Pandora Bracelets Locally made lunch bags destin

Locally made lunch bags destined for White House

President Barack Obama could soon be heading to school with lunch bags made here in London.

A Pandora Bracelets California based company has come calling for a two sided lunch bag called Balanced Day Bags made by Kathi Blackwell and her sister, Lynn Petcoff, at their homes.

The California company, Jewels and Pinstripes, wants to include the bags in the company’s next back to school kit that will be sent out to Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

“They didn’t have a cool lunch bag, so they went on Facebook and people gave them our name,” sa Pandora Bracelets id Blackwell.

Blackwell was asked to Pandora Bracelets label each lunch bag for specific children.

Those children include Sasha and Malia Obama, and the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Blackwell and Petcoff design Pandora Bracelets ed the two sided bag for kids attending schools that have switched to a two lunch system known as a Balanced Day schedule.

Blackwell was contacted by Jewels and Pinstripes last week.

She said most companies have to work hard to get their products into the Jewel and Pinstripes bags then they hope to get some marketing spin when celebrities use them.

While celebrities agree to accept the bags, there’s no guarantee they’ll use the products. But the Jewels and Pinstripes website has photos of products being used by celebrities in the past.

“We’re hoping to have a sighting. If we could get a photo of one of these kids with our bags that would be awesome,” said Blackwell.

When the switch to a two lunch system was made, some children were confused about what to eat at each break.

Blackwell and Petcoff lined up a manufacturer and while they originally intended to only sell them at school fundraisers, London based Scholar’s Choice and The Toy Shoppe of London agreed to sell the bags.