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Pandora Jewelry Little Known Facts About the A

Little Known Facts About the Amish and the Mennonites

His letter was unsolicited, and since it bears on a subject which we discussed in our writings, we thought the reader would like to sense what our Amish friend has to say after reading the pamphlet. We are glad to make the note he suggested.

Dear Friend: I received your book, “Little Known Facts About the Amish,” and note you know a lot about the plain people that may benefit them when published.

First, I want to tell you, there are no daily baths, where there is no bathroom equipment. It is being done more in the manner as our veterinarian expressed himself at one time, thus: “Here we have these scientific methods of medical treatment, daily baths, etc.” He said, “I know of a man who said he wants to get to be 100 years old; he took a cold water bath every morning and at the age of 65 he died of cancer in the stomach. And here we have people who wouldn’t take a bath unless they g Pandora Jewelry et caught in a thunderstorm, and not change clothing until they rot from their backs and they grow up to an old stone age.” I don’t mean this latter statement about changing clothing, that our people are doing same, only the bathing, and I want to say our people are doing a mite better than the Dr.’s expression. Baths are just taken whenever one feels they need one, with a common tub or any other convenient article. And our health is not so much affected as some people might think. . . .

Always at your service to prom Pandora Jewelry ote better understanding between our people and others. These would be too numerous to mention here, though it is deemed fitting to give general credit to them in this way, since they justify many of our findings, and in turn they authenticate their own).[1]

ISN’T IT TRUE that the average person likes to know something odd or curious about t Pandora Jewelry he “other fellow,” while assuming that there is little or nothing odd about himself?

Isn’t it true that neither the Red Man, nor the Black, nor any other in America, present social studies as interesting or entertaining as the Germans settled in Pennsylvania so called Pennsylvania “Dutch?” Of these types there are many communities where the peculiariti Pandora Jewelry es of these people are strange and interesting enough to furnish constant material for the magazines, newspapers, novels, plays, etc.

There are perhaps none so quaint or odd, as the so called “plain people” of the southern counties of the State. Lancaster is especially rich in this lore, but other counties are plentifully populated with these “sects” which make Pennsylvania more or less out standing in America.

To understand the background of these people, one should read a great deal of history, particularly religious history. The Mennonites and the Amish, and many others of similar persuasion, are what they are because of their religion hardly for any other reason.

But, like you and I, they must live twenty four hours every day, and it is in these twenty four hours that they live in such a way as to provide for the non sectarian a curiosity to know more about the people with the broad hats and old fashioned bonnets.

We generalize somewhat in the inclusion of several of the plain sects in this account, although specifically we ought to say that “the Amish do so and so;” or, “the Mennonites,” or whatever they may be. Generally it must be taken to mean that the extremists in this account are the Amish.

It is a comprehensive social study of them that we give you now in a brief, condensed version!

Quaintness of Hair Styles and Dress Attract Attention[edit]

General Appearance. The Amish garb is peculiar to him and his kind. It is dictated in style by their old leaders and deviations are rare.

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