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London Mid Surrey Times Kingston Express And Richmond Herald

London Mid Surrey Times Kingston Express And Richmond Herald (Newspaper) May 17, 1879, London, Middlesex THE MID SURREY TIMES, SATURDAY MAY 17, 1879 SALES BY AUCTION. RICHMOND. “Excellent modern household furniture of a superior description, a full compass cottage pianoforte, oil paintinps, proof engravings, water colours, china, glass, and two of Bradford s washing’ and wringing machines, removed for convenience of sale, one ‘being prohibited upon the premises. MR. FOWLER IS instructed to remove and Sell by Auction, at his new and spacious auction rooms, No. 17. The Quadrant, near the llwa ? Kew road. lf : hmond,on Thursday, May 22nd, 1879. at Twelw V, >. kit hen, Offices, etc. ” Address, N. R. 95, High street, Putney,__ AIR of long LEASEHOLD VILLAS to be disposed of “Particulars of Messrs. Slater Andre. I3EQUIRED, at Midsummer, a thorough i l> good SERVANT for cooking and housework. No waiting or parlour work. Age aboat 30. Small quiet family. All found. Wages 16 to 18. ” Apply first by letter, Mrs. A., 1, Friar TMs Hill villas, Riehmond hill. CULLERY MAJD. “Wanted a strong _____ k_7 young woman, about 20 years of age. “Applv at the Clarence Hotel, Teddington. ^MALL SHOP to let in Richmond. Rent O 5. “Apply to Messrs. Slater Andr, Auc tioneers, Richmond. r ’10 LET, near the river 3 Unfurnished JL Rooms, consisting of kitohen, with water laid on, on firnt floor, and two top rooms. For term’s apply to Mr. Field and Co. Photographers, 9. High street. Wanted 3 or 4 Rooms, with Attendance, for one Lady. “Address wish full particulars M.” 3 Cavendish Villas, Grosvenor road, Richmond. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. PUBLIC ANNOUCEMENTS. PHOTOGRAPHY BT THE 4, CLIFTON VILLAS, CLIFTON ROAD, NORBITON. MB._ E. GREEN begs most respectfully to inform the nobility, gentry, and inhabit ants of Richmond, Mortlake, East Sheen, Roe hampton, Kingston, Surbiton, Long Ditton, Norbiton, Hampton Court, Hampton Teddington, E L E C T RIC L I GHT ! ! ‘ Leatherhead, and Esher, that having been ap >ointed Licensed Agent for the Sale of Messrs. C. Ashby Go’s (Staines) Celebrated Ales, Stout, Porter, Orders for this neighbourhood and all parts of London can now be received at 4, CLIFTON VILLAS, NORBITON. W. By its means photographs equal, if not superior, to those taken in ordinary daylight, are obtained, with a reduction of the time of sitting. IN ANY WEATHER, DAY OR NIGHT, Superb pictures are being produced by means of this wonderful light. Notwithstanding the very costly nature of the machinery required, the prices charged will be as under. SCALE OF CHARGES: BY THE ELECTRIC LIGHT CABTE8. Half or full lengths Vignettes . Vignettes Cameo . Cameo Enamels Berlin Cartes Rembrandt Cartes . Full length Vignettes . Twelve for s. 12 15 IT 17 17 17 CABftnCTS. Twelve for 3 7 Single Copy 5s. FULL PLATX PORTRAITS (stM 8 by 6 inches). One Copy. Six Copies . Colored and Framed, from 15 0 10 BY DAYLIGHT. CARTES. Half or full lengths Vignettes . Vignettes Cameo . Cameo Enamels . Berlin Cartes Rembrandt Cartes. Full length Vignettes TwelTe for B. 10 12 6 CABINKTB. Twelve for 15 15 15 15 1 1 1 5 Price List : ” MILD AND STOCK ALES. 18 Galls. 3allp. Table Beer.10s . 5s Od Ditto Ale.15s. 7s 6d Harvest Ale .15s . 7s 6d Mild Ale, KK .18s . 9s 6d Mild Ditto, XX 26s .13s Od Mild Ditto, XXX30s .15s Od Stock Ale, ksX 27s .13s 6d Christmas Ale XA.30s .15s Od PALE ALES. TM 18 Galli. 9 Galls. Family Table Ale, PTA.15s . 7s 6d Family Pale Ale, FA.17s . 8s 6d Pale Ale, BFA.18s . 9s Od Pale Ditto, 1.21s .10s 6d Indian Pale ditto 23s .11s 6d Export Pale do. 30s .15s Od Porter.18s . 