Pandora Bracelets Locating the Three Bomb Bags i

Locating the Three Bomb Bags in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

A new innovation was introduced to the Zelda series with the release of their Pandora Bracelets latest game Zelda: Twilight Princess, and that’s the variety of bombs available. In previous installments of the series there were your basic bombs that you pick up, set, and throw, and then there were Bombchu’s, mouse like bombs that went up walls to destroy distant object, but in Twilight Princess there have introduced two new kinds of bombs, all of which are important to the progression of the game. The only problem is that you can only carry one kind of bomb at a time. unless you know where to get the other bomb bags! During game play you’ll be required to use an assortment of bombs. For instance your normal bombs will suffice for regular jobs, and you can carry 30 of them at a time, however Water Bombs will allow you to blow away rocks in the water, but you can only carry 15. The problem with this is that you only start with one bomb bag, and can carry only one type of bomb in this bag, so you’ll be either out of bombs quick if you carry water bombs around all the time, or you’ll have plenty of bombs, but they won’t help you progress in under water levels. For this reason you’ll need to get the other two bomb bags.

The first of course can be found at the Bomb shop in Kakariko village. All you have to do is visit the shop and talk to the man behind the counter. He will be more then happy to sell you some bombs, but first you’ll have to buy a bag to carry them, just make sure you have enough rupees. Once you buy the bag it will also come stocked with 30 regular bombs so you’ll be set for a little while.

The second bag can be found near the fishing hole on your way to Zoras Domain. Talk to the woman who rents out boats and she’ll give you a bomb bag filled with bombs that you can use to complete the mission of clearing the river. After doing so you’ll have a br Pandora Bracelets ief conversation with a female Zora and be able to keep the bomb bag filled again with 30 regular bombs. As with any bomb bag however you’ll be able to fill this bag with any kind of bomb that you buy at the bomb shop in Kakariko Village.

The last bomb bag can be found at the bottom of the throne room in Zoras Domain. Remember when you teleported the huge flaming rock from the top of Death Mountain into the Frozen Zoras Domain in order to melt the ice? Well the huge chunk of rock sank to the bottom of the area and can be examined by diving to the bottom of the Throne Room. You’ll notice that there are a pair of purple eyes looking out of the rock and blinking, also a female Zora makes mention of this if you speak to her.

Place a Water B Pandora Bracelets omb on to of this rock and you’ll free a Goron who was trapped within it when the rock fell at Death Mountain. In return for fr Pandora Bracelets eeing him the Goron will bestow upon you the third and final bomb bag, equipped of course with 30 regular bombs. Now you’ll have all three bomb bags and will be able to carry all three kinds of bombs at one time.

Almost immediately you’ll notice the convenience of having three bomb bags, not having to go back and forth between Hyrule fields or a temple to the Bomb Shop saves a lot of time and hassle during play.