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Pandora Charms Loaded Gun Found In Student’s

Loaded Gun Found In Student’s School Bag Inside Charter School In Philly CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) A student is in police custody after investigators say a loaded gun was found in his possession inside a Philadelphia school Wednesday morning. at the KIPP Dubois Collegiate Academy in the 5000 block of Parkside Avenue.

While some of the students involved in the altercation were being questioned by school officials, it was stated that a student inside the school had a gun.

School officials then confronted a 17 year old student and eventually found a fully loaded .45 caliber handgun in his school bag.

School officials then called police and the student was tak Pandora Charms en into police custody.

According to Marc Mannella, the CEO of KIPP Philadelphia Charter Schools, the student told investigators in interviews that he carried the gun for safety on his commute to and from school.

Dana Hill joined several parents CBS 3 spoke to Wednesday afternoon who came to take their kids home early.

coming to get my daughter. I was a little disturbed about the news th Pandora Charms at happe Pandora Charms ned here today. She a little uneasy,” Hill said.

“Just handling a gun alone can cause problems for himself or others because that gun can discharge. He goes inside to reach for a book or a pen, he pulls the trigger and guns we have seen g Pandora Charms o off,” Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police said.

And that why dad Terrance Baldwin picked up his son Chris.

for precautionary measures. Just in case anything happens after school. I mean you never know,” Baldwin said.

And why son Chris says he angry he going home.

come to school to learn things to get into college. That the basic thing. I don see why anybody would have any reason to actually bring something like that to school,” he said.

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