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Pandora Bracelets London StandardrfiV TM TM

London Standard

rfiV TM TM TM^’\’viil\G and MOST AGREEABLE to TAKE. i Vvn INDIKN. Loss of Appetite. f ‘ o ivnTE\ GASTRIC and INTESTINAL trouble. > ivniEN SOLD by all CHEMISTS. births. 57. Cheaiston Bardens. the A. FI j: A idernon. of a on. TM” >Mi mi at 21. Aberdare gardens. Hampstead, UrodiP. ofason. TM ‘ ‘ . ‘ nivif’ Sopt. at Hock Cottage. Gilwern. near T of Walter Brundrett, of a son. ^ V. at Bordeaux, the ^vif of (A’ TM TM TM .” Tanirl’oll. of a daughter (MaTCuerte l;t at Tioehurst. the wife of E. W. ‘ : ,in ntomber 4th. at Beechnvood. Bromlev cross. G’ ‘ ‘th” Viioof William G. Garnett, of a datighter. V tlip : i at The Heath, Canterbury, the wife rmvrf” vn. of ason. iii^tanl. at Coombe House, Highnate, N., R f U v Morrison Rose, of a daughter. ‘ TM ‘ ‘ ‘ ^ Mh lust. at 5, Williams terrace, Chiswick, the ‘ v V’ ‘111. o’a Daughter. 5th o: September. 1897. at 25. Lambolle tt’ Park. 2(1. atPendock Parish Church. pp;:l. Ci A Clifton, assisted by the Rev. A. ri nt is iloste. of Salisbury. Mashonaland, t’ ‘ ” , fi r late Rev. Canon Hoste. of Meonstoke. to TM ” ‘ il 1 !i fourth daughter of James Clarke, of Pen ‘ ‘ ‘. ‘A’llil RT. On the 6th September, at the Church i’ The Kviiueelist. Fitzroy SQuare. by Uie vicar, the assisted by the Rev. F. l^ngsley i ‘ L> older soil of Sir John Hutton, of Curaber ‘ TM V . i TMent TMs Park, and Addlertone, Surrey, to ” ‘ TM ‘ TM'””vonncr daughter of the late WUliam Lambert, r, of the late T. M. ‘ley. Belvcdere road. Norwood. Indian papers, I.; . 0: TMy. Conway, and late of Malpas, ( r . i:UCK!:\i;’ TM^’V On the 5th instant, at his residence. 3. W; iM r. :ii. Canonbury, N. younger son of the late John 1: ! 1 ” Barnsbury, N., aged 44 years. Friends, please a'”i/t I’ll julimation. Oa the 3d September, at Herbeumont Belgium. Friends, kindly accept this (the only) l’Jr”On. i A’ ;i: “On September 2d, at St. Paul TMs Rectory. York, .!. Paul TMs, York, aged 61 years. r)!K. August 30. Bev. W. B. Peter TMs, Jersey, aged years. ):i’ r 1 11 the 2d inst, at Boulogne sur Mer. 3 ‘V “‘1 S. pt. 4th. at Towersey, Bucks, Reginald Carolus : TM r. Pole, Rector of Rackenford, Devon, aged 56. V> i 5th Sept., at 57, Tierney road, Streatham iri I PriiiRlo Keiison. > Oil the 5th September, at 16, Alexandra roadr .1 ‘. . TMolin lirowu Reynolds, aged 64. i ‘ ^ ii>e 5th inst., at9. Vartry road, Slaraford hill. r^;h! r of the Pandora Bracelets late James Soper, Esq., aged 75 ‘ TM Al his r.’sidenoe, 38, Jackson road, Holloway. ‘ ! . 1 ‘ 7. Thomas Taylor, aKed 76. Interred at Abney ‘II’ TM ry. Sept. No flowers, by > ‘ nr i. ” ‘ I I t’n Sept. Gth. to a foot. Church Hrasses in “gilding” metal (; I I) gildii ‘ e. :ns. (Kslal’lishcd bO years.) Estimates. ! b “\: ” KtiVi t ot new East Window is grand. ‘ I’)!: Uate O’Connor), 4. Berners Pandora Bracelets street, W. i ‘X vSVHEHALDIC (DFFfClli. I TMltY :iiul GENEALOGY (Knjjlish and Foreign), I MiUiUFSS TltAC! 