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London Lloyd List

London Lloyd List (Newspaper) February 9, 1859, London, Middlesex LH [Registered for transmission beyond the United Kingdom.] No. 13,994. LONDON, wedn^ESDAY, FEBEARY 9,1859. r:^::;: SALES. At Liverpool, or SALE, the Screw Steara ship LA PLATA, 128 tons, 1)iul{ler’s ineasnvpmpnt, aiul 70 nominal liorse power; built l)y Jolin Laird, Ksq., of Birkenhead, in 1854. For particulars apjilv to W. T. IIUDU, 58, Towcr buiklings East, Liverpool. F ”fhe EINISTACLE REPEATING CARD, A 10 be used with the BINNACLE COMPASS. Invented by A. B. Fitted complete in jimbals with bowl, and azimuth sig ht vanes on a stand, by F. DEN’J’, 61, Strand, London. By keeping the Repeating Card adjusted to the Binnacle Compass when taking bearings with it for any purpose, i/tey become those of the Binnacle Compass. D IVING APPARATUS. “C. E. HEINKE, Submarine Engineer, 103, Great Portland strect, London, begs to call the attention of Shipowners, Merchants, Captains, to the important Improvements niade bv him in the SUBMARINE HELMET DRESS and APPARATUS, which enable a Diver to remain any length of time under water for the Recovery of Property from Wreck, making and repairing foimda tions of liarbours, bridges, and also for Pearl and Sponge diving. NOTICE TO MARINERS. B U 0 Y S at the RIVER GAMBIA. Str. TRIDENT, BATIIURST, GAMBIA, 31st December, 1858. by the compass from its formor position, and is now moored in fathoms, low water, spring tides. The BLACK BUOY has been MOVED on the African knoll, one and a half miles E. S. 5 S. by compass from its former position, and is now moored in fathoms, low water, spring tides. F. A. CLOSE, Commander Sen. Off., N. Div. QHIP OWNERS, SHIP BROKERS, O MERCHANTS, CONSULS, and NOTARIES, in all parts of the World, supplied with SHIPS’ FORMS, Seamen’s Notes. Mani fests, Charters, POLICIES, Stamping Presses for Notarial Seals, Ships’ Cards and Bills, Bills of Lading, Registered Cloth lined Envelopes for oversea Letter Bags, Periodical Freight Lists, Ship Brokers’ Journals, Dispatch Boxes, Account Boots, Endorsing Stamps, Overland Letter Papers and Envelopes, Travelling Bugs with and without dressing fittings, Indian Sealing Wax, Maps, CHARTS and Maritime Publications, NISSEN PARKER, General Exporting Stationers, Engravers and Printers, 43, Mark lane, London. PRESERVED ERESII RAW MEAT. No live stock need be taken. For cards of prices apply to Mr. HESKETH S. LLOYD^S. The COMMITTEE hereby give NOTICE that applications and testimonials will be received at the Secre tary’s OlHce for the undermentioned AGENCIES up to the dates affixed. AeuADitLA ie Mayaguek (Porto Rico) . 2nd April Albany IW. A.). Bassein . 23rd April Ciiale (Isle of Wight) . ” Grantillb . Lagos (Portugal) . . Lombock . ” Lyminotok . Mytbunh . ” Nassau, (New Providence) . Rosario (River Parana). 12th March Suez. Lloyd’s, 9th February, 1859. G. A. HALSTED, Secretary. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. [Feb. 9 WIND At Midniglii. S At Noon . ” BAROMETER. At Noon . 29.50 THERMOMETER. At Noon. 49 HIGH WATER AT LONDON BRIDGB TO MORROW Morning . 18 min. past 6 j Afternoon 38 min. past 6 1 GRAVESEND [9, S.] arrived ftom ” Shafcesbury, Smiley Calcutta 5 Camilla, Booth Jamaica not as reported yesterday 7 Reviresco, Johnston not as before reported 8 William Simpson, Splatt Lammermuir, Shewan Sea Park, Smith Cleadon, Fentie V Pandora Bracelets ittoria, Lee Cullodpn, Mo Pandora Bracelets rrison Bury St. Edmunds, Miller Rouen Batavia Canton Calcutta d d” Bon; bay Mauritius Queen of England, Baikie Tutocorin Brothers, Marquand Demerara Eva, Bury Boston Eliza Fox, Coombes St. at L40] 9 Odin, Bohn Cape Town Triton (s), Calai Pandora Bracelets s Rhine (s) Ostend Schiedam (s) Rotterdam ,. . . sailed for 8 Caldera, Clyma Sydney, NSW. Myrtle, Warden Bombay [reed. Prince of the Seas, Minton Geelong Harold, Wennerholm Bombay [reed. 9th. 8 Farewell, Domeke leaky MARGATE ROADS ” Onward, Palfrey for the Westward Off MARGATE . arrived from 8 Vittoria, Calcutta . put hack for Constantinople ,. arrived from Hull RAMSGATE [8, SSWJ. arrived from 8 Ellen, Brungard London for Nantes “with damage to starboard side and stern frame bulwarks carried away, Deciseno, Nonus Shields for Oporto DEAL [9, SSW, strong] arrived from 7 Urania, Gieschen Antwerp for Pernambuco 8 Water Lily, Wright Bangkok Queen of the Isles, Demerara Retriever, Duncan Dundee for St. John’s arrived from London [reed. at 2] 8 Marathon, Wilson Calcutta British Monarch, Cain Alexandria Inchinnan, ” ” North [reed. at 12.55] 9 Benj. B. 8th. (See gate paragraph.) 3 PORTSMOUTH . 7 Drusus, Arkley for Madras COWES . [8, 8W. about 7 miles distant EX MOUTH . . arrived from 5 Hannah, Collings Smyrna put back 5 Venus, Alger with loss of jibboom, figurehead, and sundry other damages having been run into by a French vessel off the Lizard. DARTMOUTH . . arrived from 8 Rapid, Knowles Hull foi Torre del Mar “with loss of an anchor, jibboom, sails spars . put hack for 8 Henriette, Peters Pillau having experienced very bad weather during the nighl SALCOMBE . sailed for 7 Gurdon Rebow, Vincent St Michael’s PLYMOUTH . B. arrived from 7 Sultana Reina, Nicholson London for Mogadore FALMOUTH . . arrived from [reed. at 2.35] 8 Justitia, Yturburu Havre Fairy. Butt London [reed. at 12.0] 8 Phoenix, Jansen Falke, Fabare (?) Eglantine, Absolon Bezaliel, Vincent Germania, Bartels Hanover, Kleingarn Roxana, Spittall Betty, Michaelson Ceres (s) Teesdale, Adams Catherine Greene, licwis Brati Perusich, Sasse Wm. Wheatly, Downie Ringende Jacob, Willken Elizabeth Ann, Harley Marco Antonio, Cattarich Lydia, Soderlund Korsvei Pandora Bracelets n, Stefenson Virginie, Patroni Rio Grande Pisaiiua Shields sallci! for Valencia Hamburg London d Gloucester Dublin Cork Limerick d Hull d d” d” Wells Altona Bovvlinir