Pandora Bracelet Loblaws bags a nickel starting

Loblaws bags a nickel starting tomorrow

It’s like there’s a scarlet letter burned across Jennifer Sutcliffe’s forehead as she hastily piles eight bags of groceries into the cart “P.” For plastic. For polluter.

“I have cats. I use them for the litter,” she clarifies apologetically.

Not good enough. Gazing down the line of nine open cashiers, Sutcliffe is the only one who didn’t BYOB. The 40 year old retreats from the Loblaws store, which as of tomorrow will begin a plastic fee of 5 cents per bag.

A source said proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

Embarrassment aside, Sutcliffe says it’s a good idea. Although not everyone agrees.

Imelda, who does not want Pandora Bracelet her last name used, is annoyed by the added cost.

“It’s not convenient. What, am I going to c Pandora Bracelet arry around my own boxes in the car all the time? Sometimes you’re just driving by the grocery st Pandora Bracelet ore and pop in,” she said.

She had better get used to it. In December the city of Toronto pa Pandora Bracelet ssed a controversial decision to “tax” consumers a nickel a bag. This will take effect city wide on June 1.