😀 from RECORDS. Aniii ruil Hearing painted (orroctly. ^ KANHOUHN STREET, London. ‘ ‘” s . liargetl for examining family papers and I I I ()N ,S KNG HAVING OFFICE. Samples and price i’KANBOURN STREET. Ireland, Scotland, and theCon II l !u{KES TRACED; Family Histories compiled. ossi’,1, and illuminated. Special Staff of exi>eri and artist. Writeforprospecbip. “THOMAS Hish Holbor^i. FlMI^^SHERS and CHEMATOKS. ‘ ‘ K . TM. Strand, and 188. Westminster bridge road. ‘ i r.’iis. “SPINK and SON respectfully intimate to Kxors. the legal profession. for eah. DTA MONU. RUBY. PEARL. EMERALD, nnd SAPPHIRE NECKLACES. RINGS, UKOOCHES. BRACELETS. valued, purchased, or exchanged. Ls “Owing to Ibo Firm’s wide experience and old established connection, cu.tomers t an rely upon realising the best obtainable prues. Genuine Old Silver purchased ‘rc mcs. to5i. and upwards per oz. 17 and 18. Piccadilly. W., aud at 1 and 2. tirai echurch street Cornhill, London. ‘ lU N niiEI) secondhand FI HE and BUR \K n a,ibeater. Marr and Son, and every eminent n;’ I >ijua! to new. at about half price. Est r. le;,!ion,> No. 15.068. >1> . Mr. WILSON’S institution for ! Jil. Established 1867. ” ‘ Or bv or telegrain. to Mr. Kf nrietta stree:. Cavt udish square, “‘ fd ironi y6, il’!, and Winipole street, W. OO I TMivOOF ENGRAVINGS, I roni all tiie celebrati! \i ti^ts of f iie present dav. K\ ‘ J V: HKpt; Galite ‘lore, just publislied, 15s. oOO 1ST PROOF ENGRAVINGS. Catalogue 2 stamps. 115. STRAND. 800 PROOF ENGRAVINGS. .1 ehoice Selection of Battle Pictures. Also a Large Stock of Sporting Subjects. ” HEEP. for holding a book. lamp. in auy . h CLIPPERTON (who was a daughter of the late George Brpdie, blacksmith. Melrose), or her JREPRESENTATlVEti, wtU COMMLTilCATE with Messrs. Stibbard, Gibson, and Co. solicitors, 21. C’lAUiiON. ^ We learn that CERTAIN PERSONS are ACCEPTING ORDERS to CLEANSE CARPETS by COMPRESSED AIR, butare not usiuB that process. To prevent such fraudulent imposition Carpets are marked on the back with TRADE MARK and date when done. PATENT STiiAM CARPET BEATING CO. (Ltd.), IfeS. York road, King TMs crbss. N. Branches throughout London. ____ J BbU8 saith: Come unto Me. Him that cometh, I will in NO WISE east out. Fellow sinner, how shall we. escape if weNF,GLECT so great salvation? He that believeth on the Son hath titernal life. “Matt, xi. 28 ; John vi. 37; iii. 56. Dear old ETTA. “Yes, Houseboat life must be very jolly, but as you say the river air is severe on wavy hair. You can obtain Hinde TMs Hair Curlers at Windsor or Henley surely. Real Hinde TMs” mind. “MUMS. . Roy. “Have you or any Friend sent for Valnera Tea Pamphlet to see the astounding testimonials of cures effected of all sorts of complaints All testimonials sworn before Magistrates or Commissioners for Oaths of the Supreme Court. Simple tea drinking. “Pamphlet free from Valnera Tea Co., 10. St George TMs^crescent LiverpooL BTECTIVES. “If you desire an object accomplished, a mystery cleared up, or the doings of a person secretly ascertained, consult SLATER, the greatest detective of the ae. vide Press. CJonsnltations free. “1. D S Later has for years been successful in nearly every case, whether domestic, financial, or commercial. Telephone No. %2. Consultations free. LATER’S detectives FOR DIVORCE. C7 Before commencing Divorce proceedings, consult Slater, who will obtain all available reliable evidence. Successful in every caee in the Divorce _ Court for nearly twelve years. SLATER’S DETECTIVES for ascertaining where people go, what they do, the company they keep, wiiether the club is responsible for late hours, and if shopping alone occupies so much “Henry Slater. 