Pandora Bracelets Locals remember a ‘beautiful c

Locals remember a ‘beautiful childhood’

NEW GLASGOW George Borden came prepared for breakfast Saturday morning.

The New Glasgow native not only brought his appetite, but he also brought his memories.

“I knew I had to come home for food and friends,” he s Pandora Bracelets aid during the morning session that drew about 20 people out of their homes on a cold February day. “This book is all about childhood memor Pandora Bracelets ies of our black community in New Glasgow. My childhood was beautiful and it’s good to come home and remember.”

Others in the church hall weren’t as forthcoming as Borden at first, but once the discussion started, many people felt comfortable talking about their own experiences.

“As a young man in the town of New Glasgow, I used to be a producer,” said Foster Elms with a laugh. “I was about five years old and would put on little shows and it cost a cent to get in. Now I look back and see how things have changed.”

Borden expanded on Elms memory by saying he attended one of the shows, but he never got to see the entertainment.

“He had a barn with a stage and barn door and it was a penny to get in,” he said jokingly “His sister was the opening act and when she came on, the stage it split and everyone had to go home, but Foster never gave you your money back.”

Others around the breakfast table spoke of their time in the church’s brotherhood that included a men’s choir that would travel all over the Maritimes to perform, including Dorchester penitentiary.

“The first time I went to Dorchester I was about 14 and half years old and I went up with my father and brother Ed,” said Brian Bowden. “They used to have surveillance outside the prison with guards standing on top of towers to make sure no one would escape. I was terrified and as we were driving up, someone said ‘See the guy with the rifle’, and I went down on all fours on the flo Pandora Bracelets or. They were going to shoot someone else, not me.”

Bowden, like so many others, credits his time with the church for his many positive childhood memories. Others spoke about church picnics where ice cream and potato chips had an endless supply and Christmas concerts with treat bags provided afterwards.

The majority of the participants believe that the days of chi Pandora Bracelets ldren playing outside for hours on end and communities looking after each other are history.

“I remember lugging in wood, five people in a bed and handmade blankets,” said Ray Simmons of Weymouth Falls. “You would go out in the morning and not come in until the evening when you were wet and cold. Those were the days when any aunt or neighbour could come out and smack you upside the head. There was sense of respect. That sense of people looking out for people is gone.”