Pandora Bracelet Loblaw customers use fewer pla

Loblaw customers use fewer plastic bags

With help from customers, Brampton based grocer Loblaw says it has reduced the number of plastic shopping bags from its stores by more than five billion since 2007.

one of Canada leading retailers, we believe it is important to help look after the health of our environment and lead by example, said Bob Chant, Loblaw senior vice president, corporate affairs and communication, in a media release.

In 2007, Loblaw became one of the first retailers to introduce bagless stores with the plan to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags going to landfill.

Initially, Loblaw started out wit Pandora Bracelet h a plan to reduce the use of plas Pandora Bracelet tic bags by one billion. Company officials are excited to have surpassed that number by such a huge margin.
Pandora Bracelet
started with a target of one billion just over three years ago. To have Pandora Bracelet hit five billion fewer plastic bags this quickly says we are on the right track, Chant said.