Pandora Bracelet Local man diagnosed with funga

Local man diagnosed with fungal meningitis

A Dayton man has been diagnosed with a rare form of fungal meningitis, but health officials Monday said the case is not linked to potentially contaminated steroid injections that are making people sick around the country sick.Elizabeth A. Nichols told the Dayton Daily News Monday that her son, Chris A. Williams, was in Miami Valley Hospital diagnosed with fungal meningitis. Williams, 46, was admitted Wednesday with a high fever, headache, nausea and other serious symptoms, Nichols said.Doctors at first thought he had an acute sinus infection, Nichols said, and cultures of his spinal fluid initially showed negative for meningitis, but later tests confirmed he had fungal meningitis, she said.Bill Wharton, spokesman for Public Health Dayton Montgomery County, said his agency was notified of the infection Monday. The type of fungus involved was Pandora Bracelet not released.Wharton stressed that the Dayton case is separate from the national outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to injectable methylprednisolone acetate. New Engla Pandora Bracelet nd Compounding Center of Framingham, Mass., recalled three lots of the steroid after health officials began receiving reports of fungal meningitis infections in people who received it. The company has ceased operations, recalled all of its products and is under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.Nichols said her son Pandora Bracelet , who is unemployed, sometimes works doing odd jobs and handyman work. He had previously worked as a bank teller, she said. She said he has not had an injection of the steroid that is been recalled.He got sick about a month ago, Nichols said, and they thought he had a cold. Then he developed a headache and began suffering with fever, chills ad nausea.”I’ve seen everything on TV about those shots, and people need to know you can get this other ways,” she said. “Sometimes it’s not just a headache or a sinus infection.”Fungal meningitis is r Pandora Bracelet are, though the organisms that can cause it are widespread in the environment, growing in soil, on plants and even in bird droppings.”Fungi are all around us,” said Dr. Mary DiOrio, epidemiologist with the Ohio Department of Health, and many, including two species implicated in the national outbreak, are found in soil and on plants. Most people, though, are healthy enough to fight off an infection if they inhale or otherwise ingest the spores, she said. People with compromised immune systems are most at risk for infection, she said.Individual infections of fungal meningitis are not reportable to the state. Fungal meningitis is not spread from person to person, said Dr. Tom Herchline, medical director of Public Health Dayton Montgomery County. Histoplasmosis, a fungal infection linked to bird droppings, usually affects the lungs, but he has occasionally seen it cause meningitis, he said.The national outbreak has reached 15 states. On Monday, the tally stood at 214 infections and 15 deaths. In Ohio, three people have developed the rare brain infection after receiving the steroid injections: a 40 year old woman from Crawford County, a 65 year old man from Hamilton County and a 39 year old woman from Morrow County. The injectable steroid was shipped to four pain clinics in Ohio, including one each in Cincinnati and Dublin and two in Marion.