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Pandora Bracelets London provides the inspiratio

London provides the inspiration for ethical Mury bags

Most people don’t take much notice of road markings, but for handbags designer Anja Mury they are instrumental in her creations.

The worn and weathered surfaces of the bustling streets of London, splashes of cracked paint on cobblestone are some of the elements that inspire the graphic patterns and compositions of Mury’s debut Spring Summer 2014 handbags collection.

‘Manufacturing in London gives me the advantage of working closely with my producers to ensure Mury bags are made and finished to a high standard,’ Anja said.

The handbags are made from printed canvas developed in Italy, where Anja has spent some time researching the material and process for her designs.

Believing in the importance of not compromising ethical choices with the quality of products, Anja says: ‘By considering which fabrics I use, where they are from and where I manufacture, I hope my range cont Pandora Bracelets ributes to a more sustainable future which I think is very important when making choices.’

Anja, who moved to London from Germany to study at the London College of Fashion, decided to launch her own label Mury this year after a decade of working for luxury fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Peter Pilotto.

Shoppers can carry their laptops and iPads with them comfortably in shoulder pouches

‘As a young girl I started making my own garments and accessories and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer,’ she sai Pandora Bracelets d.

‘After ten years in the industry, and with the latest innovations in digital textile printing that allowed me to combine my love of fashion and screen printing, I decided the time was right to use that experience and create my own label.

‘As we live in the computer age, I designed my bags for functionality as much as style and sustainability, so that busy women can carry their Pandora Bracelets laptops and iPads with them com Pandora Bracelets fortably,’ she added.

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