Pandora Bracelet Local bomb squads busy with su

Local bomb squads busy with suspicious package scares

SEDRO WOOLLEY, Wash. With residents on edge after the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon Monday, local law enforcement agencies have been busy responding to a number of suspicious package reports across the Puget Sound region.

In Seattle, police and bomb squad officials have been called to examine at least six suspicious bags or packages since Monday. While all turned out to be harmless, one person remains under investigation for leaving a package t Pandora Bracelet hat detectives think was meant to appear as an explosive in Ballard.

Investigators say neighbors saw the man “dancing and talking to himself” as he walked into the park, where he began assembling a suspicious looking item made of several pieces of metal sheeting, tent poles, wires and tape.

Police say after the man left the metal item behind a park bench and walked off, neighbors called 911. Bomb technicians determined the bag was harmless but was built to resemble an explosive. The man could face a felony charge of placing a hoax device if arrested and convicted.

Overnight, police were called to 4th and Olive after some luggage was left on the street, but the man came back to claim it just as police were getting ready to check it out.

Fifteen minutes later, policve say staff at an apartment building near Minor Avenue N and Republican Street called police and reported that a tenant had threatened employees and had previously told a building maintenance worker that he had explosives in his apartment. Police contacted the man in his apartment, where they found and seized two m 150 fireworks.

Finally, the bomb squad was called to the 3200 block of S. Wednesday after an unattended suitcase with radio wires was discovered in front of a business. The city’s bomb squad went to take a look and determined it was harmless.

But it wasn’t just Seattle dealing chasing down suspicious package calls.

Later Wednesday morning, another suspicious package was reported outside the Mt. Forest Service in Sedro Woolley.

Police blocked off the area around the building until a bomb squad could check it out. After blasting the package with a water cannon, they determined it had contained nothing but pamphlets that said “Welcome to Skagit County” and “I love Skagit County” and the all clear was given. Apparently several boxes of similar pamphlets had been delivered around the county Wednesday.

Over in Kitsap County, a suspicious package was reported at the Bremerton Naval Station outside the Wyckoff Gate. Military officials eventually sounded the all clear and reopened the gate hours later.

The events Wednesday fol Pandora Bracelet low another suspicious package reported Pandora Bracelet in Downtown Seattle outside a transit station on Tuesday. Police blocked off the streets near Third and Yesler for a little more than a hour as bomb squad checked out the black backpack, which was later determined to just hold a hair dryer.

Police are still asking residents remain vigilant and to call 911 if they find anything they consider suspicious.

I lived in London during the height of the IRA bombings. I stopped in the bank and forgot my bag, containing a loaf of bread, on the counter. When I remembered it and went back, there were already military personel there. My boss left his bag of laundry on public transportation and, by the time I called the station to see if it was found, they had exploded it. His undies went up in flames. They were very quick to take care of anything suspicious. Looks like we will be heading in that direction ourselves.

Man, here Pandora Bracelet we go again. Now buildings will be evacuated the next time a plane flies within two miles of it, the fire department will be called after a cleaning lady leaves a spray bottle of Simple Green out in the women’s restroom in the Columbia Tower (hazardous materials). This country is ridiculous. Something happens, people all band together and hold hands and sing God Bless America on the steps of the Capitol and senators vow we will not be intimidated. Get real, stop acting like idiots and pandering to the media. The media takes everything, sensationalizes it and gives it a title like “Terror in Boston”, or “Calamity and Chaos in Boston”. How about we act like rational people, not bomb the hell out of any country we deem a threat, stop sending out money overseas for foreign aid, start addressing our own problems internally, and cut out all the BS partisan politics and bickering.