Pandora Bracelets Locals mixed over future of pl

Locals mixed over future of plastic bags

In a surprise move, Toronto city council voted last week to ban the bags as of Jan. 1 in response to Mayor Rob Ford attempt to rescind a five cent fee on them.

An increasing number of communities have already done so, with bans in place in cities as diverse as Edmonton, San Francisco and Leaf Rapids, Man.

that a tough one, Dennis said Saturday, calling for more research and study on environmental benefits and drawbacks before any decision, should the controversial subject surface in this environmentally conscious city.

Dennis said his family has used cloth bags for many years, but he doesn have a dog to traipse behind like pet owners in poop and scoop mode, who typically use non porous plastic bags.

Cloth bags last for years. would think th Pandora Bracelets at would be less effect on the environment. But Dennis said he recently read news articles that cloth bags have a bigger environmental footprint because the fibre needs to be grown, the bags manufactured and the cloth washed regularly to ensure groceries don contaminate them.

not convinced (of that disparity), Dennis said, hence his suggestion more res Pandora Bracelets earch is needed.

For citizens using plastic bags to sort household garbage for the city three bag collection system, going to be a bit of a challenge, Dennis added.

How do other Guelphites feel about an outright ban?

carry my own (cloth) bags, so I don care, Sylvia Long said while shopping at the downtown Old Quebec Street mall Sunday. She keeps several readily available in her car at all times.

She said she couldn endorse plastic bags over concern they were harming the environment.

think too many of them are clogging up the (ecological) system, Long said. rarely get a plastic bag.

She dismissed concern that cloth grocery bags would have to be washed after every use, saying today groceries are adequately wrapped in most cases, though occasionally washing the bags is a good idea.

She said, therefore, she support a plastic bag ban.

Brandon Domenichini, 24, also favours barring them.

can do without them, Domenichini said. kind of better for the environment.

But Kitchener resident Kirk Loubert, 41, visiting the multicultural festival at Riverside Park Sunday, said plastic shopping bags are utilitarian and have their place.

reuse them, he said, noting they good for Pandora Bracelets household trash.

But if cities ultimately ban them, Loubert said he f Pandora Bracelets avours paper over cloth as an alternative, adding people have historically done so in the not so distant past when paper grocery bags were the norm.