Pandora Bracelet Local politicians talk cycling

Local politicians talk cycling

THIS week, the Pedal Pushers are taking a break from answering pressing cycling questions.

Instead, we quizzed five of our North Shore politicians about their two wheeled habits: District of West Vancouver Coun. Nora Gambioli, District of North Vancouver Coun.

Roger Bassam, City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mus satto, Naomi Yamamoto, MLA for North Vancouver Lonsdale, and John Weston, MP for West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea to Sky Country.

Here’s what they had to say: ? Why do you ride a bike?

Gambioli: To lower my CO2 footprint, to breathe fresh air, and to get my butt in shape! Bassam: I most often ride with my children recreationally or as a means to get some exercise.

When my minivan is being serviced, I use my bike to get to and from my mechanic.

Mussatto: I love riding my bike for a number of reasons. First, it is a great way to get exercise and stay fit, or as fit as I can be! I try combining riding my bike with my transportation needs and ride as often as possible to get to meetings on the North Shore. I also enjoy riding as a pastime with Pandora Bracelet my girlfriend as it is a great way to experience our city.

Yamamoto: I ride for exercise and the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful parks and community.

Weston: It’s all about the bike! I love how I feel when I get on my bike and when I get off my bike! It’s good for health and fitness, an environmentally friendly mode of transport, and a more sociable means of getting around than in cars.

? Where is your favourite place or route to cycle?

Gambioli: Anywhere that there are as few cars as possible.

Bassam: Seymour Demonstration Forest trail is the favourite place for us to bike as it is easy for everyone to ride on and long enough to get a good ride in. My son really enjoys the BMX park at the Inter River sports complex.

Mussatto: Riding the Spirit Trail from the Northshore Automall area through the District of North Vancouver to Ambleside beach in West Vancouver.

Yamamoto: My favourite place to ride is the Seymour Demon Pandora Bracelet stration Forest multi use trail; though my favourite holiday was cycling through the hilltop towns in Tuscany.

Weston: Up hills (non cyclists will never understand this) and in the most beautiful place on earth (where we live).

? How do you carry stuff on a bike backpack, pannier or basket?

Gambioli: After I drop off my four year old at preschool, I carry all my stuff in her seat! Bassam: Backpack only.

Mussatto: I use panniers on all my bikes.

Yamamoto: I use a pannier. Weston: Backpack and I use my backpack even off the bike.

? What is the weirdest or largest thing you have ever carried on a bike?

Gambioli: I once h Pandora Bracelet ad several bags of groceries, my purse, my (then) five year old son, and then his Spiderman lunch bag on the handlebars (all at the same time of course!) Bassam: 50 pounds of suckers. During the Canada Day parade I used Mayor (Richard) Walton’s bike trailer to pull 50 pounds of lollipops that were handed out to the spectators.

Some people don’t like politicians but everyone likes candy. Ambulance bike paramedic I have carried a number of odd things. Probably the most unusual was a spine board to attend to an injured employee when I was working at YVR. I had to ride with the spine board under one arm through the airport! Tricky.

Yamamoto: Several bottles of Therapy Vineyards wine from Naramata.

Weston: I carry my laptop and a suit and tie. The secret to getting out an unwrinkled suit? Use a dry clean bag.

? What is your strategy for hills?

Gambioli: Stay away from them, and if that is not possible, gear down and try not to cry.

Bassam: I go downhill only. . . Truthfully, I put my head Pandora Bracelet down and grind away until I reach the summit. I find it better not to keep looking up at how much more I have to climb.

Mussatto: For hills, I try and find the most gradual, even if it’s a little longer, route when I am riding my normal bike. I also own an electric assist bike, which I use on warmer days when I am wearing my suit and tie and when I need to go up hills (Lonsdale!) In those cases I call it my cheater bike and arrive with normal breathing and dry clothes.