9sOd TMSingle Stout.24s .12s Od Double Stout.29s .14s 6d The Ales marked can be had in 4 gallon casks at proportionate prices. A discount of 6d. per 9 galls, will be allowed for cash paid strictly on delivery. No discount allowed on 4J gall, casks. Orders by Post or otherwise received at 4, Clifton Villas, Norbiton, will receive prompt attention. Datb of Delivery: “Richmond, Wednesday and Saturday. Mortlake and East Sheen, Wednesday. Boehamton, Thursday. Kingston, Surbiton, Long Ditton, Thames Ditton, Monday and Thursday. Norbiton, Tuesday and Friday. Hampton Court and Hampton, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Teddington, Wednesday, and Saturday. Esher Wednesday and Saturday. Also, Agent for Messrs. Collins and Co., wine and spirit merchants, 22, Ebury street, Pimlico, where orders are to be sent. Agent for Messrs. J. Russell and Co., Mineral Water Manufacturers, 165, Buckingham Palace Road London. Agent for the sale of Messi’s. J. A. Green and Brothers TM Celebrated (Somerset) Old Beers. Prices on application. LONDON HOUSE, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. Aerated Water MANUFACTORY, Somerset road, TED DINQTO N, H. HANDEL and Co., H HANDEL, who has been for several years sole representative of Messrs. Barret Co., Mineral. Water Manufacturers, London, beg to inform the trade that he has purchased from Messrs. Barrett Co. the above Business at Teddington, and also the right to use their patent ebonitestopperedbottles, which, by their simplicity of opening, supersede all other patents. Having secured the orginal recipes for the manufacture of all Aerated Waters from the well known firm above mentioned, he is in a position to supply the very best quality of goods. The most perfect cleanliness is observed in the whole of the process, and visitors are kindly invited to pay a visit to assure themselves of this fact. Messrs. Handel and Co. will feel ebliged by neglcct on the part of travellers being at once communicated to them. Post Cards are supplied free of charge, and will receive immediate ttention. “Cork, Soda, and Seltzers are also supplied. SURBITON RECREATION GROUND. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. CARTER COMPANY Merchant Tailors, JUVENILE CLOTHIERS, HATTERS AND OTJTFITT E RS, Single Copy, 5s. ULL PLATE POBTBAITS (itM 8 b 6 MIcTusJ. Ome Copy . Six Copies. Colored and Framed, from 10 110. and to many others, the possibility of being phot ographed long after daylight has waned, will, it is ‘believed, come as a boon. unt midnight. But sit tings will only be given by appointment the day previous. DAYLIGHT PHOTOGRA7 J HY. Th Instantaneoui Procets for tat ing children and nervous sitter has, in our hands,,, given every satisfaction, and many years exper ience enables us to secur splhdid rsults fr om the most fractious babies. WASHING Wanted by an experienced Laundress, Qqeor two families. Good dryinjf ground. Work sent home on Friday._Mrs Phipps,_No. 6, Surley road. Gunnersbnry. The prices range from 4 1, no under 26 years of age. Good watting at Per VppecSiohp PHOTOGRi A special staff of skilled in this branch, and are ready wherever their services may aattsts are employed ftttay tine to atte Pandora Bracelets nd te repxicsd. Every descriptiojj of. Oopyg, 4 Oolorif d fane ab 11 pricor RICHMOND. GEORGE KENDON, Having taken the OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS OF Mb. Geobub Kottoit, Gbobgb Stbeet, HAS OPENED THE SAME With a well assorted Stock of GENEBAL AND FANCY DRAPERY, Millinery, Mourning, AND AT 22, EEW ROAD Opposite the Bailway Station. THE TERBACE, B AB NE S. Mr. Leonard Calvert, des Conservatoriums