joints o( mea: had been left there by mistake, on which they were aelivered to him by the eer^ants. The prisoner, it appearc, watched butehere, who Isft ioints of meat houses, and shoniy afterwards ealied, Chen the servants of Mr. Whtikin, c. magietfate, of Bed ford row, Ru Mr. Justice Warren, of Moa cague plece, Russefl square, Mrs. The prisoMer eaic tlic ebcrge. but he r. ac failj eoa mitted for trial. LAMBETH STREET. “Yesterd JoAfi Smith, and Edteard Carter, were placed at the bar befte Mr. Henry, the following charges of felony and forgery. The upon case of felony wse first entered oc, and from the evidence it appeared that in autumn last, the prisoner Smith was an assistsot tt a school in the Vicinity of Goodman’B field, aad had auseonded in September last, takiog with him a watch, tiaae piece, sn other articles, and though the police were in pursQit of him. he evaded them until a fe^ daya go, when he was secures. Carter, who wm aJso suspectcd of being concerned with hii fellow prisoner in the robbery, had been held to bail, to appear when Smith was apprehended, and upon making his appearance agreeably to the time of hie bail, he c as placed within the dock with Smith. The evidence, legally establishing his lith W68 fully Pandora Bracelets committed Participation or trial. however, iellshoUinl in the robbery, but Smi’ The charge of forgery wac then entered on. Mr. James Hoar, of No. 1, Devonshire street, Portland place, was called, and from his statement it appeared, that on the 4th instant, the prisoner Carter called at hie honse r ith 8 letter, purporting to be written by Mary Smith, of No. IC, Seymour street, requesting, in the most urgent manner, cash for a bill of exchange inclosed for 51. Richard Smith, Sht private secretary to the Bishop of Lineoin, who was the is riter’s brother, and who had sent it t her in part pay msntofasmall annuity which he allowed her. The bill, which was made payable at the ‘ bsnking hoase of Messre. Child and Ca, purported to be accepted by sotno person in the b Mr. Hoare was about to gi?s the money oa tht bill, as Mis Smith wa well known to Mr. Hoare, bat was persuaded from doing so by Mrc Hoare and a lady who happened to be in the houie at the time, until fee asctrtained whether it was genuino. He, in con sequeaoe, desired the person to call in the evening. In the interim hecalledatthe banking house of Sicesrs. ChildB and Co., and fqand that the bill was fictitious. The prisoner Carter called in the evening, and was given into custody, he then said that he had merely carried the letter from the prisoner Smith, with whom he had been lining. Mr. Barlow, a gentleman residing in Hyde park gardenE, Kensington, deposed to having paid 5i. on bill simikr to the lat, and which had been sent to hina by a person sigi: ing her came Mary Smith. Mr. Barlow, in reply to c qdestioa from the magistrate, said that he believed the letter had come from Miss Smith, whose brother was private secretary to the Biihop of Lincoln. From inquiries hi had made, and from what he had heard, he inferred the prisoner r,s brother to the Miss Smith in question. Clerk from the banking houses of Messrs. Snow snc Co. and Eankey and Co. deposed to the bills, or rsther to the scceptances, being fictitious, as there was ae psrsoa of the same of Jones connected with either. The constable who apprehended Smith prodacea t third bill, which was b fac sime of these sent to Messrs. Bsrlow and Hoare. The prisoner Carter said he knew nothing of the businesB farther than errying the letters for Smith, Smith stated that at one time he had been a member of the Stock s change, and that sheer poverty had driven him to erime. Boih prisoner were remanded to a future day. The LATE FATAL DUEL ir. AMERICA. The following are a