1. time. ATTWOOD S DETECTIVE AGENCY, 6, Cathe rine street. Strand, London. “For all confidential Matters. Evidence collected lor l>ivorce, Watching Suspected Employees ; Tracing Lost Friends. O VER 16 YEARS TM coD^ued success. Interviews free. Agents all parts. A WEEK at the SEA. “HELP is earnestly Solicited for sending the sick poor of Plaistow (“London over the Border”) to our Homes for Women and Children at Southend on Sea. This is one of the largest and poorest parishes in East London; pop. 23,000. Several convalesccnt women and children in our Hospital are also waiting to be sent Cheques to the Rev. T. GIVEN WILSON. Vicar of Plaistow, E., and crossed Prescott. Dimsdale. and Co. annually from voluntary sources for Hospital and Convalescent Home. Bankers. “Messrs Drummond. 49. Charing cross. ARTHUR E. READS, Secretary. BE ENDOWMENTFUND. A Capital SUM of 500,0001. is REQUIRED to make good the deficiency iu endowed income resulting from the depression in British agriculture. Towards the above Fund 200,000{. the Prince of Wales. The early completion of the Fund is desired to provide for the reopening of the closed beds. H. COSMO BON SOB. Treasurer, ^iPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT S M T E H O AFLE and Co LONDON HE LARGEST FURNISHING STABLISHKENT IN THE WORLD UNDIEDS of THOUSANDS F POUNDS TM WORTH of piRST CLASS /’lARPBTS and FURNITURE CURTAINS MAPLE and Co R EADY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY J^ARGEST STOCK in the WORLD APLE and Co INDIAN CARPETS JNDIAN TNDIAN RUGS 10s MUNG MATS 6d 22s EACH EACH T HOUSANDS of INDIAN CARPETS rjlHE MARVEL of the EAST Ft. in. Ezanmles of Sizes and Prices ” rmli Ft. in. X 6 0 . X 9 6 . X 9 6 , X 9 5 . X 9 10 . . d. 2 ‘ 40 4 5 0 4 1 0 4 15 0 B 10 0 ARPETS ^’lARPETS SEAMLESS AXMINSTER PILE CARPETS REDUCED PRICES 0ARPETS MAPLE and Co are offering at Greatly Reduced Prices a Manufacturer TMs Accumulation of Seamless Axminster Carpets of the best character, handsome patterns, in perfect condition, and recommend the occasion as affording an opportunity of buying high class carpets on unusually favourable terms. Examples of Sizes and Prices ” M M M M Ft. in. Ft. in. 9 10 X 6 7 11 6 X 8 2. 13 2 X 9 10, 14 9 X 11 6 APLE and Co APLE and Co APLE and Co s. d. . 3 16 . 4 12 0 . 6 5 6 . 9 6 0 CARPETS MAKERS TM STOCKS SPECIAL PRICES APLE and Co are also selhng several Makers TM accumulations of Tapestry and Brussels Carpets, all good patterns, at the exceptional prices Quoted below M Tapestry Brussels ” Brussels . Best 5 frame Brussels Extra quality . APLE and Co (Ltd.) CARPETS fJ^HE LARGEST STOCK in the WORLD rjlOTTENHAM COURT ROAD LONDON APLE and Co RUB BOUDREAU PARIS M Notice. “ELEf TMTH 1C light fittings, CHANL’ELIEHS. 15 West Indies. ! ^Cherbourg. Vigo, Lisbon, Per I nambuco, Baiiia, Rio Janeiro, ‘I Mont Video, and Buenos I. Ayres. Villagarcia, Pernambuco, Maceio, Rio. Santos, Monte Video, and Buenos Ayres. Return, Tourist, and Family Tickets. Reduced Parcel Rates. Full particulars can be had on application at the Company TMs olfites, Albert square. auchester, and S’oiilhampton ; or to T. M. LLoYD. secrettiry. Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 18. Moorgate atreet, London. .0. mHE TKANSVaAL and MAi:>HONALAND JL (tERMAN EAST AFRICAN LINE otMAILSTEAM ERS. ” t’liis Company d3vatch every SI days from Hamburg, calling at Amstenlam and Naples, one of thoir nne steamers to Zanzibar. Mozambique, Beira (for Mashonaland), Delagoa Bay (tor Johannesburg), and Durban, viil Suez Canal. This Route is tlie best to Maahbnalaud (via Beira). and to Zam Pandora Bracelets besia (via Chinde). Iu addition to above, a Mail steamer is despatched every six weeks direct to Durban, Delagoa Bay. and Madagas C!tr, via the Cape, calling at Flushing. S Pandora Bracelets pecial low fares. Mary ittxe, London. __ __ . .