Pandora Bracelets London Food Bank no longer the

London Food Bank no longer the answer to poverty

The food bank model is broken, a key figure at the London Food Bank says.

The idea behind Pandora Bracelets it is outdated, and what was a temporary stopgap measure when it began 27 years ago is no longer the answer to ending hunger in London an impassioned Glen Pearson said Thursday.

Pearson, the food bank’s cofounder, kicked off the 27th annual Spring Food Drive with a call to arms for the community to band together and find solutions to poverty at the grassroots level.

Part of that solution could mean closing the agency three years from now.

“There was always this tenacious belief that when this recession is over, governments will come back, businesses will come back, employment will begin to rise again and people will be able to make their own way,” P Pandora Bracelets earson said before a crowd of students at King’s University College. “And at the end of that recession in the ’80s, it did not happen.”

Pearson described the 1990s as great times, but rather than the number of people u Pandora Bracelets sing the food bank decreasing, they held steady or rose.

Since then, the numbers have spiked.

“I ask you, what is temporary about t Pandora Bracelets hat?” Pearson said.

Pearson said the newly minted London Poverty Research Centre will take the issue on with the goal of returning in time for the Thanksgiving Food Drive with a new model to feed and sustain families that need help.

He also was adamant that while the timeline to close the food bank is three years, it won’t go anywhere if there are still hungry families with nowhere to turn.

“The answer isn’t in Ottawa, the answer isn’t in Queen’s Park, the answer isn’t even in city council,” Pearson said. “The answer is in us, defending the right for the human family to have dignity and to live.”