few particulars, taken from the New York papers just received, of the late fatal duel at Washington. This dael has. it U s made as much Jaoigs, end excited as much interest, on that side the Atlantic as the Faveett sd Hanro afiair did here : ” In regard to the origin of the duel, it is believed that on Thursday momiog Uat, February 15 (not on Thursday aight), M’. Cochran said, in the presence of two or three of Mr. May’s friends, that he believed Mr. May a coward. This esprasston of Cochran was immediately reported to Mr. May, at whose request two or three of Ids friends imme diattly waited upon Mr. Cochran, at his room, to demand of hiiB a hnraetation of th words, and an apology. Mr. Coehran decUned, saying that he wonid consult bis frieade, which he oil This was sboat noon of Thursday. By the adviae of hU friends Mr. “The Ceres, Nefcc, itok G heat ; Dous AtniC; Waldock, from Brugec : Hope. Ea?;, from Sotterdotn : Msry Ann, Ganhsss, srota AlksEac? ; Llaric Amalle. Dieekmann, froE Hambureh : Earl of Liverpool Gteamer, frois Ostend. Ekteeed Ouxwaedc. “Earl of Liverpool steamer, for Ostend ; Hunter,^ Pain, for Leghorn ; Elisafasth, Tate, for Cape Coast Castre ; Acorn, Lontred, for Constantinople ; Tory, Eov7, for Bombay ; Maas. Cooper, for Hamburgh ; Henry Woolley, Clappison, for Montreal ; Templar, Brocn, for Sydney, N. S. W. ; Francis Burr, Foster, for Boston : Mari Amalia, Dieckmanti, for Homburgh ; Ear! of Durham, Dickaon, for Bombay, Clbabsd Outwaeds wite Gaego. “The Lsdv Seaton, Thompson, for Montreal ; Leda, Glenday, for Mgadorc : Jijmes, Dunn, for Halifss ; Chance, Good, for Bombay : William Joliffe steamer, for Boulogne ; Bseter, Lobbott, for Trinidad ; Diadem, Banko, for Elsinore ; Barbara Catharine, Boho, for Antwerp : Triton, Triton, for Bilboa. Cleared Outwards in ballasr. “The Margaret, Lewie, for Rig ; Sec, M’Queen, for Lisboa. LIVEEPOOL, March 21. Afieived “The Daniel Grant, froE Valparaiso ; Elisa, Bruwn, from Possession Island; One and All,from iercesm. Eutbeed yoR LOADIN. “T tie Ellen, fsr Bombay ; Brooke, for the Cape of Good Hupe; Estp rn and Dover, New, issued at 2 51. dis., Soi ; Uiatex, 38; Harrowgate and Snaresborough, 3. thomas adams, at present, and_ibr L; iba? z;oaih3 cast, residing ai 2, Gro37nor i3rraoe, v/alb ;irc2t, caab2r ‘2li,”in tho pariah of St. THOMAS ADAilS. a. Brabam, Solieitor, 101, c , TT ^UTSTSUJ ^Str^i^, “rlMINENT ENGLISHWOMEN. “Aulas. l. h, Brabam, Solieitor, 101, Chancery iana. WILLIAM HOUSE PORTER, com Pandora Bracelets monly !;aor7n as 171111202 Porter, atpreuani, and for tweWa months sidin j at 4, Doughty Slews, Gulldford streat, KuassU iquaro. in “the parish of St. Thomas, and wa acquitted. After the verdict was given the prosecutor began collecting his property together, and misspd she bottle of fcrandy; search was made for it round the table, when some one present aaid he saw one of ihe jurymen with it in his hand drinking the brandy, Mr. Carter, counsel for the prosecution, then stated that fact publicly to the chairman, and applied to have it restored to the prosecutor. The chairraaa said to th Jury, “Is that tsue, genilstnoa? 1 hope you are not guilty of auch conduct as that;” notwithstanding which, another of the jury instantly put th bottle to his mouth and swallowed the remainder of the brandy, nearly a quarter of a pint. The chairman and Mr. Carter remonstrated, and said aoch conduct was eatremely disgraceful, particularly silting as he did, in a public Court of Justice, and esercisisg tho office of an English juryman. ” GioucesUr Chronicle. (Ad^enisement.) “Pti^sikg Hesults. With the gaiety assumed by nature in ihe coming oaason there are ew disinclined to pariicipate, and in parauit of thoae rational enjoyments personal agrcraons in all their variety aro