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Pandora Bracelet Local officials talk budgets

Local officials talk budgets

Editor s note: This is the first in a three part series looking at the expectations from local officials, county officials and school officials in The News Herald s coverage area of Lake, Geauga and eastern portions of Cuyahoga counties.

Ironically, this all happens as we have our first full year with an increase in the statewide sales tax now 8 percent in Cuyahoga County. When cities begin to experience state cuts that approach 10 percent of their total budget as compared to just a few years ago, the squeeze will be real, he said. is fortunate (with) a cash reserve of about 8 percent, many positive business developments and new jobs coming online. Unfortunately, it s likely that any gains will at best only offset revenue cuts, meaning every step forward is likely to leave us in the same precarious financial position.

Ward 7 Councilman Daryl Langman said to help alleviate financial strain, the city will continue to pursue ways to reduce costs of the federally mandated improvements to the wastewater treatment plant and system.

For all the governments in Northeast Ohio, the heroin epidemic will be perhaps the greatest challenge we all collectively face in 2014, Langman said.

As for other projects on the horizon, 2014 is the year of furthering lakefront development in , he added.

In , many properties are experiencing a natural cycle of renewal, with new growth and new uses, O Hare said.

The potential passage of a police levy in May will allow the people to decide the future direction of our police department, he said. Many decisions will be needed to be made either way as a result of the outcome of that vote. We will continue to improve our aging infrastructure issues such as inflow and infiltration as to further comply with ever changing (federal) standards. 1 priority being completing plans and securing financing for the lakefront erosion project.

We have been working on this project for nearly three years and hope final approvals are forthcoming, he said. The dual purpose of the project is to protect our shoreline that is directly north of our Community/Senior Center while also creating a usable beach area for our residents.


I think we ll all be struggling with finances once again, as the reduction in the flow of dollars coming to our cities from Columbus continues. We ll be looking for new revenue, and we ll have to get creative and look beyond traditional sources, said Jane Goodman, Ward 3 councilwoman for South , of the health of local governments. We ll also have to continue to look for more ways to reduce expenses and conserve what monies we have. We ll continue to fight to protect our home rule rights, so I think we ll all be doing more advocacy on that front in the coming year.

The city has seen a lot of new commercial development, she said, putting it on a path away from a bedroom community depend Pandora Bracelet ent on residential property taxes to a city with a diversified revenue sources.

Our town is waking up, in a positive way, and what s coming out of that is an energetic personality that will serve us well in the future, Goodman added. Local entrepreneurs Pandora Bracelet and business owners need to have more confidence in the national government and less concern for what new regulations and fees could negatively impact them. 2014 will be much like 2013 in this regard.

Locally, Somich said is focusing on economic dev Pandora Bracelet elopment to stabilize revenues and provide a broader range of job and shopping options for residents.

Their fee will save you approximately $15 every three months, she said.

Residents also can purchase 10 bags for $22.50. You can only use Kimble bags. This will save Pandora Bracelet you money only if you use one bag a week, otherwise the fee of $13.07 per month for either (a) large or small container is cheaper.

Turk also mentioned the comprehensive sanitary sewer study that council recently approved, which takes effect in 2014. The study includes the primary storm trunk lines because of connections with the sanitary system.

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