zu Leipzig, Has arrived in England, and is prepared to undertake Tuition in the Pianoforte and Music generally. Mr. Calvert can attend Academies er the Residences of his Patrons, or give Lessons at home, as above. Mr. Calvebt also undertakes Tuition in the German Laftguage. The Highest Beferences given if required. Terms Moderate, and forwarded on application. RICHMOND HOSPITAL. The Duchess of Cambridge. The Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck. THE Committee appeal to the benevo lentto assist TMthem in carrying on this most useful institution. The number of attendances of Datients during the past year was EIGHTEEN THOTJSANdTtHREE HUNDRED EIGHTY. FIVE, who came from the following places, viz., Ri/yvmnd f Twickenham, Mortlake, Sheen, Ham, Isleworth, Spring grove, Kingston, Petersham. Brentford, Sunbury, Putney, Wandsworth, Ted dington, Jew, Hounslow, Whitton, London, Beading, Hampton Wick, Barnes, Boehampton, Heston, Hanworth, Ealing, Feltham, New Hampton, and Wokingham. Donors of 21 are life governors, and annual subscribers of 2 2s are governors. They have two votes at general and special meetings, and are entitled to recommend an in and out patient annually. Donors of jjlO 108 are life subscribars, and, with annual donors of 1 Is, have one vote at general meet ugB and recommend two out patients annually. Annual subscribers of 10b 6d. can recommend one out patient. ACCIDENTS received at all times, without any letter of recommendation. THE WHOLE of the MEDICAL STAFF GIVE THEIR SERVICES GRATUITOUSLY. A House Surgeon resides on the premises,. The Annual Report for 1878 is in preparation. By older of the Committee, GEOBGE C. ROWLAND, Secretary JTALIAN AND J^RENCH, A QLASSICS. A Professor, who attends Weekly a celebrated Scholastic Institution in this Neighbourhood, wishes to obtain in the same, some other SCHOOL, OR PRIVATE PUPILS, to be attended, if possible, especially on Mondays and Thursdays. Terms moderate. Writ to Siomob B. 12, Riding House Street, Portland Flaw, W. G BAND G AL k D AY ON WHIT MONDAY. THE NEW BICYCLE CINDER PATH, quarter mile round and fifteen feet wide, is now open for amateurs. Quadrant Ho use RICHMOND. PECIALITIES IN SCOTCH WEST OF ENGLAND TWEED Trousers Suits . 13s. 50s. 6d. Od. SuBSCBIPTION FOB THE YeAB, 1 Is., Pbactice Tickets Sixpence Each. OB THE LARGEST STOCK OF JUVENILE CLOTHING Out of London, at QUADRANT HOUSE __BICH MOND. YALUATIONS made for Administra tion or business Transfer Address ROC NEAVE, Licensed Appraisers Kingston Pandora Bracelets o Thames. The track is pronounced by Keen, Coopeb, and other professionals, also by Messrs. Cubtis, Keith. Faulkneb, Osbobne, East, and many other gentleman amateurs to be the best for obtaining speed in the kingdom. ON WHIT MONDAY, VALUABLE PRIZES Will be given for the following RACES. PROGRAMME. Mile BICYCLE Race, (Open). Mile TRICYCLE Race, (Open). Mile BICYCLE Race, (Open). Mile FLAT Race, for Youths under 16 years old 100 Yards THREE LEGGED Race, i Mile STEEPLE CHASE, with Water jump. A MILITARY BAND WILL ATTENDANCE. BE IN A large Marque will be erected for Dancing in the evening. Entries for each Race 2s., will close 19th May. Handicapper Mb. JOHN KEEN, (Champion) Committee of Management : “Messrs. W. Mudie, Sen., R. M. Boniwell, and J. Darwin. R. M. Boniwell, Hon. Sec. Admission 6d. the Duchess of Teck. in aid of the RICHMOND HOSPITAL, On TUESDAY, 20th of MAY, 1879. Cejlremont, Esq., assisted by Miss MARION TERRY (of the Olympic Theatre, by kind permission of Miss Fanny Josephs), and Miss FLORENCE TERRY (of the Haymarket Theatre, by kind permission of Mr. J. S. Clarke). The performance will commence with W. S. Gilbert’s Comedy of