neccsssrily objects of desire. Those of which the perfection and durability are atones obvious and important meet their most available preservative in Gowland’a Lotion, first, as a decided remedy for all cutanaous imperfectione; and, secondly, as an elsgant, mild, aad affective appendage of the toilet, removing every species of local diseoloratiun. and defendingthe akin from oil the well known eSects oS variable temp^ature, and as eoatributing largely to continued delicacy and freshness of the odmplesioc. No. 38, ALBBM PicCADSixiT. “New’iy invontcd Spectaclss, Teliscopas, Opsra Glassss, Miero ccops, patronised by his Majesty Ihs Slag of Hanove?, ‘le Dowager Dushess of Bedford, their Grwses of Canterbury, the Dukas of Devonshire, further jiva notice that tha time when tha matter of tha said petition shall ba hoard iiJ to be advertised ia ih London Gazette and in tho rjorain? Post newspaper, sne month at the least after thc date hereof. Aa witness my hand this 15th day of March, in t’lsirearofoci Syord ons thouiaad eight hundra^ aatt fortv four. W. H. POSTES. Vi’itncia, William Smith, 16, “Wilmicgton saaaro, Jnsolveat’s Attorney. ^^^^ ALEXANDRE LEVY (sometimes also Jj. 5 sinown as Alasandre I^svy Duinont), at present, aud for two months past residing ai 11, Upper Baker street, Portman square, in the parish of Serbyhire. On the i3lh of March, Et Moud Saford, ogad il months, Lucy llilward, daughter of Joseph Parker, jun., Esq., of Upton House, in the county of Gloucester. _ 18th of March, at the residence os Arthur EUison, Esq., rEUsa, FS Si ‘aoa in tho nrossnca of Hanry T. Archar, Solieitor, _13. John street, Adelphi. _ one guinea, a brass bound rose iraod Ocntleman’3 dressing case, Sited cvith Ave braahes, two raasrs, nail scissors, battan hook, nail ille, gla s, strop, and comb; Ladies’ditto, 213.; Sjandsome rosewsod wsrltbos, lined satin, jiiver thirable, ja9t3 ument3, pearl reals, 318.; alsgant tea eaddieg, and brass bound writing desko, at, with inks, 2ls. C. STOCSEN invites attention to hia estensiie aad varied stock of tho abovo articles, at prises not to be equalled, embracing ever>’ variety of drsssing, writing cases, and workboses, for scheoi use, at 63. 3d., to tho most sostly, varying from 14 to leO guineas. 3d. to lOi, lOo., to bo had at Stwikan’s, 53, Quadrant, Bagaat a OPRESTi’s pure sauces a^ 4 PIQUANT SEASONINGS, for Pish, Gravies. Their unparalleled economy, their fine 3y Mrs. 3XPBSSI0K, as eaoaot8d irith th 31 n’a ht , asteSirCHABLESBSL l. Third Sdition, i^d ‘ ^^ _John Murray. Albemgie^s:’^’^ T These boys know litUs they ars SJjn to^ tha K^J : Nor Uymbaline dreams thai thsy ars ahve. ‘ shakcspia ‘ci. Biohard BanUey, New Barlingtoa atraet th honT’o. a. as AY’S NSW woaK. Now i sady at all the Libraries, ia 3 isli., ?ast 8v., he p e a i b i 2 b By tha Han. CHAELE3 AUGUSTUS MUBEAT. Indiana, and Illinois, and the icait them at the eloa of the last seatury, serosal.” “Tiojia. ‘_Bishard Ssntlay, Naw Buriiagtaa_____ :,1S3. Now ready at all ths Librariss, in 3 vols, post 3vo., The w h i. t e m a s s. Ir. Histcrieal Somaace of ths Saventseath Oaatur?’. By Mrs. “Much as we have admired Mr. Thomson’s precsdinj novels, the preient i:a3 pleased us more Uian any of tbem. aCENlS ad TALES of COUNTRY Lipv O with SeceOmtoQS ofistura History. By SDWaS D M^sty;s Par aad’Pilaaa; Albeaaris sset. Lon : Chtftw Pciaan. _ Naw Bondotrj . __________ _ ^lationil a3d iathiatic?/ i’ aow I eady fordeUvwy. in 13 Pans. ?ris3 scribfiTS, 7i. M. per Patrt. Pickason attM, Boad atrge , “aroWLfis s Pa6H^^ASD’Sx?mi:fo2T ” In royri 8., pri 13. cloth, 4 PSONOUN^NG tuid EXPLANATOBY rm. Fousdsd on a correct development of the nator, theaamber, and la vsriani properties Pandora Bracelets of all its simji and compound Munds, m :ombindbto Is who are frsupe and fiMre plot enough to siait a hvsly and amoag th iadiv: in hsr p^e. There are incidsnts aud . 