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Local teacher visiting Haiti will take skills into school there

STELLARTON A local teacher will be going to th Pandora Bracelets e head of the class in a rural school in Haiti next week.

Stellarton resident Lacey Morrell, a substitute teacher in the Pictou County area, will be going to Bois d’Avril in Haiti on Tuesday to visit her boyfriend’s family. But while there, she wanted to use her teaching skills to help young students in that area.

“I have a couple of little experiments I can do with the materials they have. They’ll be pretty simple I’m used to teaching high school or junior high school, but kids are kids.”

She will be facing something of a language barrier, however. Pandora Bracelets The children in Haiti are educated in their native Creole, although they are learning some English in school.

“I think I’m going to learn more from them than they are from me,” Morrell said with a chuckle. “I’m hoping that I can take what I learn from them back here.”Morrell is planning to show some of the students in the county pictures and do a presentation on her experience, she says, because county students are playing a big role in her trip.

“When I knew I was going to go, the students at Pandora Bracelets Thorburn Consolidated, from Primary to Grade 9, participated in a penny parade at the school to give me to take to the students in Haiti,” Morrell said. “I expected we’d get $100 or $200 but they raised over $900.”

The students didn’t stop there and also filled two suitcases with school supplies that she’ll be bringing to the school. The students there, she said, have to pay to go to school and many kids in the village can’t afford to attend or don’t have many e Pandora Bracelets xtras. This will help ease the burden, she added.

“I’m going to give the money we raised to the school, we’re hoping we can paint the school or put in a window or door it’s in pretty bad shape,” Morrell said. “But it could also go towards clothing or food for the students. We’re going to give it to the school and see what they need the most.”

She also plans to bring some smaller musical instruments, like harmonicas, to take to the students and will be bringing a keyboard with her for the classroom.