SWEETHEARTS, To be folio wed by Theyre Smith TMs Comedietta of UNCLE TMS WILL. Pbices. “Stalls, 10s. 6d.; Second Seats (reserved), 3s.; Back Seats, Is. To be obtained at Mr. Hiscoke TMs Library, where a plan of the room may be Seen. Doors open at eight o TMclock; commence at half past eight. For furthtr particulars “see small bills. O 1 kRIGINALLY started in the year 1815, when bread was Is. lOJd. a loaf, the article sold at this establishment has maintained a high reputation for purity and excellence over sixty years, At no former period has the quality been finer than at the present time, being made from grain of the most famous com producing countries in the world, and at a very moderate price. Families waited os in all parts of Richmond and suburbs daily. “JOHN WOODS, Family Baker, Clarence street, Kew road, Richmond. J. DONAGAN, HAIR DRESSER, PERFUMER WIG ORNAMENTAL HAIR MAKER, In all its Branches. Switches of Hair, 36 inch es long . 21 Plaits, Twists, or Coils. 3 Combings Mounted . . per oz. 2 Hair dressed in Powder and other styles, and Wigs, Beards, for Fancy Balls and Theatricaj Every description and shade of Ornamental Hair Tooth, Nail, Shaving, and all kinds of Brushes Combs, Sponges, Sponge Bags, Fancy Soaps Perfumery, and all foilet Requisites in Stock. Families and Schools waited on at Fited Pnc es DISTANCE NO OBJECT. 9, THE CRESCENT, PUTNEY, S. W. PIOTUBES for SCBAP BOOKS, A. ” Wo were asked the other day by a correspaudeut where tl9 above could he obtained cheaply retail; bat we were notable to give the name of anyone who sold them under the usual price. Sice then we have received from Mr. G. W. Singleton, stationer, of New Hampton, a sample box of very good and jparyeJlQUSly cheap rolief pictures. They vary iq size and number of subjeqtg on a sheet “from our to seventy in number ” and the pries is one penny per sheet, or a dozen beet Pandora Bracelets s post f res oris. 11. rhere are sheets of flowers, of of birds, of children, and of landscapes. They are capital ml tto prio nflicatowfly Ion. “The ggjuat IHid ^itrrptj gimes, KINGSTfi EXPRESS RICHMOND HERALD. SATURDAY, MAT 17, 1879. RICHMOND. _ BICHMOND. “Hr. ESKELL, Surgeon Dentist, Profai sional attendance at Bichmond regularly every THTJBSDAT at Mr. Bayley TMs, Chemist, 1, Hill street. Terms xaoit moderate. Consultations Free. PETTY SESSIONS. “Wednesday. Before Sir Henry W. (Chairman), Admiral Stopford, Lieut. Col. Burdett, and E. C. Dermer, G. F. Whiteley, M. Hornidga and C. Rugge Price, Esqs. A License for theatrical performances was granted to Mr. A. Ridley, proprietor of the Castle Hotel, for Tuesday next. A Nuisance. “William Bates, Kew road, Richmond, carman was summoned by the Richmond Vestry for permitting a nuisance to exist on his premises. “Henry Hunt. On the 5th, 7th and 9th May, witness visited defendant TMs premises where he saw a large accumulation of manure, which he had noticed the previous week. As that was in contravention of the drder of the Justices he cautioned defendant. “The Bench imposed a fine of 20s. including costs or fourteen days. Unlicensed Dogs. “Fernand Krieg, 2, Stone dale Villas, Upper Richmond road, Mortlake, was summoned for unlawfully keeping a dog without having taken a license. Charles Nicholls, 152 V, proved having seen the dog on defendant TMs premises “Fined 25s., including costs. “Bichard Worsam, 7, Queen TMs road, Mortlake, was fined 25s. for asimilar offence. “Benjamin Tyrell, High street, Mortlake was also summoned. The case was adjourned for a week to produce evidente to piove the age of the dog, defendant alleging that it was not bx months old. “John Lee, 26, Garden Row, Mortlake, was fined 5s. only, as