Pandora Bracelet Loblaws starts charging for pl

Loblaws starts charging for plastic bags Pandora Bracelet

It’s part of a plan, according to company officials, that was in the works before Toronto city council started talking about ways to reduce plastic bags.

Andre Iacobucci, Loblaws’ executive vice president, said the company wasn’t in favour of another idea that was floated th Pandora Bracelet at wo Pandora Bracelet uld have required stores to give customer Pandora Bracelet s a 10 cent refund for every bag not used.

Loblaws will begin charging for bags in the rest of the stores across Canada on April 22, Earth Day.

Loblaws vice president Inge van den Berg expects to reduce plastic bag use by half.

“There are certain municipalities that do recycle them, but unfortunately [plastic bags] are often left to go to landfill sites. And we just want to try to eliminate those so that more are reused, recyled, or in this case, ideally, avoided,” he said.