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Pandora Charms Lo has her body insuredIn

Lo has her body insured

In 1999, tabloids (The Sun in London and the New York Post) ran articles claiming that Jennifer Lopez had indemnified her body (her entire body, please note) to the tune of $1 billion. Even though pound for pound the singer boobs fetched a more generous appraisal than her hiney ($100 million per breast vs. $300 million for legs and buttocks combined, according to the Post), word on the street soon had it that the “abundant butt” alone was valued at a cool billion.

“I don know where they got it from, Pandora Charms ” she said to reporters when questioned about the tabloid allegations. “When I heard the story I thought it was very funny.”

A more flaccid set of denials ran under headlines like “Lopez: I No Billion Dollar Babe” on BBC News and elsewhere, so we obliged to conclude a posteriori, as it were that someone at some point must have actually uttered the words “It not true” in front of a journalist.

Pandora Charms
Either that, or in Lopez speak “funny” is synonymous with “false.”

The interviewer pressed on: “So you haven insured your body?”

If it is true, however, Lopez is hardly the fir Pandora Charms st celeb to cover certain, uh, assets with Pandora Charms insurance policies. However, $1 billion is believed to be the biggest celebrity premium in history. According to the Post, other insurance worthy celebs include:

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