__ Allan royal mail line to Canada and the STATES. “PARISIAN, from Liverpool. Sept. 9, for Quebec and Montreal; also Glasgow and London departures. Handbook of concise information for Emigrants. “Apply to the ‘owners. James street, Liver pool; or 105, Leadenhall street. London. ‘ American LINE. United states Mail^tamers SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK Direct every Saturday, PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK, 5L, W EDNESDAYS. Lowest fares to all parts of Anterica. Second cabin from 7i. 5s. “Apply M. K. KENDALL. 28, Eldon st. E C. (near Broad st Stn.), or 4, Adelaide st. ANCHOR LINB. “GLASGOW to NEW YORK. Calnn fares from 9i.9s.; second cabin from 6{. 10s. “A. H. Groves, 14. Ruedu Helder. Paris; T. Cook and Son. Paris and L^dou ;HtDderscm BrosMl8,LeadenhalHt. OBAViSR LINE. “LIVBRPOOL to QUEBEC and JO MONTREAL. LAKE WINNIPEG, Seot 11. Lowest through rates to Toronto. Hamilton. London. Winnipeg. Vancouver, Victoria. Chicago, Buf Detroit, New Brunswick. Superior accommodation lor saloon, second cabin, and steerage passengers. “Apply to D. and C. Maclver, Managers. Tbwer buildings. Liverpool; B’ver Line Ofl5ce,16, St. Helen TMs place. and 30. Cockspur st, S W. CANADA. “FURNESS LINE. and ST. JOHN. 16 I Halit’.’uc City. 30 Excellent accommodation amidships./ Fares from 91. Ss. Surgeon carried. ^Thos. RonaldsoAandCo. NEW TM YORK. “Extra l>irect Service from Southampton every Monday Iby new twin screw steamers of the North German Lloyd. Saloons and state rooms upon vupper decks amidships. Separate state rooms for single pass ngers. Highest class cuisine. They offer the maximum of com fort at moderate fares. The sailings will be STUTTGARl’ . Monday. Sept 20 . aud every Monday following. “i or lares. apnly to Keller WaUis, nd Co., 2; King WiUiam street City ; ^ street. Charing cross; ana at Ma nchester and So^Tnp^>T) ‘VtTHITB STAR. “ROYilLMAIL STEAMERt?. ” T V LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK. Every WEDNESDAY BRITANNIC. 8 f OERMANICT. Sept. on S pt. 8. tiiereiiy avoiding the inconvenience aud exposure of emoarKation by tender. C’o’.’on not carrieit on paisenae r feu aiuers. Steamers marked (‘) cavry second cabiu. “Am>i> to Ismay, Luru;, and Co, .:4 Leadenhall street. London. ater st, Liverpool. WHITE STAR LINE;. LIVERp60L to NEW YORK EVERY WEUCJiESDAY Through bookings to Chicago and all parts. Letters of C. edit and Circular NotM issued. “West end Agents, Hickie, Borman, and Co. 14. Water loo place. Telegraphic address. Clubland. London ” America. “THROUGH bookings^ at Wst rates to all cities of the Wetem States of America Travel lacilitated. Tours arranged. “tApply AMERICAN and AUS TRALIAN LINE. Aus Round the worli>. 20 routes. ^ ” Embracing Amerii^Austaralia. New Zealand. Tasmania. China Japan, Indi.