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Pandora Bracelet Local skaters pack their bags

Local skaters pack their bags for Russia

After a season of highs and lows, Canada’s reigning pairs figure skating champs will attempt to find their stride again later this month at their first world championships.

The Waterloo based duo, along with the other contestants, has been forced to wait an extra month for the climax of their season.

But earthquake and tsunami ravaged Japan, which was to play host to the worlds last month, was in no shape to entertain g Pandora Bracelet uests. As a result, the International Skating Union selected Moscow as the competition’s hosts, pushing back the event’s start date to April 24.

Indeed, Japan’s shock waves rippled across the skating world, though they didn’t amount to much more than a hiccup in the skaters’ schedules, relatively speaking.

Still, the ever twitchy Moore Towers admitted she is not a big fan of the waiting game.

“I, myself, am not a very patient gal,” said the 18 year old St. Catharines born skater of the unexpected holdup. “But with so many worse things going on, it was hard to feel selfish.”

And so, the situation required an extra dose of staying power and a wider world view.

“Everyone else was in the same boat,” added Moscovitch, 26, during Monday’s conference call with reporters, before the pair departs for Russia on Friday.

Like the others, Moore Towers and Moscovitch dialed their training down this spring and then cranked it up again so they could peak in time for Russia.

In some ways, the lengthy delay was welcomed, Moore Towers admitted. in January, the champs stumbled at their next competition.

Jet lag and mental exh Pandora Bracelet austion conspired against the team at the Four Continents competition in Taiwan in February.

Moore Towers and Moscovitch never did find their footing in Asia, finishing a distant fifth in the 10 team field and behind two Canadian teams they defeated for the national title.

“We dropped (Taiwan) and moved o Pandora Bracelet n,” said Moore Towers, or KMT, as she’s known around the rink.

Although they’ve been together a mere 21 months, Canada is not exactly dispatching babes into the Russian woods.

KMT and Moscovitch were last minute replacements beckoned to Skate Canada earlier this season where they finished a surprising second.

They followed that up with another podium finish at Skate America, earning an invitation to the Grand Prix final.

“We are on our way (to Moscow) to skate two clean performances and we are ready to do that,” said Moscovitch, a Toronto native, whose family traces its heritage to (where else?) Russia.

“My grandfather was from Romania, so I Pandora Bracelet don’t have a direct tie to Russia,” Moscovitch, whose surname translates loosely into son of Moscow, said.

“I’m still excited (to go to Moscow), though,” he said.

Moore Towers and Moscovitch will be joined at the worlds by reigning Olympic ice dance champions and former K W Skating Club members, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

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