3yU”3hle and words. By JAMBS KNOWLES Edward Mwn. D; Do. Aco., 57 Ditto 5 oer Ct, 101% 3 i’ Ditto Aco. Ditto Neir Loan, G1 Do, Aco, Neapolitan per C,, Bcoian Inacrip. at labl ased so many years, ana signed ” Elisabeth Lacenby.” E. Lasenby and Son’s Essenca of Anchavias continues to bo prepared with that pesuliar care which has rendered it cojustly admired as saucs lar salmon, turhot, cod, solas’ ao o, Sc., and is aanufaoturcd only at their old establis Sa aco Waraho usc__ HAPPED ^HANDS. BREWSTER’S ALMOND and HONEY SOAP, comiining tho emoUient and bal^nic nropertiea ai ths honoy with the finest almond oil, a corfectjoh hitherto unattainable. This very superior Soap ia distinguished no less by its refreshing fragrancc than its beneficial euccts oa the siiin and complssion. B. ewster’s Asiatic Vegetable, or Extract of Cocoa Nut Oil, for dressing and promoting the growth of hair. Juot arrivad a fresh supply of Pat d’nsandc au Mile, tho original, the best made, and sold osly by Browstsr, Perfumer ts the Boyal Family, 48, New Bond stieet.__ OIL, Paironigsd and the ae i/eral Courts 0: lucid oil, in its preservative, restorative, and beautifying qualities, is unequalled ov tho whole world. It preiervss and reproduces the hair, even at a late period of Ufo, prevents it from turning grey ; or if 30 ohangsd, restores it to its original aolour ; frsea it from scurf and impurity, aad renders it soft, ailky, cnrly, and glossy, and retains its euri aad other desorative form uninjured by the variatious of the atmo sehera, or the affscU of the crowded asssmbly. To shildrsn it is espscially recommtndid as forming the basis of a bsautiful haa of hair. Pris 33. M., 7s., famUy bottles (equal to four smiU) lOs. d., and doufels S sise 2Is. per botti. Seid by the Proprietors, A. Sowiaad and Son, sa, HatteQ forden, Lsndoa, aad by Cheaiists and Parfamsrs. 411 others ara spuriaas laitatioo.________________ rpO LADIES. “EFFECTUAL CURE of iL PBOLAPSUS UTERI, “Dr. A. G. HULL takss Isava to Kcommsnd hia PATENT ABDOMINAL SUPPOBTEB, which has rsaoived the approbation of many emiiunt professional mon, as by estsrnal support alone, it relieves the diitresiiny symptoms at tsndant upon thesa complaint, and ensblsa patisnts preriouly con fined to a recumbent potition to walk abont with saae and comfort, while, in msny instances, a euro has besn affsctsd. A part of thia apoaratus has also proved very sfflcient where there is relasatioa of th abdominal muscles, and for pre>erving the shape aftsr coafina They . Jre to be had, with pamphlets of particulars, at his Weiss aad Son, 52, Strand, London ; aad of Mrs. Hifiam, JermyD strsst. For the convenisnse of Ladisa, ths siipporisra may ba fitted by Mrs. Saltier, who Bondoots Weiss and Son’s privato esta No. 9, Kiny WjUiam etrset, Strand, whsro IHE rous lliu3trationa, I63. bound, Hon. Mrs. DAMER’S DIAEY in G32SC3, TU3IEY, EGITPT, of ter aad T TBAVELS HOLY L.4ND. “A moat agrseabla book; sensiblo, objervans, and full si resting information.” “Esaminsr. Henry Colbarn, Pabliahar, 13, Great ^^arlbcTOSgh strsa’i. Now ready, in S vols., small 3vo., with Plates, Sla. souad, ILD SPORTS ia EBOPB, A3IA, and AFBiCA. Colonel Napier’s new work will not only bs rscsivcd rriih a hearty ‘. /elcome by every sportsman, but ba Sitind oot lefs aiiractivi? to t>o general reader. Ha takes us from Madras to the Mauritius, the Capa, St. Helena, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Tangiera, Malta, Gozo, Syria, Grand I the list S’VENING; or, Coovsrsations on Serluiuw 3i5ter?. Mrs. P ASiiy, of Barbados. Ihs First Ssriss “On ttw OLD TSSTAilENT. Thlrtl3di 33. lid. ‘The Sstmnd Sarisa “On ibe PnUB G03PEL3. Sa. U. 7ho Third Ssries “On 1 ACTS of tho APOSTLES. Bivinstons, 3t. Paul’s Churchyard aad ‘Watsrbo placa. “7 OBGON iBBaiXOSY. .