%. and Euro)^. Illustrated Guides and full particulars post free. “AMERICAN and AUSTRALIAN LINE 122. Leadenhall street SHIPPING. PENINSULAR and ORIENTAL COMPANY (carrying her Majesty TMs^ Mads), to INDIA, CHINA, and SiRAITS. AUSTRALIA, CEYLON, EGYPT. Accelerated Through Services Wonder. OVERLAND ROUTE to INDIA, the EAST, and AUSTRALIA. Bombay and KURRACHBB by P. and O. from LONDON and BRINDlSL Every Week^ Tons. 6527 6625 5023 7558 VICTORIA . BRITANNIA . VALETTA. CALEDONIA . London. Sep. 10 Sep. 17 Sep. 23 Oct 1 Brindisi. Sep. 19 Sep. 26 Oct. 3 Oct 10 r^ALCUTTA MADRAS, and CEYLON, by P. and O. from LONDON. Tons. Ijondon. CHUSAN. 4656 Sep. 10 PALAWAN.,. 4686 Sep. 24 Tons. London. MALTA. 6064 Oct 8 MASSILIA . 5028 Oct 22 CHINA, JAPAN, and STRAITS DIRECT EVERY WEEK. “MAIL STEAMERS leave LONDON and BRINDISI EVERY FORTNIGHT. Intermediate Sailings from London as follows : FORMOSA. .4045 tons. 30 A USTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and TASt fV MANIA. The P. and O. . Every Fbrtuight Dates of departure as follows : ” Sep. 10 VICl TMORIA. Sep. 23 VALEITA . Oct 8 AUSTRALIA. Capt L Reeves. Oct 22 ARCADIA . CwtA. C.^gin. Cheap Single and Return Tickets, Emt and Second Saloon Passengers only carried. Fares to Australia. 35?. to 101. ons. 6527 5023 6901 6603 760C 5250 loooa 7500 IVi EDITERRANBAN and EGYPT by P. and O. ItX from LONDON to GIBRALTAB, MALTA, PORT SAID, and ISMAILIA WEEKLY. ALEXANDRIA from VENICE and BRINDISI three weekly. ALEXANDRIA from LONDON and MARSEILLES fortnightly. T’^HEAP return tickets to the EAST. “The P. and O. COMPANY issue RETURN TICKETS at reduced rates to India, Ceylon. China. Australia, Tasmania, New X>EN1NSULAR and oriental COMPANY. ” JL For passage and freight apply at 122, Leadenhidl street. and 5. Cockspur street, Londou. Freight Brokers, Escombe Bros, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough. Southamnton, Glasgow, and London. Parcels, 4d. per lb. JAPAN, CHINA, AROUND the WORLD. ” CANADIAN PACIFIC ROUTE, vi4 Vancouver. Largest, fastest, only twin serew steamers oh Pacific. For berths or descriptive pamphlets app^ Canadian Pacific Railway. 67 and 68. KingWilliam streei, London Bridge ; or 30, Cockspur street, Trafalgar square. SOUTH For Through Rates of Passage, at Lowest Rates by all routes and Steamship Lines to CAPE COLONY, Transvaal, and the New Territories. Mashonaland and Matabele AFRICA. ^^AOTly to THOS. COOK and SON, Chief Olfice. Ludgate circus, London. RAILWAYS, PLEASURE TRIPS, South eastern and London, Chatham, and DOVER RAILWAY COMPANIES. ROYAL MAIL EXPRESS SERVICM, to PARIS and the CONTINENT. via DOVER and C^ISv DOVER and OSTEND, and FOLKESTONE and BOULOGNE. Leaving Charing X. Cannon 6t. Dover and Calais. 9.5 Dover and Ostend. Itover tod Ckhus. ilLS Victoria . 9.0 ,. 9.0 ., 9.55,, ” IJ O St Paul TMs,. 9.2 ,. 9.67 ,, ’11 2 Not calling at Cannon street. The fast a ndjpowerful Steamers of the South Eastern Company DUCHESS OF YORK. ALBERT VICTOR, LOUISE DAGMAR. Or MARY BEATRICE run DAILY between FOLKESTONE and BOULOGNE, in connection with the Service by that route. ‘ The largest and fastest steamers of the Chatham and Dover Company. CALAIS^DOUVRES,, EMPMSS^^VICTORl^. IN VICTA. DOVER, CALAIS, or LORD WARDEN, now RUN DAILY in connection wi^ all the Services via DOVER and ^’swilTZERLAND and ITATY. BALE, BERNE, MK^. Daily. 