Pandora Bracelet Local outdoor company expands

Local outdoor company expands to women’s gear

One example is a man who left the rat race of the corporate world to fish and help others do the same.

“Colorado is about change, really,” John Le Coq, co founder of F Pandora Bracelet ishpond and Lilypond, said. “I mean, right now, we see the spring light starting to come. You can sense it.”

“We focused on flyfishing with the initial product of Fishpond, but it soon evolved into an outdoor brand, where women were liking the products as well,” Le Coq said.

He says it was that evolution that inspired Lilypond, a spin off of Fishpond that offers outdoor gear for women.

“It was just a natural progression,” Le Coq said.

Lilypond offers a variety of handbags, messenger bags, shoulder bags and carryalls, specifically for women.

“And Lilypond, we focused on the kind of products travel, adventure products for women. And that’s what Lilypond is all about. It’s about taking women to places,” Le Coq said. “And how big that gets, that’s not so much as important as us getting really great designed products.”

Le Coq says he hopes to use Fishpond and Lilypond as conduits to bring awareness for the importance of keeping the environment, Pandora Bracelet especially the water, clean.

However, these aren’t his first foray into the business world. Le Coq co founded Case Logic, t Pandora Bracele Pandora Bracelet t he Longmont company that changed the way people carried their cassettes in the early ’80s. He sold that company a long time ago and waited 10 years before starting Fishpond.