he had been unable to read the license, and did not know it had expired. ” William Hewitt, of 4, Sussex place, Mortlake, was fined 25s. for a eimilar offence. ” WiUiam Mace, 6, Paradise cottages, Richmond, was summoned for a like offence. Defendant disputed the possession of the dog, and the ease was adjourned for a week for further evidence. “Frances May ‘aylor, 2, Russell villas, Richmond, was summoned for keeping two dogs without licences for either. Fined 25s. and costs in each each case. “Robert Brooks, 7, Alexandra road, Richmond. This case was also adjourned. Cabbt TMs Offence. ” Charles Samuels, Old Palace yard, the Green, Richmond, hackney carriage driver, was summoned by Joshua William Cranefield Scholey, of The Mansion, Rich mond Hill, for refusing to stop, when complainant, a passenger in defendant TMs cab, ordered him to do so. “Complainant stated that on the 8th of May, at about 7 o TMclock in the evening, he hired the prisoner TMs cab at the Old Station to go to The Mansion. When the cab was going through the town, the defendant drove the horse in a furious manner. Whtn the cab was opposite the “Three Compasses, in the Lower road, he met a friend of his, and asked defendant te stop, when he said ” I shall not, not for a shilling. Complainant said “If you don TMt stop I will get out. Defendant said, ” Get out, and began to drive furiously again. Complainant got out of the fly, “In cross examination by the defendant, complainant ad mitted ha Pandora Bracelets ving usei bad language to him. “George Heynes Radford, of The Mansion, Richmond Hill, corroborated. “William Rawlins, of Peter sham cottage, brewer TMs drayman, also gave evidence. “Defendant was fined 303., including costs Adulterated Milk. “William Peters, dairyman, of Stanley road, Sheen, was summoned for selling milk not of the quality demanded by the purchaser. “William Cook, Inspector of Weights and Measures, deposed that on the 28th April last he went to the defendant TMs dairy and asked for a pint of milk, which defendant served fronj 4 pan. Witness stated that he required it for analysis, and paid liim 2Jd. for it. He divided the sample into three parts, one of which he left with defendant, retaining ene himself and sending the other te Dr. Stevenson, the County Analyst, who certified that it contained 35deg. of added water. “Defendant, who said he was net aware how the water got in the milk, was fined 20s. and costs lls. Dbunk and Incapable. “Nicholas Laurence, an organ grinder, and a dwarf, 3} feet high, living at Brentford, was charged with being drunk and incapable at Kew road, Kew, on the previous Saturday, at half past nine. Harris proved the charge and stated that he found the prisoner sitting on the top of his organ. He had to bring him to the station in a fly. Prisoner said he was knocked down by a bicycle and his organ broken. The Bench fined him 5s and 3s 6d costs, or seven days TM imprisonment. His employer paid the fine. Epps TMs Cocoa. “Grateful and Comforting. ” By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a application of the fine properties qf well selected cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided enr breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors TM bills. It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up untill strong enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds of subtle maladies re floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a yeak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselyes well fortifl\ with pure blood and a properly’nourished frame. Civil Serv ice Gazette. “Sold only in Packets labelled ” Jakes Epps Co, Homoeopathic Chemists, Lomond.