^he” J TOI Just w Cairo, Alesandria, the Desert, c. ; and ) . of 3po:ta described is equally comprehensive. In s Pandora Bracelets liooting, from tha wild pigson and quail to the hawk and eagle j in hunting, from the fos to hs wild boar and ball I eagle ; in besides numerous Inds M msnt. irsf overy description of btndsye, surfical apparatus, and domtstic in stramsnts ar to bo obtained. I^adies may be attended at their own housa if required. DISCOVERY. This yrepa ration is the moat infallable and innocent remedy ever discovered. Prepared only and sold iu bottles 3. 9d., 43. 6d., lis., and Sia., by T. P. Hogg, Pharmacie Franaise, 45, Haymarket.__’ “ROCHE’S celebrated piscatorial adventures. Ths work b illustratsd with some capital engravings.” “Bell’s Ljfs. Hoary Colbura, Pabliaher, 13, Grsit Marlboroufh strjct. Now rsady at aa tha Bookssllsra, riss strickland’s ” liyss 0/ aUE3N3 af ENGLAND.” New and Eavised SdiUoa, ” These volumes havs the fascinatioa of a isoaES3 usiii d ;o th2 integrity of history.” “Times. Henry Colbarn, Publisbsr, 13, Graai Maribsraugh3Sri8L^^ mbsTt”bollope’s”n3w wols: Now ready, in 3 vols., with illustrations by Leach, ^^hs barnabys in america, 1 Being tha Sequel of TflE ADVSNTUBES OF THE WIDO’W 3ABNA3T. TSOLLOPS. ” Mrs. ” Ths boansicr, tricky, and dcver Mrs. TroUops’s chef d’cauvre.” “Court Journal. Hanry Colbura, Pubiiahsr, 13, Grsat Maribaroagii atrsji. Now r^ady, at all tho Librariss, in 3 vols., pi a t s w 0 e t h; or, Tha Homanc of a ‘Week. Editsd by B. PLUMSB WABD, Esq., Anther of” Trsmsine,” ” Da Vara,” Sis. == Every one will read ‘ Chataworth,’ for it is a work ao zovol in it^ design, so ascsUent in its general aseeution, as io ba sertain Id malts an impresiion upon the public mind.” “Court Journal. Henry’Colbum, Publisher, 3, Qrsat Mariborough strest UBS. COLONEL HABTLEY’S NSMr” NOYiSL. In 3 vols, post 8va (juatTsady)^ or, the Praised Ons. In 3 vols, oost 3to., LIFE. In 3 vols, post 3vo., EDITH leslie. T. C. Negby, 65, Mortimer street._ The New Novels now ready. in demy 3vo., price b. aawid, to ihe OREGON TESPJ, TOSY COX8IOBBB0. By ADAM THOM, 3s :crief o; 3a38it’3 Laad. London : Smith, gdar, and Co., S5, CorabiU. iswdays^ia be nnbUshsd, Second Sdition, with iddiSSil introdtictoi? matitr, “Brie 13s. dray 3vo. M. W. _London : Smith, Elder, aad Co., 35, Cortibill. Juat published 3c isady at MODERN if JL ;hs AST of A NEW all ths Librariaa, >?b., srica 343. aloih, SP’OIT of cbD b :! Tcb. H. aOSN3, Etq ;li8 Seventh,” is. ,, _ , . ‘ Miriau. a^icliidid ! tasy 35 ora , fetit is with clear oonsaisne.” “Mtor’a Prsnoa. lact. Mr. Orion.’ A Jsj. . Sldsr, and Co., m, CoiahilJ. Ediabur h: Dbn . J. Cumming. C !3 vols. Dost 8vo. a stsady ?rsoo, who ihoroashly ua, d aistands her husinesa ia all iis braachss. Cia ba vI rjocn mcadsd from her last aituation. No objection io towa or aoaatrv, Diregt to 8. T. 104, Grgat PortUnd strast, Caven’iiah square. Yovsor Ladies’ Maid, and to assist in PORESTEE’S DAuHTSE rjfOOPIN3 COUGH. b. HESBAL EMBEOCATIC treasing and too frequently fatal complaint. In most cases; one bottle wUl produce ths desired offect; and no ramedy can ba so well calculatad for children as this, as itis aa entire outward appHction and requires no medi eins to ba taken internally. The proprietor of thia embrocation has the pleasing satisfaction of stating that many smincnt mam bera of the faculty constantly recommend it as the only known safe aad porfocl jtirs. In ao case can this medicine ba genuine aaloss sirjaed 03 the wrappsr ” J. Boche.” Pries is. and li. 3. Dor bottlo. Sold ay Edwards, 3?, St. Paul’s Chorchyardt also’by jangor, 15, Osford street; ‘Whito, 2d, Comhil