Pandora Bracelet Loblaws starts charging a nick

Loblaws starts charging a nickel for bags

Loblaws will start charging a nickel for plastic bags tomorrow, but some forgetful customers say it’s not enough incentive to bring their own bags.

“I’m not going to be carrying (reusable) bags around day and night,” said Rob Thomson, 73, at the Queens Quay Loblaws while pushing his cartload of plastic bagged groceries.

“It’s not the solution. I’m not going to be carrying those (reusable) bags with me to the office or in the car because I never know when I’m going to go shopping.

“It’s not always planned,” he adds.

Loblaws executives and the World Wildlife Fund held a press conference at the downtown supermarket today to launc Pandora Bracelet h their plastic bag reduction program, a segment of their “please respect the environment”campaign.

The company hopes to divert one billion plastic shopping bags from landfills in 2009.

The franchise showcased their reusable bags, green boxes that can fill an equivalent of three bags, trolleys and pocket sized bags that fold into a hand held casing designed for forgetful shoppers.

Despite heavy advertising and mountain high stacks of bags and boxes, the majority of patrons were still filing out with plastic bags.

“I think it’s a great progr Pandora Bracelet am, but I always buy those reusable bags and always forget to bring them. Every time I get to the store, I buy new ones, now I have a ridiculous amount of reusable bags that don’t get used. So, instead of buying more bags, I rather just get the plastic until I remember to bring some,” said Monica Sackman, 27.

“I think if they gave me Pandora Bracelet a rebate on my groceries, maybe that would help me remember,” she adds.

Pandora Bracelet However, Loblaw representatives say a rebate have not been effective in the past.

The company has been charging five cents per shopping bag at their sister branch, No Frills and the Real Canadian Superstore, in the Western provinces since 1987. They found 55% of customers have responded to the reusable bag program versus 4% with rebates, said Inge van den Berg, Loblaws vice president of public affairs and investor relations.