Pandora Bracelets Lock it or lose itactually

Lock it or lose it

actually surprised that we found an open vehicle that fast, said Cst. Merv Shantz, and further surprised to find packages inside. There looked to be a lot of good stuff in there.

The van, one of the first vehicles Shantz checked, had its front doors locked, the sliding side door was open and there were a Pandora Bracelets number of shopping bags inside. It looks like someone has already done some shopping, brought those items Pandora Bracelets back to the van, and then went back into the mall, he said. were part of a province wide police services initiative. police are starting to check parking lots in an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of locking parked vehicles.

Police check the doors of the cars and look in the windows to see if any valuables have been left in plain sight that would temp someone to try and break in. A pamphlet is left on the windshield indicating whether or not the vehicle has passed the safety che Pandora Bracelets ck and indicating what the issues may have been.

is not a ticket and there are no fines involved, said Shantz. a public awareness program to remind people to lock their vehicles. And it you have valuables, Christmas shopping, the best thing to do is lock them in the trunk where no one knows they there. Not only could it ruin Christmas if your gifts are stolen, but the inconvenience is something none of us need.

Kilroy says its more than just packages that can be stolen from unlocked cars, your identity is at risk as well.

all te Pandora Bracelets nd to carry our insurance, licence and ownership information in the glove box of our vehicle, but these personal documents really should not be left in there. That becoming an increasing problem. And with the value of electronic items in cars, a person can be in and out in seconds and walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Police estimate that a professional can actually steal a vehicle in just 30 seconds without having the key unlocked door or window is an invitation to thieves, Kilroy said.