Pandora Bracelet Local association says garbage

Local association says garbage disposal costs exorbitant in HRM

The debate continues to rage on over garbage c Pandora Bracelet ollection in HRM.

Luc Erjavec of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association told News 95.7 what is getting lost in the debate over cost savings and the number of bags allowed, is the exorbitant cost that the city is paying to deal with garbage.

a third of our budget is being used to handle garbage in terms of the infrastructure budget, something wrong and we really have to look at reducing cost. And particularly on small businesses who are paying, not only triple the tax load, but paying for garbage costs on top, explained Erjavec

Erjavec said the policies governing ga Pandora Bracelet rbage in HRM are now 20 years old and it is time for the city to use what they learned to lower the cost of garbage for both residents and businesses.

Well business alike pay a premium on garbage removal as it is, as they can hardly be accountable for what the public puts into the garbage. Than what about all the city garbage can along the street, the one helping to keep your streets clean. Do you want to volunteer to sort through all that, I didn think so. Than you have garbage collection outside the main part of HRM where you can throw anything and everything into the garbage. I won say how I know this, but it is fact. So now that you know all this, let pick on the average Joe and his 6 bags of garbage. Not to mention, that when company pay a premium than someone if hired to sort through the garbage, that why the premium charge. But if you want to volunteer and take away some ones job and or way of life, than you just step Pandora Bracelet up. So I would not complain too much about food places cause they can always jack Pandora Bracelet up the price and still have what you have now. Thanks for hearing my rant.