1st and 2d Class. BRUSSELS. and D. Stations. i . For fares and further particulars as to all tram services see timebooks and handbills of the respective Companies. . s OTH EASTBRN RAILWAY. CHEAP WEEK DAY RETURN TICKETS. Charing London Bridge. To Cross and Cannon Street. HASTINGS. WELLS. RAMSGATE MARGATE jRKS5. Chief office. . PACKAGES FORWABDED to ALL PARTS of the WORLD, at inclusive delivery mtes, L GEO WHEA’TLEY indCo., 10, Que an street 3, Rttent street Loudon : 35, Dale stxeet. Liverpool; 12, Rue Auber, Paris. Acent^ United States Express ro. . . (CANADA WANTS FARMERS, Farm Labourers, Domestic Servants. Fnie land grant “For tickets free pamphlets, apply Canadian Pacific Railway. 67^ King Wiiluini 6t. Loudon Scid’se. or a Cocksnui at. BELLE STEAMERS. CLACTON and SOUTHEND DAILY, until 20th inst ttridays excepted) from FRESH WHARF, at 9.30, Greenwich 9.50, Woolwich 10.15, returning from Clacton at 4.0, Southend 5.45. YARMOUTH, IPSWICH, FELIXSTOWE, and HARWICH DAILY, until 20th inst. (except Fridays), at aSO, changing at Clacton. and D. and S. Ry. via Tilbury, from Fenchurch street ia28. NORE TRIP, SATURDAYS. Woolwich 3.45, calling at Rosherville and at Southend on Saturdays. JiAROATE. “EXPRESS BOAT everr Sunday. Monday. Welnesday, and Thursday, from Fresh Wharf, at 10.(). until 20tli mst. and by special train from Fenchurch street at 10.45. at same fares as from Fresh Wharf, returamg from Margate at 3,45. Return fares 4s. 6d. and 5s.,6d., available to end of season. HUSBANDS TM BOAT on Saturdays, from Fresh Wharf, at 2.0. and Fenchurch street at 2.50. . Bills. at Office of Belle Steamers. 55. Walbrook. ^ENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY DAILY (Sundays included) from London Bridge Wharf. aiO am. ; Greenwich, 9.30; Woolwich (South), 9.50, calling at Retlir TMn Fares, day of issue only. 3s. 6d. During Season, 5s. NOTICE. “Last sailing down and up on 13th inst Yarmouth and southend. EveryTUESDAY^THURSDAY. an^ (Sun days Southend also). GREATLY REDUCED FARES. . . o YARMOUTH, single saloon, 4s. Return during Season, 6s. SOUTHEND, single Is. d. AUo wply for Unique Passenger (fuide to ^ parts of the world. Post free, 2d. each, of Messrs. Sewell and Crowther. 18, Cockronr street. Charinc cross: 11. RAILWAYS, PLEASURE TRIPS, J^ONDON and SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY. STEAMSHIP SUMMER SERVICES. NORMANDY and BRITTANY, are the LARGEST. MOST \”ESSELS ENGAGED in the CHANNEL SERVICE, and possess all modem improvements. J^ONDON and SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY. Havre by the new twin steamships alma,’ for PARIS, CAEN. HONFLEUR. TROUVILLE, DEAUVILLE. ROI^EN. (after 15ih September 9.45 Pi^^o^ly). There is Saloon and Cabin accommodation for 104 First Class Passengers;. 34 Cabins with 2 Beiths and 9 with 4 Berths; also superior 2d Class accommodation, with separate saloon for ladies. T pNDON and SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY. CT. MALO DIRECT forDINARD, ST. SERVAN, DINA^. RENNES. LAVAL, LE MANS, TOURS, IJANTES, mEST, MORLAIX. ST. NAZAIRE, leaving SOUTHAMPTON every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY at varying hours to suit the tide at St Malo. JjONDON and SOUTH WESTBRN RAILWAY. I^HBRBOURG DIRECT for CARENTAN, VALOGNES, BAYEUX. COUTANCES, BREST, ST. NAZAIRE, NANTES, LA ROCHELLE, BORDEAUX. every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY. MALO and GRANVILLE. C!ats. Class. LONDON to HAVRE and back. . . . . ., PARISandback . “. ,, ST. MALO and back. . . CHERBOURG and back . 45 0 . ., GRANVILLEand back. 52 0 ,, HONFLEUR, CAEN, or TROU yiLLE and back (via Havre) 41 3 56 8 52 0 41 8 s. d. 31 8 40

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