Pandora Bracelet Loblaw to charge 5 cents for p

Loblaw to charge 5 cents for plastic bags

Company storeswhich have been charging a Pandora Bracelet feedistribute almost 55 per cent fewer bags per $1,000 worth of sales, compared with stores that are not charging.

Providing a rebate to shoppers who broughtreusable bags was much less effective, resulting in drop of just four per cent in plastic bag use, the company said.

Thepilot program in Toronto reinfor Pandora Bracelet cesthe fee approach, Loblaw said. On Jan. 12, participating stores began charging a nickel for each bag. That resulted in about 75 per cent fewer plastic shopping bags distributed per $1,000 sales in those stores,” the company said.

The company is using the slogan “Bring i Pandora Bracelet t” to promote its push for fewer plastic bags and more reusable containers. Its Pandora Bracelet target is todivert onebillion plastic bags from going into the garbage by the end of the year.

Loblawis also selling various reusable containers, from purse sized bags to a shopping bag on wheels that folds into a pouch.

The company isgiving part ofthe money made from plastic bag sales in its corporate stores to support WWF Canada conservation programs, the release said.